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Real Men Wear KiltsEnough Book of MOBI #241 to make even the hardiest Highlander blush here you will find the steamy romantic history of Scotland laid bare With swords through sorcery and in the course of some of the hottest nights ever experienced on the Inner Hebrides Scottish hero. SPOILERS AHEAD Mmm a few good stories but anyone familar with me will know that if there is one thing I cannot stand it s cheating Unfortunately this anthology had an alarming number of stories where the man cheats or at least sleeps with other women The one I hated the most The Wolf Crag one Nice He goes to the mainland she follows he sleeps around the country she finds him in bed with not one but TWO women he LAUGHS AT HER she leaves they meet again she takes him back No gorram way I wanted to smack some sense into her so badly my hand ached And then there s one where they get married she s a cold fish he goes to another woman that right there made me hate him I don t care what time period you live in you do not cheat on your spouse she gets jealous and kidnaps him to try to get him to come back to her Lame And there were stories that kinda creeped me out like the one where she lies about who the father of her baby was to protect him so he goes off and marries her sister who I guess pretended to be pregnant and the mother of the girl stole her baby and gave it to the sister who married the father of the baby Wow and if that made any sense at all to you then kudos This is why I am not an author Oooh and the Pagan Bride one That made no sense to me whatsoever for reasons that gave me pause in most of the other stories as well Their lurve just didn t feel real at all It was just lust that was masuerading as love I will admit to being in lust a few times and confusing it with love but then I m not even 20 These are fully grown women who should know better And there were a disappointing number of editing errors typos misspellings using reigns instead of reins Thoroughly irritating If they had hired me to edit that book there wouldn t have been any problems Their loss

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Airds and Scottish barbarians fight for love and honor in a wild magical worldLet Julianne MacLean Patricia Grasso Lois Greiman Marta Acosta Donna Grant and many lead you into the fierce sexy irresistible heart of a Scotland that Mammoth Book of PDFEPUB #233 is was ans might still be. After really enjoying the Mammoth Book of Regency Romance and finding several new authors in that sampling I decided to try this Mammoth Book While there were glimmers of good stuff in this one I did not enjoy it uite as muchI found Melindeeloo s review to be the most helpful in selecting what I wanted to read I elected to read 7 of the historical stories and one time travel story in this installment My reviews are belowHIGHLAND HEART Heather McCollum I read three pages and DNF There was weird phrasing dialogue that sounded decidedly modern and the misuse of the word askance It pulled me out of the story and I didn t want to continueAT LAST Jacuie D Alessandro I read this some time ago and found it average so I did not read it again Here is my review MAGICK IN THE MIST Debbie Mazzuca This story had a hint of paranormal with a mysterious stone that united lovers I liked the fairytale like idea and the crazy side romance with two grandparents but the central romance was disjointed and I didn t understand how the heroine became enmeshed in the hero s life or how he fell for her This probably would have been better as a longer story THE LAIRD S VOW Anne Gracie This story about a laird who weds the first woman he sees in order to save his lands from a spendthrift uncle was wildly unrealistic but the storytelling was charming I enjoyed the wedding and the unconventional Cinderella undertone In such a short format there wasn t much depth nor did it deal with any difficulties bound to emerge after the wedding but it was sweet while it lastedTHE LAIRD S FRENCH BRIDE Connie Brockway This was one of my favorites of the bunch The story opens with a man making plans to woo the heiress that will save him I like the twist where she tries to turn the tables and he plays along It was short but playful and funHER MACKINNON Sandy Blair This was my other favorite from this collection This was the only non historical that I read It is a time travel romance where the soul of an ancient laird enters the body of a deadbeat descendant after a car accident and falls in love It s a lovely second chance romanceKIDNAPPING THE LAIRD Terri Brisbin I really didn t like the husband in this story After a disastrous wedding night the husband has other lovers until his wife kidnaps him for them to reconnect Not my thing JustPROBLEMSFOREVER MINE Donna Grant This short story had uite an epic scale for its short format I loved the charisma of the hero but this story had a bad case of insta love and an all powerful bad guy whose rise to influence I never understood Despite this I went along with it and found it an easy read that was enjoyable

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Es stake their claims both in the bedroom and out Dreams come true and legends are born as ancient The Mammoth ePUB #192 prophecies are fulfilled by time travelers from the future in a Scotland where real historical figures exist side by side with Pagan magic and werewolves Dashing l. Okay so I have decided I really do not like these kinds of books They get you involved in characters and before they can give you a good story it ends I know that is the point of short stories but it seems I am just not a short story kind of person It took me like 4 months to get through this That being said there were uite a few good stories in this book Most of them towards the end The good thing is now I know a few authors to look into

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    I won this anthology in an online blog sponsored contest I would not have purchased it because I was not a reader of romance novels Was as in past tenseI read the Mammoth Book of Scottish Romance on a long train ride throug

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    SPOILERS AHEAD Mmm a few good stories but anyone familar with me will know that if there is one thing I cannot sta

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    Most of these novellas would have needed pages to be good stories And the editing was lacking But some were cute or great a

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    I actually really love these gigantic anthologies and I am a sucker for medieval Highlanders so there was plenty of reading here to keep me out of mischief for a good long time Since I read out of order I was surprised to find that the authors I was familiar with and read first were not my favorites of the collection Oh and since I tend to read on the contemporary side of romance it was odd to read about so many 'first times' for the her

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    Okay so I have decided I really do not like these kinds of books They get you involved in characters and before they can give you a good story

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    Bought this mainly because Anne Gracie has a story in it I'll add ratings for the stories as I read them in descending order of enjoyment Sandy Blair's Her MacKinnon the soul of a laird murdered 500 years ago re enters his drunken slob descendant's body in a car accident Perfection 5 starsConnie Brockway's The Laird's Fr

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    After really enjoying the Mammoth Book of Regency Romance and finding several new authors in that sampling I de

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    Oh my gosh I loved this collection It had everything in it that I kind of love in the world – romance Scotsme

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    20 stories of Scottish romance are included in this book The book had stories from all different times from past to present Some of the stories I would reread others were good but I would say they ranged from 3 stars to 5 stars Were any horrible no A very minor few wish were longer but most had enough for the story to feel complete Will keep this book on my keeper shelf as would read again

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    I honestly don't know what made me buy this book; perhaps it was the incredible price I paid for it bought it at Dollar Tr