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Empire and the English LanguageThis holistic approach challenges the traditional nationalist picture of a thousand years of eternal England a uniue country formed at an early date by Anglo Saxon kings which evolved in isolation and except for the Norman Conuest was only marginally affected by continental affairs The result is a new picture of the Isles one of four countries England Ireland Scotland and Wales constantly buffeted by continental storms and repeatedly transformed by them. Everything you know about British history is wrong unless your name is Norman Davies The heck with There will always be an England according to Davie

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The Isles A History

Not as a uniue phenomenon but as similar to The Isles PDFEPUB or the other frontier regions of the Roman Empire The Viking Age is viewed not only through the eyes of the invaded but from the standpoint of the invaders themselves Norse Danes and Normans In the later chapters Davies follows the growth of the United Kingdom and charts the rise and fall of the main pillars of 'Britishness' the Royal Navy the Westminster Parliament the Constitutional Monarchy the Aristocracy the British. I m sorry to say I found this a big disappointment It starts off well enough the early chapters on the prehistory of the British Isles are very

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Written by one of the most brilliant and provocative historians at work today The Isles is a revolutionary narrative history that presents a new perspective on the development of Britain and Ireland looking at them not as self contained islands but as an inextricable part of EuropeThis richly layered history begins with the Celtic Supremacy in the last centuries BC which is presented in the light of a Celtic world stretching all the way from Iberia to Asia Minor Roman Britain is seen. This is not so much a history of the British Isles strictly speaking as it is an extensive historical reflection on national identity It examines cha

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    I love a history book any book really that makes you look at the world differently when you're finished with it I love a book even that stays with you long after you have put it back on the shelf and like a favourite friend you can't resist popping back to to look up something anything just to pick the book up againI consider myself fairly well versed in the history or as Mr Davies would say the 'histories' of

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    This is not so much a history of the British Isles strictly speaking as it is an extensive historical reflection on national identity It examines changing concepts of England Britain Great Britain the British Empire the British Commonwealth and the United Kingdom Davies has two primary concerns First he challenges any an

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    I don't like Norman Davies but I have to give this book at least 4 stars Davies is another revisionist historian but unlike most he gives good justification for most of his revisions and is a first rate historian when it comes to historiographical criticism I think all history students should read the part of this book where Davies savages the previous historical writing about the United Kingdom He obviously writes from a Celti

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    A history of the British Isles and it's peoples from a non anglo centric perspective Many British people let alone foreigners don't understand the difference between Great Britain the United Kingdom and England believing them to be interchangeable at best No wonder then that this tome begins with an attempt to unravel this knot of confusion and set things from the off on a secure footingFrom there we are taken on a sys

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    I’m sorry to say I found this a big disappointment It starts off well enough – the early chapters on the prehistory of the British Isles are very good brilliant almostbut it soon goes off and gets so progressively bad that in the end I couldn’t finish it The problem is that Professor Davies hates the English and it really isn’t possible to write a decent history of the British Isles if at every point you relish a racist

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    I got this book cheaply 10 US dollars at a Half Price bookstore list price was 1999 pounds which is about 30 US dollars without any idea of how good it was I had no significant knowledge of the history of Britian or the Isles but hoped to learn As I have read this book I have learned a significant amount but unf

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    For someone educated at an English school this book is a useful corrective to the history taught there I left having been taught nothing about the history of the rest of the British Isles not indeed pointed at any areas where I might study further for interest' sake He goes into the history of the Isles with a broad brush and the book was

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    Mr Davies does a delightful job of bringing history to life in his clear concise writing style and attention to detail Rather than an endless drone of dates and figures this book is full of rich illustrations maps charts and even music notations which bring his subjects to life He also scatters through vignettes of the regular people caught up in the history he discusses clearly conveying the certainty that momentous ev

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    Everything you know about British history

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    A good informative read hard to put down I have read Norman Davies before and have found him to be a solid unbiased author A good detailed history is given without trying to patriotically glorify it With a keen interest in history i have learned a lot from this book and would recommend it to anyone willing to learn of the progressiv

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