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The Perfect Mistress is the perfect follow up to The Last Bachelor This time the heroine is a courtesan's daughter who wants the unthinkable to get married The daughter of an exuisite London courtesan bea. Gabrielle Augustine LeCoeur was 19 and had spent the last 12 years in France being educated She had been back home with her mother Rosalind LeCoeur for 3 months Her mother was trying to set her up as mistress to a Count whom Gabrielle detested She and her mother argued when Gabrielle told her that she had no interest in becoming a mistress as had the last four generations of women in her family Rosalind was shocked to find that Gabrielle wanted to become someone s wife Gabrielle stormed out of the room and then out of her house She was not going to become the mistress of the old Count who spit when he spokeGabby had run out into the dark without a cloak and it was beginning to storm She was picked up by William Gladstone who took her to his home and gave her hot chocolate and biscuits He then lectured her on the perils of her lifestyle of prostitution She tried explain to him what her mother had in mind for her future His wife appeared and Gabby took the opportunity to escape from his house She was then picked up again and forcefully put into another carriage This time by Pierce St James the 6th earl of Sandbourne He was demanding answers regarding what she had done with William Pierce was looking for a political scandal involving Gladstone due to widespread gossip that he entertained prostitutes He told Gabby that William was the prime minister of Britain Gabby found that hard to believe and just wanted to go home Pierce took her to a place called Le Cile the french name for heaven insteadPierce began to seduce Gabby but she turned the tables on him by asking for her own proposition She told Pierce that she had no juices and wasn t interested in love or passion She wanted him to pretend to be her lover so that her mother would leave her alone Pierce agreed on the promise that she would see Gladstone again and tell her what happened between the two of them while they were together He asked for a kiss to seal the deal and was surprised that she didn t respond to his kiss and wiped off her lips afterward Pierce allowed her to leave with the promise that he would come to her home the next evening to meet her mother Pierce set his mind then to prove to Gabby that she wasn t as immune to passion as she thought she was She told him that he wouldn t regret helping her and he told himself that he wouldn t but that she mightGabby returned home hoping that her story of becoming a mistress to the earl of Sandbourne would persuade her mother to leave off her trying to set up Gabby as the count s mistress Rosalind had heard of the Pierce s reputation and wasn t so easily put off Pierce came by the next evening and was surprised to find that Gabby had told the truth about her home situation He met Rosalind and was surprised to find out who she was and to realize that he had met the famous love child of Rosalind and her lover a duke He found himself uestioned about his finances his personal tastes and his amorous reputation He was asked what his attraction to Gabrielle was and he was honest in saying that he didn t know She made him think and laugh and he was intrigued by her Rosalind appeared satisfied by his answersPierce saw Gabby after the uestioning and they were closely watched by Rosalind and 3 other mistress friends who were to judge the authenticity of their relationship He was invited by the next day and they had planned on riding in the park Pierce was surprised to find himself taken to Gabby s rooms and being told that they were not allowed to be seen in public together The challenge was in what to do with their time Pierce recognized that they were still being watched so he put wax in the door s keyhole and Gabby played the piano She chose Pop Goes the Weasel and other bar tunes Pierce sang along amused by her choice They then had tea with Gabby s mom and her friends before he left He went home to find his mother had arrived She was determined that Pierce find himself a wife and produce an heir Pierce left her alone and went for a ride He could have gone to find a female companion but found that he couldn t get Gabrielle out of his mindHe continued to come by each day to see Gabby He brought flowers and was disappointed to see her toss them aside He was the one who put them in a vase and arranged them They played chess and he lost to her She was given a lecture by her mother and told to read poetry They read limerick to each other Pierce was amused by her cleverness He brought her a rosebush and they finally got out of her room by going into the garden to plant it He thought about her attitude Gabby saying she had no passion and dismissal of his gifts convinced him that she had no response because she didn t realize what she was missing She had no knowledge of passion and he became determined to show her differently They got carried away kissing after they had planted the rosebush They didn t know it but they were seen by Gabby s mother and her friends Rosalind was convinced that Gabby had indeed taken Pierce as her lover after seeing them togetherGabby and Pierce were becoming friends and Pierce felt a connection to her She described her life in France and how she felt about being deposited there by her mother to be out of the way of her affair with the duke She spoke of wanting to be married so that she wouldn t be disposed of like a trinket at a man s will She didn t want to pretend to like whatever her current lover was interested in and feel like she was selling her body for physical comforts She didn t want to pretend that she was okay with only as much of a man as he was willing to give Pierce felt much the same way as Gabby in regard to his own mother His mother had threatened to take away his inheritance if she didn t get what she wanted with no regard for himself His mother wanted to dispose of him through marriage in much the same was as Gabrielle s mother wanted to have her out of the way by persuading some man to take her in as his mistress Gabby and Pierce were finally allowed to go out of her house and they went riding She asked him to take her to the newspaper office She had written an advertisement in the paper for a husband Pierce found himself angry at the idea and didn t know why They picked up 23 letters and found 4 possible prospects He was less angry after suggesting they call on the suitors The first was a clothing shop owner who lied about the business location and appeared to hire young children to work for him in what appeared to be a sweatshop The second was a vicar with a bad temper who thought that women were to be ruled and kept under a man s control They ran into a couple of Pierce s friends and she was introduced as his cousin He was irritated by her friendliness with them and she thought that he was getting upset thinking that she was looking at them for likely candidates as a husband She felt like he thought them too good for her because they were his friends His friends mentioned that Pierce lived with his mother and he was a product of an unhappy marriage She recognized his cynicism toward marriage from his view of his parents relationshipThey met the mill owner who was missing teeth the next day and later that same day met the count a drunken landowner who lived in a dirty shack So much for her prospects of a husband She was so upset she cried as Pierce held her for the trip back to London He then told her that he would help her and intended to He took her to the opera where she was discovered by Gladstone He snuck her into a closet and told her of Pierce s reputation He found out who she was and determined to have her father duke of Carlisle learn of her activities Gabby decided not to tell Pierce that she had met Gladstone again Gladstone was now keeping watch over Pierce much like he was watching Gladstone Each with the idea of finding the other in a compromising situation pertaining to Gabby Gabby was becoming increasingly aware that finding a husband was going to be difficult The duke had returned from his hunting trip a month early and her mother was no longer as aware of what Gabby was doing She was busily preparing for the duke to call on her Pierce had decided that since he wasn t having any luck finding a husband for Gabby he would make her his mistress He told her that he needed her to meet with Gladstone again and showed her the restaurant she was supposed to have Gladstone bring her too They stopped by to see the restaurant and ended up having dinner together Pierce then told Gabby how taken he was with her and that he wanted her She wanted him too and they kissed They were removing each other s clothing when they were interrupted by Gabby s father a bishop on the Church of England and the prime minister Pierce had been caught in the situation that he had been hoping to catch the prime minister in They were now forced to marry Pierce was angry and thought that Gabby had set him up for this to happen He got drunk and went home to tell his mother that she should be happy that he was getting married to his mistress His mother knew there was to the story Pierce didn t realize that he had been seen by one of his friends and knew that he had been caught with his pants down and was being forced to wedThree days later they were wed Rosalind was surprised that the duke had taken Gabrielle into his house He refused to tell her when the wedding was He made it clear that as his mistress she wasn t allowed to attend She had found out where the wedding was to take place and arrived as they were about to say their vows Pierce took her immediately to his country home in Sussex Gabby was frightened that she had lost her friend Pierce finally managed to make love to Gabby that night but woke up in the morning realizing that he still wanted her He became frightened that his need for her would cause him to lose himself as she gained power over himPierce went back to London after having breakfast Gabby was hurt Pierce told her that she could do as she wanted with her time and told her that she had free reign over the house When he arrived in London his mother realized that he had left Gabby and went to Sussex Pierce s mother refused to allow Gabby to do anything and Gabby walked in the rooms upstairs to stay out of her mother in law s way The duke visited Rosalind 5 days after the wedding and they argued over his treatment of both Rosalind and Gabby Rosalind kicked him out after telling him that he was worried about his family reputation than he was of her after them being together for over 20 years She felt he was a hypocrite for saying that it didn t matter to him that she was his mistress and then ordering her to stay away from their daughter s wedding because she was his mistress Rosalind arrived in Sussex to make sure that Gabby was okayPierce s and Gabby s mothers were different in so many ways Gabby was told that Pierce s father had left her the day after their wedding night as Pierce had done to her Beatrice had been deeply infatuated and had become the perfect wife After she had Pierce his father had never slept with her again Rosalind had been deeply in love with the duke and blind to everything else She gave up everything for him and was the perfect mistress Both of them had ended up alone in the end They asked Gabby what she wanted and she wanted to be both is lover and his wife The two mothers were determined to see that she got what she wanted Beatrice wanted to give Pierce the family life she was never able to provide for him They headed for London together In London Pierce s situation had become a topic of gossip It was affecting him politically too for the scandal involved Gladstone was no longer a person he could trap being caught with a prostitute because he wouldn t be believed due to his own situationThe women arrived in London and schemed to get Pierce s attention They were at the same party and Gabby charmed the political party members and their wives Pierce still left without her She had herself delivered to his hotel wrapped in a rug and they spent the night together He rushed her off in the morning Gabby then realized that he was afraid to love her for loving her meant to him that he was giving her control of his life That was what he thought love was Gabby had to convince him that his opinion of love was wrong She had to find her own way to get him past his fearsGabrielle was visited by her father who mentioned to her the gossip and rumors that were being spread by others in Pierce s political circle about him She decided that she needed to do something grand to give the people something else to talk about in regard to her husband She chose to make a large contribution to an orphanage in his name He was called upon to receive a thank you and he arrived an hour early to find Gabrielle reading to a group of girls He found out that his mother was involved with the children and women who came there for help He spent the afternoon playing football and cricket with some boys He enjoyed himself He and Gabby left together and they talked a bit She told him that she was trying to get others to see the kindness and generosity in him She didn t know that Gladstone would be there She wasn t doing in for any other reason She suggested that if he had a problem with what she was doing that maybe he should change the people he was around to a positive and hopeful group of peers She wanted to help him and be his friend He dropped her off at home and didn t see her for a few days She thought that she might never see him again They both attended a ball together and Pierce had to rescue her from being raped by one of the guys he used to call a friend She would have been watched by other men in the garden and his reputation would have been ruined by the scandal They talked while in the carriage and he told her that he was a better man because of her and he missed her She made him use words to say that he loved her They went back home and made love He dressed uickly when he realized that the people who had once asked him to watch Gladstone were setting him up to be found in bed with some prostitutes after being drugged and placed in a room with them Gabby went with him and got him out of the room after hiding him under the bed when the men arrived One of those men happened to be her father They explained to him and Gladstone what had happened when they took each of them to their homes Pierce told Gabby that he wanted her as his wife his lover and his friend She insisted that he do his best to make her a mother too Three years later they had a son they named William Gabby was 3 months pregnant with their second child when she found out that her father had finally asked her mother to marry him and Rosalind had agreed Rosalind and Beatrice began arguing over what to name the child when Pierce and Gabby left the nursery where they had put William to bed

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The Perfect Mistress

Ingle and free of the hypocrisy of Victorian society For Gabrielle there is only one way out of the life her mother has planned for her she must become the virginal mistress of London's most notorious rak. The entire set up for the plot was a little ridiculous and farfetched but I was entertained enough that it didn t hinder my enjoyment at all There were certain points throughout the story where it lost some steam However for the most part I was super into it I especially liked the moments in the beginning with Pierce seeming invested in their fake arrangement than Gabrielle was The last chunk of the book with view spoilerGabrielle trying to win Pierce over after their forced marriage hide spoiler

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Utiful and blunt Gabrielle La Coeur is determined to make a different life The Perfect ePUB #192 for herself staid respectable married Pierce St James is an openly libertine viscount who intends to stay s. A SOLID 45 STARSTHIS WAS SWEET AND HILARIOUS IT DID DRAGGED ON IN THE BEGINNING BUT I M GLAD IT PICKED UP AFTER THE MARRIAGEHERO didn t struck me as much in my mind at first I couldn t get a real grasp of his character persona and honestly not much at the end of the story The main forces of nature that I adored in this story was Pierce s mother and mother in law In his expedition to expose the Prime Minister of his assumed crimes Pierce captures Gabrielle in the dead of night thinking she was a common harlot only to have the innocent young woman proposition him to become her fake lover Their becoming friends session was cute although it did seem long winded but we get to see Gabrielle come into her own as a woman especially her sexual awakening Pierce was game over from the start i mean it was obvious he was overwhelmed by her innocent beauty and charm only to turn into a stubborn man afraid of love when forced to Wed her HEROINE was a delight coupled with her very unorthodox courtesan mother Pushed to become a grand courtesan as well Gabrielle doesn t want to be what her mother aspires her to be Having seen her mother s caged life towards the man who sired her but was never part of their lives made her determined to marry for convenience It was safe It was free from passion When fate leads her to Pierce she persuades him a win win situation that engages his to be her courting protector Who knew their daily interaction will bloom into something I enjoyed watching Pierce s mom and Gabrielle s mom engaged in their verbal wars typical of clashing moms and of course Rosalind and the Duke s own grand love storyOVERALL it was uite a lengthy novel and highly entertaining in its own way There was passion friendship mild angst and laughter Not to mention the strings of love and affection

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    For Gabrielle Le Coeur Victorian society isn't all it's cracked up to be especially if your mother is a notorious courtesan and you are the illegitimate daughter of a duke Much to Gabrielle's chagrin her mother is schooling her in the ways of a courtesan when all she wants is a better life with one partner Pierce St James the earl

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    Loved this book Several laugh out loud moments Great dialogue

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    Gabrielle Augustine LeCoeur was 19 and had spent the last 12 years in France being educated She had been back home with her mother Rosalind LeCoeur for 3 months Her mother was trying to set her up as mistress to a Count whom Gabrielle detested She and her mother argued when Gabrielle told her that she had no interest in becoming a mistress as had the last four generations of women in her family Rosalind was shocked to fi

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    I was going to give this book 5 stars but then about halfway through it turned into of a romance with the genre driving the characters and the plot rather than the characters driving the story But the first half was a lot of fun The illegitimate daughter of a duke and his mistress of 20 years is determined to find a husband and have a uiet peaceful respectable life She falls in with a handsome devil whose widowed mothe

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    After sleeping on it I'm taking one start back I love the book seriously It's uite entertaining And love the female characters And

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    I love Betina Krahn so I'm holding her up to higher expectations Anyone else this book would be 4 stars The heroine is reasonably individual the plot is reasonably tight and conclusive on all levels and the theme is logical practical and well thought out from all sides But this book seems light and superficial

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    The entire set up for the plot was a little ridiculous and farfetched but I was entertained enough that it didn’t hinder my enjoyment at all There were certain points throughout the story where it lost some steam However for the most part I was super into it I especially liked the moments in the beginning with Pierce seeming invested in their fake arrangement than Gabrielle was The last chunk of the book with view s

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    Intense SteamyEnjoyed their courtship phase the relationship between the moms Beatrice and Rosalind is a plus point for me From the initial judgements they have to the gradual cooperation they achieve to help Gabrielle thaw out PierceIs Pierce a common name? Was it during the late 1800s? I'm not a fan I liked how the characters tou

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    I enjoyed the first part when Gabrielle and Pierce were trying to fool her mother Rosalind into thinking they were lovers The bawdy music limericks chess etc before Pierce got all broody Gabrielle was a good character while she figured out how to be wife lover and friend to Pierce all at the same time

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