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Against the Grain

Dangerous path when she sees Fyre a male When the four deviants explore their sexuality together they find that forbidden fruit has never tasted so good Sexual desire is a powerful force one that will make us break down boundaries and flout norms when we are in its grip Trying to control it can only spell trouble..

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In Delfidian a future world where females rule and mate only with each other desiring sex with males is seen as a throwback Against the PDF or to ancient times Aurora a government worker is matched with a male called Sullivan for procreation a task generally disliked by females But Aurora likes having sex with him.

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A lot and Sullivan secretly enjoys it too Their relationship is passionate fast blossoming into romance But that’s not allowed If the true nature of their affair was discovered they would be arrested and treated for insanity their minds scanned and cleanedMeanwhile Diva Aurora’s female lover follows the same.

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About the Author: Saskia Walker

Saskia is British by birth but because of her parent's nomadic tendencies she grew up traveling the globe an only child with a Against the PDF or serious book habit She dreamed of being a writer since the age of and finally began writing seriously in the late s Saskia was first published in the small press under the guidance of the British fantasy writer Storm Constantine As well as fantasy and romance.

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