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    This is a collection of writings by Americans of all genders, ages, races, and backgrounds on the reasons why t

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    Atheists in America, edited by Melanie Brewster, is a fine collection of personal essays from American atheists of diverse ages, races, genders, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and religious and nonreligious upbringings. The essays shed light on diverse everyday atheist experiences and human journeys toward atheism, which is

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    Not preachy or pedantic, this collection explores the variety and subtlety of how atheists are making their way in a predo

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    Thought provoking.

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    I just couldn't get into this one.

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    As the stories and scholarship in this collection reiterate, leaving religion is usually gradual and often involves processing the

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    Interesting and surprising book. As Western European I knew that religion is very strong in the US society but the testimony of the

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Elief system can also be a freeing experience Ultimately this volume shows that claiming an atheist identity is anything but an act isolated from the other dimensions of the self Upending common social political and psychological assumptions about atheists this collection helps carve out a accepted space for this minority within American society. As the stories and scholarship in this collection reiterate leaving religion is usually gradual and often involves processing the typical stages of grief At a certain point in my own process I knew I didn t believe in religion any longer but I didn t have any examples of how to live without it I wanted to hear stories about how others had come through how their atheism had affected their lives how they had maintained or altered their relationships how they had taught their children to be good without god I wanted specifics I wanted good writing I wanted this bookThe thoughtful tone of Atheists in America the combination of scholarship and personal stories would have been immensely helpful to me and I m glad the book exists for others engaged in the process of deconversion It s also a great book for atheists to share with friends who say But aren t atheists all angry negative mean people with no morals No most of us are worried about the same things as everyone else how to be good parents how to age gracefully how to work and date and deal with our families and friends how to be true to ourselves without being unkind to others

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 Atheists in America

This collection features than two dozen narratives by atheists from different backgrounds across the United States Ranging in age race sexual Atheists PDF or orientation and religious upbringing these individuals address deconversion community building parenting and romantic relationships providing a nuanced look at living without a god in a pre. This is a collection of writings by Americans of all genders ages races and backgrounds on the reasons why they are or have become atheists 21 year old Lynette tells her personal story about a sexist father and how an incident in church in which the sex of a person appears to have significance in Christianity Speaking to her mother Lynette was astonished to find that he Christian mother accepts the Bible s sexist doctrinesJames Mouritsen woke up to reason one day and turned his back on the Church of the Latter Day Saints As an Utahn and a Mormon it was a tough decision but he made it and sets out why He saw through the Catch 22 of the Mormon faith which is a 3 step way of knowing God First have a true desire to find God This is known as having a sincere heart Secondly pray and ask God to reveal himself Thirdly God will reply affirmatively through the Holy Spirit But what if this does not work Here s the Catch 22 If the 3 step does not work it means that the person concerned did not have a sincere heart and by the way Mormons are taught that the Holy Spirit is the unmistakable feeling inside you So basically if God does not talk to you it is you who messed upAmy Watkins and her husband were Seventh Day Adventists SDA but she became an atheist after her daughter was born The big event of becoming a parent got the Watkins thinking about all the big uestions about life Amy Watkins searched for those answers in the Bible She read Ellen White the prophet of the SDAs she read C S Lewis but the she read the she doubted She writes My path to atheism starts with the most fundamental elements of my faith Reward and punishment mercy and judgment love and fear but the path is only visible from this side Start with me saying I don t believe in god Go backwardGo back further Ask Where did the doubt come from If we are to be honest with ourselves Amy says it means admitting to our doubts Christians tend to ignore the hard uestions or accept superficial answers in dealing with doubts We should go the Amy Watkins wayNaima Cabelle says that from the time I was conceived in Harlem New York my future as a black woman was already compromised She tells her personal story of how she went from Catholicism and born again Christianity to secularism and atheism Men in the Christian community are raised with the expectation that they will find a nice Christian girl who was raised to be a nice Christian wife David Norris writes The trouble was that Norris is gay His Christian parents maintain that they love him but that he was just a broken heterosexual who needed Jesus and a good woman to fix Justus Humphrey the son of a Presbyterian minister took up Bible studies in college and after studying the history of the Bible he began asking uestions I began wondering how every word could be divinely inspired if the document itself was adjusted and altered so much over time If any one version of the Bible was God s perfected text then all the other versions must be flawed It made no sense that any other version could be right Humphrey writesThis book is very personal and every contributor seems to have written with a sincere heart When we reads about the so called New Atheists like Dawkins Harris and Hitchens we see how similar they are in the way they write or as the editor describes they appear composed thoughtful informed and even humorous or playful certainly not disfigured creatures of the night This is a book written fearlessly and ought to be read without fear

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Dominantly Christian nationThese narratives illuminate the complexities and conseuences for nonbelievers in the United States Stepping away from religious belief can have serious social and existential ramifications forcing atheists to discover new ways to live meaningfully without a religious community Yet shedding the constraints of a formal b. Thought provoking