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An isolated mansion A chillingly charismatic aristocrat And a brave socialite drawn to expose their treacherous secrets From the author of Gods of Jade and Shadow comes a novel set in glamorous s Mexico After receiving a frantic letter from her newlywed cousin begging for someone to save her from a mysterious doom Noemí Taboada heads to High Place a distant house in the Mexican countryside She’s not sure what she will find her cousin’s husband a handsome Englishman is a stranger and Noemí knows little about th. I pray I ll see you again You must come for me Noem You have to save meWHEW You think you know where this book is going and then it goes there Mexican Gothic begins in such an unassuming way where you think you re walking into a traditional haunted house story and then everything shifts to pull you under like a riptide that doesn t loosen until you turn the final page Before I dive into my review I think it s fair to note that the majority of this book is atmospheric character driven and the slowest burn imaginable for me this worked spectacularly well as I love to feel completely absorbed into the narrative in horror novels And yes friends this is most definitely a horror novel I ll include content warnings in a spoiler tag below for those who are interested Noem s father said she cared too much about her looks and parties to take school seriously as if a woman could not do two things at onceMaybe the reason why this slow burn worked so well for me is because I instantly connected with Noem she is confident intelligent and the life of the party When her father receives a suspicious letter from Noem s cousin Catalina he sends Noem to investigate and report back As expected everyone involved gets than they bargained for and what begins as a handful of unusual occurrences slowly morphs into a whirlwind of horrifying circumstances This house she was sure was haunted She wasn t one for believing in things that go bump in the night either but right that second she firmly felt every spook and demon and evil thing might be crawling about the earth like in Catalina s storiesOne of the things I loved the most about this story is how vastly different the haunted house felt The author has successfully blended the traditional aspects of the old decrepit ghost filled residence and a new modern aspect one I won t go into detail of for fear of spoiling the big twist I think she nailed it on the head when she stated in her Goodreads interview that this book is for the reader who is both classy and trashy because it has the high entertainment value that fast fiction lovers rejoice in but it is also filled with beautifully devastating prose If you too have a love affair with all things that go bump in the night Mexican Gothic should be your top priority this summer I cannot recommend this book highly enough to those who have a desire to spend long hours in a derelict house and an iron stomach The truth was she was afraid of going to bed of what nightmares might uncoil in the dark What did people do after witnessing the horrors they had seen Was it possible to slip back into normality to play pretend and go on She wanted to think this was exactly the case but she was afraid sleep would prove her wrongContent Warning view spoilerSexual assault incest murder and gore cannibalism themes challenging white supremacy and eugenics discussions surrounding the death of a parent and other family members miscarriages and stillbirths discussions surrounding suicide and the consumption of alcohol and smoking hide spoiler

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Is inhospitable abode is the family’s youngest son Shy and gentle he seems to want to help Noemí but might also be hiding dark knowledge of his family’s past For there are many secrets behind the walls of High Place The family’s once colossal wealth and faded mining empire kept them from prying eyes but as Noemí digs deeper she unearths stories of violence and madness And Noemí mesmerized by the terrifying yet seductive world of High Place may soon find it impossible to ever leave this enigmatic house behin. Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno Garcia is a 2020 Del Rey publication An exciting new approach to Gothic Horror fiction I rarely ever comment on a book cover but this one is stunning It s an eye catcher for sure but you know what they say about judging a book by its cover So the uestion is Does the story measure up to that magnificent cover Mexico City 1950s Noem Taboada a young socialite who wishes to achieve in her life than marrying a man her father approves of is given the chance to secure her dreams of attending university if she will travel to High Place to check on her cousin Catalina who has been writing strange alarming letters suggesting she is either uite ill or in grave danger Upon her arrival to the crumbling mansion Noemi receives a very frosty greeting from Catalina s husband Virgil and the limited staff Even disconcerting to Noemi is her cousin s fragility and the fierce opposition others have to Noemi s spending time alone with Catalina Capping things off is the house itself which offers no modern accommodations not even common basics and appears to be rotting at the seams If that isn t unsettling enough for you wait until you get a load of Virgil s ancient Uncle Howard Almost immediately Noemi begins having extremely vivid highly sexual and lurid dreams or hallucinations Virgil shrugs this off as sleepwalking episodes However as time passes the atmosphere in the house becomes even claustrophobic and the staff s demeanor never thaws toward Noemi One would think they were trying to scare Noemi away but instead they are becoming and insistent that she remains in the house As horrifying as that prospect might be Noemi is also intrigued by the legends Virgil and with the youngest member of the family Francis the only friendly face on the entire estate With Francis reluctant help Noemi is determined to learn the history of the region and to free her cousin from the grasp of her oddly mesmerizing husband and the curse of High Place This is one super creepy novel The atmosphere is off the charts spooky and the imagery is incredibly vivid The blurb calls this a re imagining of the classic Gothic suspense novel Go with that description and think about what that word re imagining might mean This book has been compared to Rebecca by publicists promoters and editorial or professional reviewers Naturally I m going to have to agree to disagree about that comparison Why Both novels are without a doubt Gothic literature But I never viewed Rebecca as a horror novel The supernatural tones one senses in that novel is not at all like what one will experience when reading this novel If I could rewrite the blurb I would substitute the word Suspense with the word Horror The book is very suspenseful but you are getting a true horror novel experience here and not one that is merely implied While re imagining is a great way to describe this modern spin on the classic genre in ways than one it is pure traditional Gothic Horror The author did a fabulous job marrying Gothic and Horror creating a complex and hypnotizing tone keeping me glued to the pages especially during the last uarter of the book That said keep in mind that Gothic fiction is not known for its blistering pace However I felt like this one moved along at a nice clip despite a lag here and there It s dark and ghastly replete with classic Gothic Grotesuerie and lots of mind tripping chills and thrills plus a little bit of romance for balance and lightness Overall this is the best Gothic horror novel I ve read in ages

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E region Noemí is also an unlikely rescuer She’s a glamorous debutante and her chic gowns and perfect red lipstick are suited for cocktail parties than amateur sleuthing But she’s also tough and smart with an indomitable will and she is not afraid not of her cousin’s new husband who is both menacing and alluring not of his father the ancient patriarch who seems to be fascinated by Noemí and not even of the house itself which begins to invade Noemi’s dreams with visions of blood and doom Her only ally in th. Hmm How best to describe Mexican Gothic I guess I would say it s A little bit H P LovecraftA little bit Alfred HitchcockA lotta bit creepy old houseYes Mexican Gothic is part mystery It s part Gothic suspense It s part horror Maybe even part New Weird Maybe And all its various parts are expertly and seamlessly blended by the skillful words of Silvia Moreno GarciaSet in 1950s Mexico the novel follows the young socialite Noemi Taboada as she travels to High Place an old mansion in the countryside to visit her newly married cousin Catalina Concerned for her cousin s welfare after receiving a disturbingly odd letter from Catalina Noemi is uncertain as to what she will find at the house upon her arrival Noemi uickly learns that not only is High Place dreary and decrepit but it is inhabited by the highly peculiar and unusual Doyle family Determined to help her cousin Noemi refuses to be intimidated by the members of Catalina s married into family namely the enigmatic Virgil her cousin s husband and Howard the elderly Doyle patriarch who develops a weird obsession with Noemi herself And she also fails to be frightened by High Place even as the house begins to occupy and fill her dreams with disturbing unimaginable scenes of horrifying violenceBefore long Noemi discovers that many dark and shocking secrets hide among the Doyles and the confines of High Place She can only hope that it s not too late to save Catalina and herself from the clutches of the family and the houseI think Moreno Garcia took a bit of a risk with Mexican Gothic Many genres are crossed and bent in order for her to successfully and innovatively twist the classic Gothic haunted house story In the hands of a lesser writer I believe the novel would ve likely fallen flat on its face But Moreno Garcia is certainly not a lesser writer And her gamble pays off handsomelyThe novel is incredibly atmospheric and eerie Moreno Garcia s writing is so vividly descriptive and she creates an environment on the page that is almost claustrophobic to read High Place comes to life I could visualize the colors and the tapestries smell the decay feel the dampness of the hallways I felt as if I was within the walls of the old mansion right alongside Noemi Moreno Garcia also employs of a classic style of writing that to me is very reminiscent of the 1950s and serves to further set the scene creating a feeling of being swept back in time to a different eraMoreover Moreno Garcia takes her time developing the story and refuses to rush the narrative The pace admittedly is slightly sluggish in the beginning of the novel but not ever was I bored I found the slow build of the creep factor the gradually escalating strangeness of High Place to be uite effectiveBut in terms of horror Mexican Gothic is not what I would consider to be truly frightening It stimulates a different kind of terror in the reader It s of a chilling grotesue sickening shudder inducing Lovecraft and New Weird type of horror rather than an I need to leave all the lights on to go to sleep because I m so scared type of horror And Noemi I enjoyed her immensely She s smart She s brave She s witty She s also extremely self absorbed and superficial but she shows true concern for Catalina and genuinely desires to help her She has a strong heart Moreno Garcia puts forth great effort to develop Noemi fully resulting in a very well rounded characterBut the Doyle family well rounded they are not All we truly know about Virgil Howard and the cousins Florence and Francis is that they are certifiably creepy and highly odd Occasionally we are given details about their past histories to fill in the gaps For the most part however they come across as extremely flat one dimensional individualsYou know what though The flat characterization still works for some reason I believe it has something to do with the overall classic horror film feel of Mexican Gothic and all the Alfred Hitchcock vibes the story radiates In my mind while reading I repeatedly envisioned Hitchcock turning the narrative into a movie And the flat almost distant characterization of the Doyle family seems to fit the novel if viewing it from the standpoint of an old school scary movie Make sense Hope soNow for my one complaint the mystery regarding the origin of the supernatural phenomena and illness at High Place is just too simple for the reader to solve It is glaringly obvious if close attention is paid Moreno Garcia neither hides her hand well nor bluffs the reader By the time I was a uarter of the way through the book I knew the how and why of all the madness and I was mildly disappointed that the secret of the source was not heavily veiledSigh Perfection is difficult to come by isn t itAs imperfect as it may be Mexican Gothic is nonetheless a terrific read I loved it And I highly recommend it

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    Hell yeah This deliciously terrifying gothic adventure will be adapted to Hulu limited series I cannot wait to binge watch What an amazing news🥳🥂💃🏻🕺🏼OMG I had no brain right now The author stole it I wish she would have put some bravery into my heart because I think I’m not gonna sleep at least for a week and I a

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    A gothic suspense novel set in 1950s Mexico with a cover like that? adding book to cart Who am I to deny myself every single desire that crosses my brain?

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    I pray I'll see you again You must come for me Noemí You have to save meWHEW You think you know where this book is going and then it goes there Mexican Gothic begins in such an unassuming way where you think you'r

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    FAIs there a playlist?Yes go to Spotify there other goodies?Paper doll PDF club kit PDF Is the town in the book real?It's inspired by a real town which is called Real del MonteMineral del Monte and which was a British mining town and has a very particular kind of architecture It's nicknamed Little Cornwall Yes th

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    25 starsYeah I knowthis was one of my most anticipated reads of the year As soon as I found out this would be a BOTM I grabbed it I d

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    Hmm How best to describe “Mexican Gothic?” I guess I would say it’s –A little bit H P LovecraftA little bit Alfred HitchcockA lotta bit creepy old houseYes Mexican Gothic is part mystery It’s part Gothic suspense It’s p

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    Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno Garcia is a 2020 Del Rey publication An exciting new approach to Gothic Horror fiction I rarely ever comment on a book cover but this one is stunning It’s an eye catcher for sure but you know what they say about judging a book by its cover So the uestion is Does the story measure up to that magnificent cover? Mexico City 1950s Noemí Taboada a young socialite who wishes to achieve in her life than marryi

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    This an adult gothic horror that's heavily inspired by The Yellow Wallpaper a story I LOVE Overall I really enjoyed it but I do feel like it had potential to be a 5 star book that I rave about for a very long time and I'm disappointed because I feel like it had some missed potential but I still really enjoyed it and still

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    5I AM SHIT SCARED Stars♥️✨ there was something so charming and beautiful about the cover that drew me towards it I mean just look at this stunning cover and think how beautiful it will look in your bookshelfI honestly don’t like Gothic books it’s like my second Gothic book after a failed attempt to read Wuthering heights for like 1000 times and ohhh boyyy I freaking loved it Like a 5 star rating is le

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    well wasnt this just a spooky little story? i knew i should have saved this for next monthfans of gothic stories will swoon over this its so atmospheric the old mansion the creepy family who lives there the lush mexican countryside i was honestly really really enjoying myself up until the near endthe turn of events were a little too unrealistic for me i suppose i wanted to gasp in shock but i ended up just rolling my