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The Beleaguered Lord Bourne

An enslave her much less claim her body and woe to any foolhardy enough to try But now the wedding bells were tolling for them both sounding the call to battle for this militant miss and martial lord in the perfect mismatch. Book 1 in Ms Michaels Regency Trilogy

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MISCHIEF IN MARRAGE The Earl of Bourne wanted no part of married life After years of danger in foreign wars he was eager to plunge into a campaign of Conuests among the long lists of London lovelies who would give their all. This is one of Michaels s early Regencies so there are no steamy sex scenes just light hearted fun I thoroughly enjoyed itKit has returned from the war emot

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To please a man as well born well financed and well favored as he Miss Jane The Beleaguered PDFEPUB or Maitland wanted to be wed even less than did the libertine lord As proud as she was beautiful she would never let any m. 25

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    Yes this was a cute funny sexy romantic comedy set in the regency era and it's filled with the most witty and engaging dialogue between the main characters There was no great angst and all of the OTT drama was just a laugh out loud riot of good times The story is based on the old marriage of convenience that's caused by an ill timed and rather silly compromising situation The MC's managed to bungle the situati

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    This is one of Michaels's early Regencies so there are no steamy sex scenes just light hearted fun I thoroughly

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    I picked this up because the authors regency series was coupled with being like a Heyer regency It does have some elements and you can tell the author pulled some Heyer like themes for this story but it didn’t

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    Book 1 in Ms Michaels Regency Trilogy

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    it takes the classic formula and mixes it with a series of pratt falls worth of the 3 stooges it's a wonderful laugh when you just want to get away from it all

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    This is a fun story of enemies to lovers But the uirky servants are the best part

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