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    This instalment read much like a mystery novel to me with a serial killer at large and the protagonist cracking her brain and busting her ass in trying to resolve the murders find the killer and save the day I liked having to think and deduce which suspect could be a potential killer I read this book right after reading

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    35 stars Riss’s friend Harper Cruz a Cat shapeshifter is marrying Pennington Banoub a Hound shifter and the cousin of Riss’s boyfriend Scott But as the wedding date approaches someone is knocking off Harper’s old boyfriends Not only is this troubling in itself but Riss has a very personal reason to be worried as t

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    I really like Riss and her circle She is strong usually smart but at the same time a little vulnerable If I was basing this review s

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    Reviewed by really enjoyed RED HOT FURY so there was no doubt in my mind that I would be grabbing a copy of GREEN EYED ENVY the day it came out I find Riss Marissa sassy fun and determined I have also really liked the rest of the characters so far in the series Harper a friend and past fling of Scott's that we met in book one has a much big

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    Magical investigator Marissa 'Riss' Holloway has her hands full Not only are Fury politics threatening her family but Riss can't do

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    This book is second in Ms MacKenzie’s Shades of Fury series but the first I’ve readAnd I don’t think I’ll come back for Don’t get me

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    Everyone can get a little jealous at times But when that jealousy turns to something completely different that

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    I thought the first book in this series was better Felt like this was set up for a third book

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    This book continues where Red Hot Fury ended Marissa Holloway is the new Chief of the new Magical Crimes Unit of the Boston PD With her human partner Trinity LaRue she is called to a murder scene another Cat has been killed And as Ca

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    If I could I would give this book 2 12 stars So as a fan of rounding things up I gave it three As this book has been given a brief description I'll skip that I enjoyed that Riss Marissa the Tisiphone Fury of this book actually got to do some detective work There was Scott in it and you got to see some of the Fury politics Plus it was nice to see the return of the ueen of the Harpies The whole Nan waking up from a mystical coma

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Green Eyed Envy

Jealousy can be a killerAs a Fury Marissa Holloway belongs to an Arcane race that has meted out justice since time immemorial As Boston's chief magical investigator it's her duty to solve any crimes committed by or against supernaturalsMonths have gone by since Riss discovered some unwelcome truths about her. This instalment read much like a mystery novel to me with a serial killer at large and the protagonist cracking her brain and busting her ass in trying to resolve the murders find the killer and save the day I liked having to think and deduce which suspect could be a potential killer I read this book right after reading book 1 Red Hot Fury and although I thought the general concept premise setup were decent and had potential it still had the same issues that I experienced on the previous book It failed to deliver a capturing urban fantasy tale and its execution was not smooth at all The following may contain spoilers so proceed with cautionCharacterizationAll right Riss the heroine seriously pissed me off The author portrayed her as a badass character with supernatural abilities to help her police the arcane community but she was consistently inconsistent I would have expected her to be tough and hardass but at one point of the story she broke down and cried into her boyfriend s Scott s chest What the hell Did she have some sort of complex or something Yeah yeah yeah she was a Fury with problems controlling her Rage and may experience the occasion moodiness and whatnot But enough already She was plain annoying and I felt like slapping her every time she opened her mouth with a smartass or snarky comment about anything Then there was the Scott factor Scott as Riss boyfriend was a hybrid Warhoundmortal He was a possessive territorial man with a sense of over protection when it came to his woman Other than his usual growling and aggressive behaviour to anyone who appeared to be threatening in any way he did not stand out at all After two books I still didn t uite get why Riss and Scott fell for each other there were no sparks or chemistry It just felt flat and boringPlot Sloppiness The sub plot of Scott s little brother Sean s disappearance from the last instalment was not furthered nor resolved in this book Additionally the author introduced Fury politics and conspiracies in this book as a lead for a potential subseuent book Riss niece Cori also came into her almighty Fury powers but oh that was a minor detail that would be addressed later Oh lord the author was all over the map with none of the sub plots tied together interestingly The main plot was okay but the identity of the villain became too obvious after awhile The overall execution was not elegant at all The story felt choppy and after an incident or two here and there the author sort of left those trails all alone and focused all her attention on the main plot for the rest of the story which was Riss playing detective on the serial killer mystery It really felt like the job of a novice who had some great ideas and attempted to slap and stitch all the ideas together in one volume The ultimate outcome failure to deliverI already mentioned this in my review of Red Hot Fury but I am saying this again The author s continued excessive use of italicizing words on every other paragraph was a rampant issue in both books 1 and 2 Are you noticing those words that I italicized in my review here Imagine seeing those EVERYWHERE for almost 300 pages At one point I even felt like doing a tally on the side just to see how many italicized words I could find in the book But then again I just wanted to uickly finish the book and move onto something else I was seriously losing patienceI give this book 2 stars only

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Past and managed to stop a supernatural war Since then things have been uiet Too uiet But Green Eyed PDF or that all changes when the bodies of Bastai shapeshifters also known as Cats begin piling up in Boston's magical underbelly even though the legendary shifters are supposed to have ninety nine livesOne. This book is second in Ms MacKenzie s Shades of Fury series but the first I ve readAnd I don t think I ll come back for Don t get me wrong I went in very little expectations but the promise of the blurb constantly on the back of my mind Unfortunately the book didn t meet those measly expectations or kept the promise of the blurbThough not really a fan of urban fantasy I am a big fan of mythology so I was naturally curious to see a real life fury in action Unlucky me I got a strangely chic lity book with a sassy overly self talking heroine that despite her big Rage spiel didn t show it that much And for someone who s the boss in the magical investigative division she was strangely blind as to what was going on around her mostly in the villain departmentFor the restWhat can I say As far as romance goes this was definitely an urban fantasy novel since the boyfriend thing didn t strike me as overly sincere I didn t feel the chemistry I didn t feel the connection I was told there was but I didn t experience it The suspense part was uite good but once again the big bad magical investigator almost blew it The supporting cast added a rather humorous tone which was good the fighting scenes were good but the pacing seemed a little off since the book really picked up speed only in the second half


Common thread ties the victims together all were old flames of FBI Agent Harper Cruz And since Harper and Riss's lover Scott Murphy enjoyed a one night stand before he and Riss reunited the Fury has twice the incentive to crack the case wide open before the killer's green eyed gaze turns in Scott's direction. This book continues where Red Hot Fury ended Marissa Holloway is the new Chief of the new Magical Crimes Unit of the Boston PD With her human partner Trinity LaRue she is called to a murder scene another Cat has been killed And as Cats or Bastai have 99 lives that sure is impressive Will they have their first Arcane serial killer to catch When they find out the one thing those victims have in common is that they are previous lovers from Harper Riss will have to find the killer before her own boyfriend is the next victimThey will have to interview all Harper s previous boyfriends and offer them protection To flush the killer out in the open Harper and Penn her fianc e decide to hurry up their marriage There is a lot of hostility about that as Harper is a Cat and Penn is a Warhound and a cousin to Scott But Penn is from the rich Banoub branch of the family and they kicked his mother out when she married his father Those two families do not get along at all And of course Penn s relatives are not pleased that their golden boy the head of their family is marrying a Cat While searching for the killer Marissa is going undercover as their wedding planner this gives her the opportunity to mingle with both families and other wedding guests and ask uestions But she really does not count on her strange attraction to the Men of Honor and another of Harper s former boyfriends She is in love with Scott so why is she lusting after Victor In the meanwhile in the realm of the furies things are not going well either Sure she has her mother back after 20 years but no one believes Stacia was acting alone And suddenly her grandmother has come out of her decades long coma and has issued Challenge to one of the Conclave members Something is really not all right up there Her mortal family is in danger as well so she needs Scott s family to keep them save with the help of the Harpy s So things are pretty hectic for Marissa and her friends and family but there are some good things happening as well Another doctor might be able to fix her busted knee when even the Oracle s can t heal it And her niece has Fledged But before they can adopt her into the Fury s the complot with her grandmother needs to be resolved I look forward to book 3 and suspect that will take place in the Fury realm It should certainly have a lot of action and perhaps on the different kinds of Fury s There are three But this story is very good as well Harper sure dated some strange men in her time and I don t really like most of them Still to be killed in such a horrible way is something no one deserves The mystery is not easy to solve but I was suspicious about one man from the beginning and that proved to be true Scott s younger brother is still missing and I also keep being suspicious about that Something was just not right with him Having a crush on your brother s girlfriend is one thing but what he did nope I really enjoy Kasey Mackenzie s writing style her sense of humor and the sarcastic wit of Marissa I like all the main characters and the ending of the book was very much fun Yes I do recommend this series if you like Urban Fantasy and want something different than werewolves and vampires8 stars

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  • Green Eyed Envy
  • Kasey MacKenzie
  • English
  • 15 October 2019
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About the Author: Kasey MacKenzie

Kasey Mackenzie lives with her husband and son in St Louis Missouri; home of the Gateway Arch the baseball Cardinals and the world’s greatest thin crust pizza Kasey was one of those students who always had her nose in a book—so no big surprise when she was voted “Teacher’s Pet” in her high school yearbook Today she is a voracious reader of fantasy romance suspense and “soft” Green Eyed PDF or science fict.