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Ree hotter than Hades  A weekend of pleasure a weekend without restrictions a weekend for Stacey to have them any way she wants  What woman wouldn't want a Weekend Menage

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Dane and Neil get to offer one lucky romance writer the weekend of her wildest fantasy  Stacey can't believe her husband is offering her this experience with one of their c

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Lose friends  Dane has always had the hots for Stacey and can't wait to see her with her clothes off  The idea of Dane assisting Neil in the bedroom with Stacey has all th

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    Michelle Hasker Weekend Menage Aspen Mountain Press 2008In Weekend Menage's defense it is far and away the best written piece of Kindle porn I have encountered thus far On the other hand that's about the only thing it has going for it though given some of the pieces of Kindle porn I've encountered in the past month that's enough to get it not the worst rating I can toss offI eagerly await the day when I can actually type a plot sy

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