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Oice in food writing which was run in by Fourth The Vicar's PDF or Estate and Waitrose Food Illustrated The judges.

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The Vicar's Wife's Cook Book

The first cookery book from Elisa Beynon winner Wife's Cook MOBI #241 of a competition to find a new and original v.

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Were impressed by her emphasis on creating nutritious affordable practical meals for guests and a young family alik.

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    Have wanted to read this for years and finally found a copy at the library I tend to read cookbooks like novels ie from start to finish and at first I wasn't sure about this one but as I read on I warmed and to the writer her personality and sense of humour And the recipes sounded delicious My only complaint re

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    I picked it up at the library and bought it in short order I like her conversational style So far my favorite recipes are Roasted Fennel and Leeks p27 and Roasted Carrots and Thyme p19