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The unknown Blaise arrived offering marriage Pamela only reluctantly agreed She didn’t expect a great deal from the marriage A Marriage PDFEPUB or but it was a nasty shock when Richard always seemed to take the s.

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A Marriage Made on Earth

Poor investments by her elderly father had left Made on Epub #220 seventeen year old Pamela’s future in dire straits particularly when her godmother willed her fortune to Lord Blaise instead of Pamela Even so when.

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Ide of his childhood friend Mrs Decima Strang and to assume that Pamela’s youth meant she was incapable of rational thought Yet despite it all Pamela wanted her husband’s approval The thing was how to go about i.

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    This is one of the best h not good enough compared to OW trope books I have ever read Granted it is a little older but SB could write and she wrings the maximum effect from this onePamela's family is a bit poor and their only hope is an inheritance coming from a rich godmother Sadly rich godmother leaves her money to Lord Blaise and since he is basically a decent man her father cozens him into marrying PamelaThings are going pret

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