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PDFEPUBtabloid newspapers hes asked to comment on whats up with the premier league footballer who purports to suffer from sex addictionOn the radio hes asked Whats up with the health of society in general suffering as it does from epidemics of obesity and binge drinking On a everyday basis in the GP surgery people ask him about unexplained lumps in their neck or whether a pigmented mole is suspicious Colleagues at wo.

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What's Up Doc?

For Dr Hilary Jones the uestion Whats up doc has been asked of him ever since he ualified as a doctor at the Royal Free hospital in London over thirty years agoAs a junior medic patients used to ask him Whats up when he prodded their bellies for signs of appendicitis On the GMTV sofa presenters ask him Whats up with the latest actress who has developed the typical tell tale signs of anorexia nervosa In the What's Up.

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Rk stop him in the corridor and say Can I just ask you about my childs leukaemia or My mums dementia At dinner parties people ask him about their haemorrhoids or in pubs on the various merits of vasectomy Hes even been approached by complete strangers in dimly lit streets eager to hear his take on methadone and whether or not the NHS should freely supply it And they ask him what Lorraine Kelly is really like of cours.

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