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Is Uncle Sam's man Yet even his strict military discipline is no match for Winnie's charmsA horrific roadside bomb sent Adam home injured and haunted Feisty Winnie however has her own plan I really like Rhonda Nelson and her books but she could have done a better job with this book It s a companion piece to Letter s from Home In this book its about the younger brother of the main character from Letter s from home It s the same plot same ideas and some of the same things were said in this book as her previous one The other thing that got to me was that in every other chapter there were three or four paragraphs about how the main character Adam couldn t be with the main female character I skipped about 20 pages re reading that in every other chapter The best part was the ending

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The Soldier Uniformly Hot #7 Harleuin Blaze #481

The Soldier Kindle of attack Her nonregulation method of sexual healing is guaranteed to get him back on his feetBut being flat on his back in Winnie's bed might be the best remedy of all This is the second book in the series I ve read the first book and then this one awhile ago If you want to read what the book is about read the blurb above the reviews From what I can remember the plot was good and the hero was very stubborn The heroine who had a crush on the hero for awhile knew the hero since childhood When he s sent home to recover he wasn t doing so well She decided to take him under her wing to get him better However it wasn t until she started to make it known she wanted him then things got better for him He started to participate in life and not just live through it The plot was good and it kept things moving However the heroine could do things for her friend but it got a bit old with the crush and doing things on of a manwoman level with her insecurities While realistic she had major problems getting past it The hero had just as many problems getting past the thought of not going back until he was cleared This I could understand as many SEAL go through this discovery over time Overall not a bad story but the whining of the heroine did get on my nerves which affected my rating

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Subject Adam McPherson Special ForcesCurrent Status Uniformly Hot PDFEPUB #235 Out of commissionfor nowMission Return to battleObstacle Winnie Templeman She won't take no for an answerAdam Opening Line Adam McPherson hovered in that murky place between awareness and sleep clinging desperately to the dreamI ve really been enjoying Rhonda Nelson s Uniformly Hot series from Blaze They re uncomplicated sexy little reads with relatable fun characters and a charming small town draw Here with The Soldier we return to Bethel Bay South Carolina for Army Ranger Adam McPherson s story We first met Adam in Letters from Home which was his brother Levi s very good story Injured by a roadside bomb while serving in Ira Adam returned home missing half his leg and struggling to accept his new limitations The only thing keeping him going these days is his resolve to return to active duty as soon as he s fit enough and leave this small town behind Adam is a soldier and always will be unfortunately now it s sometimes all he can do just to get out of bed his body may be on the mend but his psyche is struggling to catch upEnter Winnie Templeton she runs the local bakery is a bit of a jock and has been in love with Adam since well forever She can see that he s struggling and slowly retreating into himself so she issues a challenge knowing that the competitor in him will come out swinging Before long Adam is helping coach a teen girl s baseball team and talking freely about his prosthetic leg Winnie also gets him swimming running flirting and finally noticing what s been in front of him all along How could he not have seen her before And because this is Blaze it doesn t take long for our couple to hit the sheets the bakery counter and Winnie s life long ambition of Bethel Bay s lover s laneOf course from the moment our couple enter into the love zone there s a time limit on their affair because Adam is determined to return to Ira and there s simply no future for a career soldier and a small town girl I much as I enjoyed this story I have to mention how off putting it was to watch the heroine practically begging for the hero to notice her From the start it was a very uneual coupling I mean Adam had known his whole life that Winnie had feelings for him and kept rejecting her and even when he finally noticed her it felt a bit like oh well Winnie s here and she s offering so I might as well sleep with her I felt sorry for Winnie who had loved Adam forever and never been able to find anyone else You could tell that their future wouldn t include any of her plans they d be going or doing whatever Adam decided Still this is a fast paced easy read that I ve probably put too much thought into Cheers

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    What a lovely romantic friends to lovers story sigh Something about this one just pushed all my sentimental buttons and although there wasn't anything really sad about this book I found myself tearing up towards the end Prob

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    Adam and Winnie caught my attention when I read Letters from Home the previous book in this series and I'm happy to say their book didn't disappoint me This was a very enjoyable and believable friends to lovers story Adam could have been a lit

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    Opening Line Adam McPherson hovered in that murky place between awareness and sleep clinging desperately to the dreamI’ve really been enjoying Rhonda Nelson’s Uniformly Hot series from Blaze They’re uncompli

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    Adam has returned to his parents house in his home town of Bethel Bay to recouperate after an injury sustained during a tour of duty in Ira th

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    I really like Rhonda Nelson and her books but she could have done a better job with this book It's a companion piece to Letter's from Home In this book its about the younger brother of the main character from Letter's from h

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    Enjoyable and readable contemporary romance with pretty hot sex scenes A bit of an unusual aspect is that the hero is dealing with having lost part of a leg during the war in Ira That gives him plenty of insecurity to temper the alpha male ualities you'd expect of a career military officer heroAnother unusual a

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    Not a horrible story just not good enough to keep my attention Too many good books out there to waste time on a bad one ;

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    This is the second book in the s

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    Just when I thought this book got a bit boring it changed course and became not boring lol I rather enjoyed this one a little than the last one except for the boring part Excellent read Recommend highly

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    Setting Bethel Bay South Carolina – his parent’s home his bedroom her bakery shop the beachshore ThemeLife getting in the way of plans made; love giving new direction;CharactersAdam McPherson lost the lower part of his leg in Iran is healing getting fit used to an excellent prosthesis; eager to get back to the lines; depressed and findi

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