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Ch all the kami to accept these offerings that are brought with Gratitude for the blessings and the noble teachings That have been bestowed upon me O kamitachi no hiroki atsuki mi megumi o katajikenami matsuri Takaki totoki misohie no mani mani To the divine exalted kami I humbly offer my prayers Teach me to live with a pure and sincere heart Grant me perserverance and that my heart be genuine childlike and true Grant that I stay on the path of sincerity and truth Grant that I be strong and diligent at my deeds Sumera mikoto o aogi matsuri naoki tadashiki magokoro mochite Makoto no michi ni tago koto naku Oimotsu waza ni nage mashime tamai Grant good health to my family give them strength in spirit mind and body Grant that I may benefit and serve all mankind With awe and reverence I humbly speak these words Ie kado takaku mi sukoyaka ni Yo no tame hito no tame ni tsuku sashime to Kashikomi kashikomi mo maosu.

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Ann Llewellyn Evans is a Shinto A Book Epub #222 priestess trained and licensed by Tsubaki Kami Shinto Norito MOBI #224 Yashiro one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Japan She conducts Shinto ceremonies and Norito A Book eBook #10003 retreat seminars throughout North America for people wanting to learn and understand Shinto spiritual practice She is actively involved in helping introduce Shinto to North America through education practice and establishing facilities where interested followers can come to learn about and participate in Shinto ceremonies Rev Evans is married and has three children she lives in British Columbia CanadaFrom the Introduction Shinto is a spiritual tradition that emphasizes each person s sacred nature Mankind is a descendant of the kami the spiritual beings who have existed since the universe congealed As descendants of the kami we have innate brightness within us From time to time thi.

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S luster may be dulled through impurities and incorrect action However through the rituals of Shinto we may purify ourselves restoring the original luster and luminosity and finding great joy in our lives The very simplicity of Shinto forces us to profoundly search our own hearts for the correct path for Shinto does not provide us doctrines by which to live Instead it connects us to an ancient archetypal spirituality which was developed thousands of years ago yet has permitted individual creativity and interpretation so that it remains meaningful and emotionally powerful in our modern day world Sacred Prayer SHIN PAISHI Humbly I approach the kami in prayer I pray to the kami of Tsubaki Grand Shrine speaking with reverant heart I present offerings and prayers I come in humility and with great respect Kakema kumo kahikoki Tsubaki O Kami yashiro No omae o orogami matsurite Kashikomi kashikomi mo maosaku I besee.