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Eople Frank was a mild man Jack's Return PDFEPUBand did as he was told but Jack's not a bit like that. Imagine The Revenger s Tragedy set in Scunthorpe in the 1960s a corrupt society a cast of villains and here s J

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Doncaster and Jack Carter is home for a funeral his brother's Frank's car was found at the bottom of. 25 starsClassic British noir properly titled Jack s Return Home I understand why the film version is Get Carter muc

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A cliff with him inside Jack thinks that Frank's death is suspicious so he decides to talk to a few p. Tell him Tell him I m fcking comingOriginally titled Jack s Return Home this 1970 novel from Ted Lewis is the story o

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    25 starsClassic British noir; properly titled Jack's Return Home I understand why the film version is Get Carter; much snappier It was written in 1970 and is actually set in Scunthorpe; my hometown which is why I read it

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    When his brother dies in a drunk driving accident Jack Carter comes back to his home town for the funeral Since his brother never drank Jack is suspicious and digs into his brother's final days to figure out what happenedGet Carter is a dark murder mystery Set in 1960s England it features a bad man in a world of other bad men lookin

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    Hard man Jack Carter returns home to Doncaster following the unexpected death of his brother Frank Straight away the scene doesn't seem on the level; firstly the cause of death Frank drunk allegedly drove his car of a cliff doesn't fit given Frank hardly touched the hard stuff secondly Jack's bosses the criminally inclined Les and

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    This book was originally published in 1970 as Jack's Return Home Then in 1971 it was filmed as Get Carter starring Michael Cain and the book was subseuently re released with the new title This is a very dark hard boiled novel and it is credited with helping start the noir school of British crime fictionThe main

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    It has to do with the introduction to the book written by Mike Hodges who directed the Michael Caine film classic of this but I couldn’t stop hearing “In a costal town they forgot to shut downCome Armageddon Come Armageddon Come” in my head over and over again while reading this The novel opens with a lone man travelling into a city He’s returning to the town ok I said city but I have my reasons he grew up in Why? Don’t

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    Tell him Tell him I'm fcking comingOriginally titled Jack's Return Home this 1970 novel from Ted Lewis is the story of Jack Carter and his return to Doncaster from London after the death of his estranged older brother Jack is certain that it was murder and will have his vengeance in this life or the nextTaking place between Thursday Night and Sunday morning there's no time to blink let alone breath as Carter tackles his problems

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    Psycho runs amok in a northern English town not Doncaster to revenge his brother’s death Satisfyingly grim but I missed some leavening wit or intelligence Good read but no Red Harvest

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    Having seen the original 1971 classic film version of Get Carter umpteen times over the years it was impossible for the film portrayals not to completely inform the story's characters in my mind's eye This familiarity also meant the story held few surprises though there are some interesting points of divergence I would rather have approached this book without these preconceptions Like you need me to tell you this is a c

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    Imagine The Revenger's Tragedy set in Scunthorpe in the 1960s – a corrupt society a cast of villains and here’s Jack Carter the biggest villain of the lot back home from London and out to avenge his innocent murdered br

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    Considering the movie adaptation of this novel is one of my favorite crime films it's hard to give the book that inspired the movie anything less than 5 starsThat said the book originally published as Jack's Return Home is a hell of a fun read Violent and morally complex the action plays as character study to a man who is on the edge of losing his humanityGreat characters dialogue and a strong sense of place This book de

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