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Jenny McLaine is an adult Supposedly At thirty five she owns her own house writes for a cool magazine and has hilarious friends just a message awayBut the thing is• She can’t actually afford her house since her criminally sexy ex boyfriend Art left• her best friend Kelly is clearly trying to bre. I love the premise of this book The story of a mid thirties woman named Jenny got caught up in the pitfalls of this social media age and how at thirty five there are certain societal expectations on a woman s lifestyle choices And early on in the read I really liked this It s incredibly honest and there is so much in this book that is relevant to how we live nowIt s incredibly authentic with regard to how as a society people conjure up certain aspects of their lives to appear better on social media How each Instagram post each tweet each like is carefully thought out to create this facade of having our cake and eating it too I really liked seeing how Jenny s online life really ate into the soul of who she was How almost every thought she had was about controlling her social media narrative How this mode of thinking infected her attitude to her relationship with her ex boyfriend Art how it made her neglectful of her best friend Kelly The writing is incredibly witty and smart But it was almost too witty And too smart To me the narrative of the book really suffered from a case of too much self knowing While this book was incredibly honest it somehow didn t feel truthful I know that s somewhat of an oxymoron so I guess what I mean is that this book felt forced to me There was too much emphasis on trying to have witty situations Even in Jenny s darker moments this book relied too much on uick humour For me the novel suffered from a lack of nuance Yes I laughed a lot at the beginning But if everything is written to be over the top humorous if every thought or utterance of Jenny s is designed to be hilarious rather than authentic and truthful then it gets tedious to read Personally I needed a lot light and shade The book was a constant barrage of laugh at me pay attention to me moments and I found it uite exhausting to read rather than engaging and enjoyable If this had not been an ARC I would have DNFd around the 25% mark as I was just finding it too much of a chore to read But because it was an ARC and I had given a commitment to read it I persistedAs for the main plot of the book it felt uite loose to me I would have liked a little of a broader storyline rather than just reading about Jenny s character arc But sadly all the supporting characters in this book felt either incredibly melodramatic her mother or depressingly cliched her ex Art the social media star Suzy Brambles The only character that I did think was remotely well described was Jenny s best friend Kelly but even then she suffered from a lack of page time and therefore felt underdeveloped Also I felt that the narrative was structured rather awkwardly Early on the book felt like a series of seemingly loosely connected vignettes that jumped back and forth time wise And even though the vignettes began to feel cohesive by the end I still felt that the time jumping aspect of the narrative was never made to feel all that clearSadly this book was just not to my taste and I can only award it two stars An e copy of this book was kindly provided to me by the publisher The Borough Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review For reviews and book related chat check out my blog

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Adults Author Emma Jane Unsworth

Grow up and save herself this timeDeliciously candid and gloriously heartfelt ADULTS is the story of one woman learning how to fall back in love with her life It will remind you that when the world throws you a curve ball or nine it may take friendship gin tonics or even your mother to bring you back. 4 NEUROTIC REALISTIC IMAGINATIVE IMMERSIVE STARSMy initial impression was that the life of Jenny McLaine was most like seeing a car accident ahead of you on the road It s painful but you can t help watching you must watch Then midway you are wondering why you are still paying attention why it is the writing of course Emma Jane Unsworth puts you right in the middle of this mess of a life It is so real I kept thinking of a certain friendship of mine that crumbled for the same reasons that cause her and her bff to have a falling out as the story propels forwardFirst and foremost this story exams the current era and the isolation technology creates in our modern society Jenny is our case study She is a career woman with a job writing for a modern day magazine She is the ultimate commentator on current trends She owns a house and from the outside she looks like she has accomplished so much The problem is she is terribly lonely And isolated And rudderless And estranged from her only family her mother And she suffers anxiety And she has no future plans She meets a successful photographer and they both seem a bit to narcissistic to stay together but they find a way for a while Until an unfortunate event dissolves them Now crippled by heartbreak other things fall away that barely kept Jenny tethered to sanity Amazingly the story ends on a high note although it is a tad unlikely in my book there is a slow change in Jenny that is appealingThe writing is right on the mark Written in journal form though not set up as a diary at one point I stopped to check if I had been wrong in believing this was fiction since it seemed to be so realistic Alas it is a spoof on today s world If you liked Where d You Go Bernadette this will be most likely your style I liked this far better I didn t finish WTGB please don t hate me Though Jenny can be a tad to self absorbed she is harmless and she wouldn t be someone you disliked upon meeting her although you may not want to join her later for drinks either After all it is very obvious that she is just SOOO needy This stems from her lack of emotional support as a child but the story doesn t dwell there it is an observation The author does a terrific job of showing and not telling The author does a fine job giving us insight into the addiction to being liked on social media Particularly when it becomes the focus of our inner world I would definitely read her future work as her talent comes across on every page This will definitely appeal to those under 40 crowd I couldn t turn the pages fast enough It resounds with great credibility35 starsThank you to Goodreads the publisher Gallery Books and the author Emma Jane Unsworth for a free ARC in exchange for an honest review All opinions are mine

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Ak up with her• she's so frazzled trying to keep up with everything you can practically hear her nerves jangling• she spends all day online stalking women with beautiful lives as her career goes down the drainAnd now her mother has appeared on her doorstep unbidden to save the dayIs Jenny ready to. Emma Jane Unsworth s breakout novel Animals featured two main characters Laura and Tyler and as with Zoes and Zeldas you re either one or the other I m definitely a Laura and Animals was powerfully resonant for me partly because of that Adults on the other hand is narrated by the euivalent of a Tyler Jenny a loud selfish character whose brashness is often a mask for uncertainty or loneliness The opening scene sets the tone as Jenny obsesses about how to caption a photo on Instagram I am creating a social media post about a croissant that I am pretty sure will define me as a human Adults follows Jenny as she stumbles through life trying to get over her ex boyfriend Art and thinking about her personal brand every five seconds She s 35 so we re at the very tail end of the millennial woman figuring herself out thing here and that s kind of the point This book s Laura Jenny s reasonable friend Kelly is often relegated to the background We hear from her when she texts Jenny pleas that often go unanswered or when Jenny needs to bounce something off her Like an email to Art or yet another Instagram caption The important relationship here is between Jenny and her eccentric mother Carmen a flighty and often neglectful fortune teller who swoops in and out of Jenny s life and it uickly becomes clear is responsible for a lot of her neurosesThere s of a chick lit vibe here than in Animals If I hadn t known who d written it I d have guessed Lisa Owens Not Working or Lauren Berry Living the Dream Jenny s narration is sparky and entertaining and pretty exhausting too I read the book uickly not because I was loving it but because spending time with Jenny felt detrimental She s a solipsistic and arrogant character who s hard to like even when her insecurities are laid bare The very current tone of the satire doesn t really help some of it already seems dated especially the bits about the online women s magazine Jenny writes for I did like the ending and Jenny s various relationships are all wrapped up in ways that feel both satisfying and plausibleI read Animals three years ago There are lines and moments from that book I still think about regularly I don t think I will remember the details of Adults beyond the next couple of weeks I don t mean to be harsh it s enjoyable I guess it just didn t really speak to me There s too much gloss and not enough gritI received an advance review copy of Adults from the publisher through NetGalleyTinyLetter

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    Emma Jane Unsworth depicts a realistic problematic and humorous picture of our contemporary disease of social media addiction and its pressures its pitfalls and repercussions through the life of 35 year old Jenny McLaine On the surface Jenny is living the perfect successful life She is a columnist on a online magazine owns her own home but delve a little deeper and her life is a car crash unravelling at a rapid rate Her

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    I love the premise of this book The story of a mid thirties woman named Jenny got caught up in the pitfalls of this social media age and how at thirty five there are certain societal expectations on a woman's life

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    Brutally honest hilarious and insightful Adults tells a story of a thirty five year old Jenny who is obsessed w

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    Addictions and compulsions come in all sort of forms Thirty five year old Jenny McLaine is addicted to social media She's

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    Grown Ups is one of those books that's a little hard to explain If I tell you it's a novel about a thirtysomething blogger who's obsessed with social media and how she appears on it will you roll your eyes and assume it's not for you? Will you dismiss it as chick lit? Side note Why do people describe books as chick lit when they seem to mean that the book is stupid or shallow or too fluffy? Why not just say that instead of applying a gende

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    Emma Jane Unsworth's breakout novel Animals featured two main characters – Laura and Tyler – and as with Zoe

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    Jenny is obsessed with social media and seeing how many likes and comments she receives It ends up ruining her life It's starting to spiral out of control so her mother Carmen comes to stayThere were parts of this book I enjoyed and others not so much I struggled to connect with the main character Jenny but she

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    Known as Adults in every other country but this is her originally intended title so we win Grown Ups is about a 30 something named Jenny trying to navigate her relationships as seen through social media including some very funny drunk Tweets

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    4 NEUROTIC REALISTIC IMAGINATIVE IMMERSIVE STARSMy initial impression was that the life of Jenny McLaine was most like seeing a car

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    There are some witty insightful bits in this novel Lines like “When oh when will they create a Breathalyzer app that disables your phone when

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