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    Horror poetry is a recent discovery for me I didn't know I needed it until I tried it and now I can't live withou

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    Demons come in many formsSome with teeth and some with hornsBut none so vicious as the hordesThat came to be when you were born Two o

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    Every ugly thing needs a home and the space inside your head works nicelyChoking Back the Devil is the second collection I'v

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    “There are so many things that I don’t have a place for on paper so they float in my bloodstream” – pg 78 Excerpt From Skinned 1999In the last year I’ve read a lot of horror themed poetry all of which has blown me away I never realized such a thing existed until recently and finding other people that share my love of morbid elouence has been a great experience for me Not only have I discovered a new way to appreciate and absorb

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    “The horror novel may be hundreds of needles inserted into the flesh over the course of days or weeks but the poem if done right can be an ax to the torso” 94 This exactly I loved this brutal beautiful horror poetry from Donna Lynch Almost all of these pieces were 4 5 stars for me The longer ones are stunning; however it was the

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    Donna Lynch wants to entertain you but she also wants to make you hurt She wants you to be uncomfortable and afraid and unsettled All that being said she wants to hurt you with the smallest most unassuming tool possible Paraphrased from the afterword Donna did all this to me and This collection of poetry electrified me I read the entire collection in a day Honestly I could have read the 94 pages in an hour Howe

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    If you've been on the fence at all about trying horror poetry Choking Back the Devil is a great place to startThis was my first time to read Donna Lynch and it definitely won't be my last I loved the poems in this collection and I highly recommend Choking Back the Devil as a collection to try

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    I've read a lot of Lynch's poetry over the years and in my mind this is her best book yet There's something uite earnest about the messages here which avoid the trite trappings of horror in order to dig her poetic fingers a little deeply into the gristle just like on the cover art and get at the truth beneath what they often mask Her lyrical voice is omnipresent while keeping the lines simple and ordinary enough to keep the mes

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    So good 5 stars and full review to come

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    I was given a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for my fair and honest reviewChoking Back the Devil is my second journey down the lyrical prose rabbit hole with Donna Lynch and she did not disappoint With just as much fervor and raw visceral imagery as 'Witches' Ms Lynch solidifies her stake in the growing sub genre of horror poetry describing the darkness that can dwell even in the most purest of souls in a chillingly alluring

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Oose not to look at and what's most terrifying about the spells is these incantations show that we are the possessed that we are our greatest monster and if we look out of the corner of our eyes sometimes if we've damned ourselves enough we can catch a glimpse of our own burnings what monstrosities and mockeries we're to becomeSo cross yourselves and say your prayers Because in this world you are the witch and the hunter the girl and the wol. So good 5 stars and full review to come

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Choking Back the Devil

Choking Back the Devil by Donna Lynch is an invocation an ancient invitation that summons the darkness within and channels those lonely spirits looking for a host It's a collection that lives in the realm of ghosts and family curses witchcraft and urban legends and if you're brave enough to peek behind the veil the hauntings that permeate these pages will break seals and open doorways cut throats and shatter mirrorsYou see these poems are s. Horror poetry is a recent discovery for me I didn t know I needed it until I tried it and now I can t live without it All of the many voices I have listened to so far are identifiably individualistic I think that if someone were to give me a blind taste test I could sample a poem with only my ears and my heart and I could tell you who wrote it of course only from the horror poetry artists I ve read beforeDonna Lynch is lyrical yes but she also teeters on the edge of flash fiction and folkloreSome of these poems feel like they could reside in a collection of dark fables there is magic and ageless ualityExampleWhen I was a child I had a little house up the hill from the goatThe serpent lived there in the wall next to the shedI let him be as he stayed uietWe would track mud and dirt into the little houseand the spiders took up housekeeping in the summerOther poems read like disturbing journalsI let the madmen practice on meHow far I can stretchHow deep do I goHow well do I hold up under certain conditionsI think my favorite thing to do is to read a poem two or three times and then meditate on it before moving on to the next one Almost like you need to wipe clean the mess the previous poem left in your mind I enjoyed this collection Lynch writes like these words are attacking her from the inside They are unflinching raw brutal fearless and daring I applaud Raw Dog Screaming Press for being out in front of the pack when it comes to publishing horror poetry collections I hope we can see and artists venturing out from the woodwork and giving us their uniue dark gift of words


Mall drownings Choking Back MOBI #224 all those subtle suffocations that live in that place between our ribs that swells with panic incubates fear Lynch shows her readers that sometimes our shadow selves our secrets are our sharpest weapons the knives that rip through flesh suture pacts with demons cut deals with entities looking for than a homecoming something better intimate than familyIt's about the masks we wear and the reflections we ch. There are so many things that I don t have a place for on paper so they float in my bloodstream pg 78 Excerpt From Skinned 1999In the last year I ve read a lot of horror themed poetry all of which has blown me away I never realized such a thing existed until recently and finding other people that share my love of morbid elouence has been a great experience for me Not only have I discovered a new way to appreciate and absorb my favorite genre but I m also constantly finding new voices in horror that I hadn t yet discovered My personal library is growing and I m loving itOne of my most recent acuisitions in the horror poetry category has been Choking Back the Devil by Donna Lynch Although I hadn t read anything by Lynch until this point the blurb on the back and the cool cover art really sold me on wanting to get this one I m very glad I did and I ll be checking out from her in the future for sure I loved her writing voice forceful and potent her words seemed to leap from the pages pulling me in whether I wanted to or not I totally did Name yourself Let them call you from the mirror in the dark Let them set you free Then rip them apart pg 13 LegendI loved this collection and enjoyed the ways it stood out from some of the others I d read recently Horror can be found in so many different places and I really liked that the focal point through a lot of these stories seemed to be personal demons and mental health struggles Murder and ghosts and things are definitely terrifying and I love reading about them but I also enjoy a good be of introspection when its done well I m happy to say that Lynch has definitely done it well here The inside of our minds can be a very unsafe unsettling place to be and what better atmosphere for a horror writer can there be than that And there s nothing uite like the feeling of being held from the inside pg 24 The Horse The HomeI related to a lot of the different themes throughout the book and Lynch s writing is engaging and fluid Some of the themes that I didn t really relate to currently I could easily think of situations or times in my life when they could have or would have been applicable Although I don t know Lynch personally it feels like she s someone I knew or know maybe someone I ve been Relatability and the skill it takes to convey specific emotions through a few short lines are a couple of common factors I ve found between some of the great poetry I ve loved and I m adding Lynch to the ever growing list of authors that I feel good about recommending for those interested in maybe broadening their reading a little bit Don t breathe her to life And make her feel real Just to blink her away In your sleep pg 37 She s A DreamThere were a couple of pieces that weren t as strong to me as some others or that I felt maybe could have been a bit fleshed out or built up But the favorites I had vastly outweighed any that I lacked a personal connection with I used my favorite rainbow sticky tabs when reading this and out of just 90 something pages ended up marking over 20 of them or lines that really stood out to me I love the visual representation sticking out of my books with how often I was touched by something or given specific feels from a passage or uote For a writer to be able to do that in a format that can be limiting in terms of spacesize is really impressiveI loved how Lynch s bold writing tone contrasted with the almost ethereal fairy tale like feeling of some of the poetry Her specific kind of horror is evocative and powerful and the collection as a whole was compelling and emotional This was a solid book that I d recommend and will likely revisit a few times in the future My copy is already a little worn from how many times I ve flipped through it searching to reread something or other which is how you can tell I really enjoyed it I m very excited for from the author and can t wait to continue on my journey of horror poetry