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Ver near Alton Illinois First described by French explorers Maruette and Joliet in and later called America's most fascinating free roadside attraction the origin of the Piasa is shrouded in legend and obscured by time with no known date of creation name of creator or purpose As Daniel French seeks to unravel the mystery surrounding the ancient work of art he learns that there is to the Piasa than meets the eye.

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Flight of the Piasa

Oh by the way be careful out there Daniel laughed And remember to look up now and then you never know when Daniel French a graduate student of archaeology sets out for a romantic picnic under a mysterious local cliff painting known as the Piasa Bird he unwittingly finds himself involved in an ancient tale filled with passion sacrifice love and loss The Piasa is a famous petroglyph overlooking the Mississippi Ri.

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The Piasa PuzzleDaniel looked up at the wall clock Well that brings us to the end of our time but I should tell you that the last sighting of the Piasa Bird was April Guy named Coleman Flight of MOBI #224 while riding on horseback about four miles from Alton claimed to have sighted a bird bigger than an airplane The students were now standing packing their bags adjusting their coats readying themselves to leave.

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    SOME SPOILERS “Flight of the Piasa” by Dr Raymond Scott Edge ISBN 978 0 9794737 0 8; Redoubt Books weaves together two stories The first deals with Daniel French a graduate student in archaeology We meet him as he tries to hold together his first class under the watchful eye of stern professor Eldredge Daniel does a fair job but is frustrated by the professor’s criticism He and his girlfriend Donna spend some time wanderi

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    An interesting book and an easy read If you read this follow up by reading Witches of Cahokia by the same author If you read Witches you should read Piasa as well Next time you get to St Louis MO plan a day trip to the Cahokia Mounds and a d

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