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Ew topics like sharing data in your app Dependency Injection and Testing Learn how to use dependency injection and how to write both synchronous and asynchronous tests in your app Schema Building Modern Swift Apps with MOBI #224 Migrations See how you can migrate the schema of a Realm file as it evolves alongside your app Real Time Sync Get started with Realm Cloud and learn how to apply your existing Realm Database skills to Realm Cloud One thing you can count on After reading this book you ll be well prepared to use Realm in your own appsMarin Todorov is one of the founding members of the raywenderlich tutorial team and has worked on seven of the team s books Besides crafting code Marin also enjoys blogging teaching and speaking at conferences He happily open sources code.

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Realm: Building Modern Swift Apps with Realm Database

On tocomplicated scenarios including migrations real time sync andTopics Covered in Realm Building Modern Swift Apps with Realm Database Getting Started Dive right into creating an iOS app that uses Realm to persist data on disk while following this tutorial style chapter Object Basics and Data Types Go deeper into Realm s Swift Building Modern Swift Apps with MOBI #224 API and discover the available classes and their methods to understand Realm s superpowers Schema Relationships Learn all about building powerful and efficient relationships between objects Notifications and Reactive Apps See how to leverage Realm s built in notification APIs to deliver notifications to any observers Multiple Realms Shared Realms Use multiple configurations read and write data and explore n.

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Learn Realm Database and Realm Cloud Realm finds Modern Swift PDFEPUB #236 the sweet spot between the simplicity of storing data as JSON on disk and using heavy slow ORMs like Core Data or similar that are built on top of SLite And although the Realm documentation is pretty complete you need adetailed approach to help you learn how to leverage Realm properly in Realm Building PDFEPUByour app Realm Building Modern Swift Apps with Realm Database is here to help This book is the easiest and fastest way to get hands on experience with using Realm Database in your apps Who This Book Is For This book is for anyone who would like to leverage the power of Realm Database or Realm Cloud in their apps The Building Modern Swift PDF #206 book starts with a gentle introduction then moves.

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