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S his dramatic encounters D Salinger A Life Raised Epubwith luminaries from Ernest Hemingway to Laurence Olivier to Elia Kazan his surprising office intrigues with famous New Yorker editors and writers and the stunning triumph of The Catcher in the Rye which would both make him world famous and hasten his retreat into the hills of New HampshireWhether it’s revealing the facts of his hasty short lived first marriage or his lifelong commitment to Eastern religion which would dictate his attitudes toward sex nutrition solitude and creativity J D Salinger is this uniue author’s unforgettable story in full one that no lover of literature can afford to mis. Was he a saint or a brilliant marketer That s the uestion I am left with upon reading this intriguing life of the most reclusive celebrity author of recent timesSalinger s output was sparse a collection of nine short stories his signature novel The Catcher in the Rye two novellas combined into a full length book Franny and Zooey another two novellas combined Raise High the Roof Beam and Seymour an Introduction and a smattering of short stories published in various slick magazines that he did not care about His focus was on the characters in the fictional Caulfield and Glass families and he followed their development over a period that mirrored his life And yet he claimed that he only wrote stories about young people His work took a turn towards the religious after Catcher made him a household name By the time he got to Zooey he was into Vedanta and Zen and was targeting American materialism and intellectualism as the opposites of spiritualismBorn into the privileged upper middle class society of New York he had a relatively comfortable life until he went to war in 1944 and survived the hell of D Day the Battle of the Bulge the fall of Cherbourg the Battle of the Hedgerows Bloody Mortain and others ending the war in Intelligence suffering what is today known as PTSD and emboldened with the realization that his survival had a purpose he would elevate the horrors of war into high literatureHis literary journey was no cakewalk and yet he reaped rich rewards Salinger endured rejection that he gained acceptance especially in his early years Publishers had Machiavellian holds on him and insisted on compressing his work to meet journalistic reuirements they also published and republished his work without his permission and took the liberty of changing the titles of his stories dangerous ground to tread with an author whose ego was as big as Salinger s His response was to be difficult with publishers and publicists Salinger only gave one public speaking engagement and uit and others who wanted to make him famous the net result was that his hermit status gained him fame and fortune that he could imagine Salinger enjoyed the enviable position of being on The New Yorker payroll on a retainer of 30K per year in 1947 dollars for giving that venerable magazine the first right of refusal of his stories his output in that period1948 5 stories submitted 2 published 1949 7 submitted all rejected Wasn t that just the glory age of publishing and a cushy time to be a writerSalinger s Spartan and spiritual approach made him specify that his book covers only had to be in text with no pictures especially no author pictures He refused the distribution of advance review copies and decried advance publicity or promotion He was noted for launching lawsuits against any perceived infringement of his control of his work I wonder if JD Salinger would have even made the cut as a writer in the publishing universe of today in which shameless self promotion and lots of free content is de rigueurLittle is known of Salinger s personal life especially of the later barren years when he published nothing but continued to write copiously He had a short lived first marriage a longer second one that produced children and a third late in his life His work overpowered relationships and family time He entertained young people from his village in New Hampshire but as the world got nosier about him he withdrew further into his cave His last published work a novella Hapworth 16 1924 released in 1965 was a disaster the critics marked their scorn by remaining silent and Salinger never published anything new again until his death in 2010 aged 91This review is but a snapshot of the book and the interesting times through which Salinger traversed interesting people such as Hemingway and Oona O Neil Eugene O Neil s daughter and Charlie Chaplin s future wife whom he engaged with and the transformational events such as WWII that forged much of the 20th century and influenced his work The writer of this biography Kenneth Slawenski tends to lionize Salinger and I wished for a balanced view of his subject which would have still made interesting reading Nevertheless the book sheds much light on this reclusive writer and is a motivational read for the rest of us scribes who are toiling in the dark thirsting for the fame and fortune that Salinger overtly scorned or did he

review J D Salinger A Life Raised High

J D Salinger A Life Raised High

Enski explores Salinger’s privileged youth long obscured by misrepresentation and rumor revealing the brilliant sarcastic vulnerable son of a disapproving father and doting mother and his entrance into a social world where Gloria Vanderbilt dismissively referred to D Salinger A PDFEPUB #236 him as “a Jewish boy from New York” Here too are accounts of Salinger’s first broken heart Eugene O’Neill’s daughter Oona left him for the much older Charlie Chaplin and the devastating World War II service “a living hell” of which he never spoke and which haunted him foreverJ D Salinger features all the dazzle of this author’s early writing successe. The material on Salinger s war experiences is the most interesting but I don t recommend this biography I think Slawenski s approach to Salinger is for the most part deferential Yet he doesn t deal in a straighforward way with the seeming contradiction of his writing this piece that no matter how deferential one could be Salinger disapproved of any biographer writing about him and was openly hostile toward those who wanted to write about him in newspapers magazines and elsewhere Slawenski has long kept a blog about Salinger yet if he has learned anything about Salinger s writing since the author stopped publishing you won t find it in this biography I must admit I bought this book in the hope of learning a little bit about the author s work over the last 45 plus years I was pretty disappointed not to learn much of anything about it

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One Salinger A Life Raised PDFEPUBof the most popular and Salinger A PDF #9734 mysterious figures in American literary history author of the classic Catcher in the Rye J D Salinger eluded fans and journalists for most of his life Now comes a new biography that Peter Ackroyd in The Times of London calls “energetic and magnificently researched” a book from which “a true picture of Salinger emerges” Filled with J D MOBI #224 new information and revelations garnered from countless interviews letters and public records J D Salinger presents an extraordinary life that D Salinger A Life Raised Epubspanned nearly the entire twentieth centuryKenneth Slaw. If you really want to hear about it the first thing you ll probably want to know is where I bought the book and how long I took to read it and all that David Copperfield kind of crap but I don t feel like going into it if you want to know the truth In the first place that stuff bores me and in the second place the author would have about two hemorrhages if I told anything pretty personal about himI had no idea that old Jerome was there at D Day AND the Battle of the Bulge I suppose that explains a lot to those of you who think those things are importantThis was my first e book If you must know the experience wasn t as crappy as I thought it would be JD is my favorite author of all time Just read the first of Nine Stories Or don t

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    I didn't have the heart to give it one star; but had I the gumption I would have For a moment I'll set aside the irony that a Salingerphile who goes to great lengths to assert the author's privacy obsession wrote a biography about him and focus on why Random House gave a book deal to a guy who simply operates a website about Salinger Perhaps they are finally operating under the concept of their namesake randomNot that I think al

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    J D SALINGER by Kenneth Slawenski I grew very impatient with this biography of the famously reclusive Salinger First it is nearly a hagiography being way too worshipful of its subject Was Salinger really “a prophet?” Too often Slawenski is guilty of embarrassing hyperbole For instance in recounting Salinger’s re design of the cover of “Catcher in the Rye” opting for the austere lettering against a red background he says “To t

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    If you really want to hear about it the first thing you'll probably want to know is where I bought the book and how long I

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    The material on Salinger's war experiences is the most interesting but I don't recommend this biography I think Slawenski's approach to Salinger is for the most part deferential Yet he doesn't deal in a straighforward way with the s

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    Admirable scholarship This may turn out to be THE definitive volume on the life and works of JD Salinger The level of detail is only suitable for serious fans Casual readers will not stick it Had I tried to read it in print I doubt I would have finished it From one hermit to another JD I forgive you for going into seclusion and refusing to produce work for publication I understand now what you went through a

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    Where to begin I am never at a loss for words but in this second I am Hm Because I have been captivated by Jerome David Salinger my whole life of course finding him during my own adolescence reading this book was akin to

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    It would be a better biography if the writer did not focus on the struggles between Salinger and publishers and publishing companies too much His analyses on the works of Salinger also take place and time in this book than the life of Salinger Considering the personality of Salinger it is surely understandable Aside from that Slawenski has great respect for the author and does not offer us cheap tricks about Salinger's life I am glad to ha

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    A deferential fan's biography this answers any curiosity one might have about the reclusive writer's influences and motives for rejecting a public life Salinger had no brother no suicides in his family or intimate circle but he did

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    Was he a saint or a brilliant marketer? That’s the uestion I am left with upon reading this intriguing life of the most reclusive celebrity author of recent timesSalinger’s output was sparse a collection of nine short stories his signature novel The Catcher in the Rye two novellas combined into a full length

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    A well rounded respectful account of the famous short story writer yet mainly known for his only published nove

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