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Court Gentry aka the Gray Man A Gray PDFEPUB #229 is back – and once again on the run from old friends and foes On Target MOBI #224 Four years ago Gentry was betrayed by his handlers in the CIA Now an old comrade Russian arms merchant Sidorenko returns T. The author s first installment The Gray Man was silly but at least it was entertaining On Target though is just plain badCourt Gentry has now morphed into a pill popping junkie A former CIA special operative gone rogue but continues his association with his former government employer as a contractor of sorts who never seems to know who he is or what he really wants Despite the string of tragedies he must endure all while trying to win the eventual pardon of his CIA lords and masters he is able to somehow drug addiction and conflicting morality aside press on with the absurd kidnapping mission Yeah rightThe characters dialogue is terribly sophomoric and filled with what attempts to pass as normal conversation between alpha males during the heat of combat Having been there I can say that cute and funny words especially as rounds are buzzing past your ears and impacting objects all around you are seldom if ever heardI had to put this one down before finishing itI think Mr Greaney has the potential to be a first class writer He has the tools to be right up there with some of the best in the business if he spends a bit time in character development and adult dialogueI ll give the third book in the Gray Man series a look If however it continues along the same vein I ll be done with it all Three strikes and you re out

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Ds on the other and a doomed mission ahead Gentry would kill just to get out of this one alive Every bit as thrilling informed and addictive as The Gray Man and once again skillfully narrated by Jay Snyder On Target is sure to hit the mark for thriller fan. This is the second Mark Greaney I have read and I think he is a good author BUT he doesn t think his writing through carefully enough All thrillercrime writers need a bit of poetic licence but his imagination runs riot Firstly he has an interesting character in Gentry who is supposedly a highly trained operativesniper come hitman but he actually writes him as a fit but bumbling stumbling fool who you would not let near a gun or ask to make a decision and as for finding a friend Secondly we once again have his hero taking far too much damage in too short a space of time to achieve what he does which allied to the first item makes him something of a cartoon character who keeps getting knocked over or blown up but dusts himself down and carries on To me he needs to tighten the writing reel in his imagination and smooth out his hero so he can get some longevity out of him

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Arget A Gray PDFEPUB #188 to force him on a mission against his will kill Sudan’s President Abboud the supposed trigger for the Darfur genocide But the CIA has its own plans for Abboud With his ruthless employers on one side his blackmailing former frien. The Gray Man Court Gentry is a paid assassin working for American clandestine ops and other groups as an independent contractor I was not sure how enad I could be for a protagonist who s profession is murder for hire but read anyway for the adventure this genre presents the fascinating supporting cast of characters and the ins and outs of intrigue and survival Court masters It is doubtful that such a man would have inner turmoil and moral conflicts when he is diverted to rescue a woman working for an international justice agency Wouldn t he just dismiss her as collateral damage of little significance When he apprehends his target the criminal President of Sudan would he become morally challenged over the completion of his mission A real killer would not have such inner conflict but Gentry does and I suppose that adds to the uniue nature of this complicated protagonist The descriptions of Sudan and Darfur were eye opening such rat holes of countries with people condemned to and resigned to poverty and war Other reviewers have suggested to read the series in order and so do I because Court s past has links to each next novel which would be insightful for the reader to know

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    When I read the first book in this series I knew based on the reviews it would be junk for the most part but reviewers said it was entertaini

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    Well written, the action takes awhile to take off but then it's crazy Blackhawk Down time. Court Gentry, the Gray ;Man, is not the most interesting character in the genre, but he suffices. My complaint, such as it is, is the pricing. I get that the first book is cheapest to introduce readers to the series, and the secon

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    The author’s first installment, The Gray Man,” was silly but at least it was entertaining. On Target, though, is just plain bad!

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    The Gray Man, Court Gentry, is a paid assassin working for American clandestine ops and other groups as an independent contractor.

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    The Gray Man is an assassin with principles. He kills the bad guys. He kills in self defense. He makes the imposs

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    Let me start out by saying this book is perfect for airplane or beach reading. Its sole purpose is to entertain you. It does so by putting the protagonist, Court Gentry, into impossible situations where his life is in imminent danger with no possible escape yet he somehow figures out a way, against all odds, to survive. Gentry is a paid assassin. He has a moral compass, however, it is one of his own design and rationalizations. It is tha

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    This is the second Mark Greaney I have read and I think he is a good author BUT he doesn't think his writing through carefully enough. All thriller/crime writers need a bit of poetic licence but his imagination runs riot. Firstly, he

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    I read the first one and have just finished this and they do seem to be getting better but lots missed out for the sake of poetic licence. This one sees Court throw in his lot with the Russians and then with the CIA whilst in Sudan. So much detail is great and really adds to the story but when an injury is threatening his life we

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    Story jumps too quickly without meat on the bone,not very believable.Cannot recommend as a great read.Hope his next book is better than this.

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    If you like Victor the Assassin and Mitch Rapp, you'll like these books. I couldn't put it down. And I subsequently bought all the other books and binged on them

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    A very good roll over to the first book, could not put down