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    With a title like The Cruel Collection First Shrinking Bundle you have to expect some darkness to the stories that

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READ & DOWNLOAD ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF º Sophia Thornton

E Leisure centre the young woman is annoyed However when said cheerleaders get reduced to a manageable size Chloe is than happy to play with them Contains some couple stuff and some unaware Pandora's Box Melanie is the latest woman to inherit the magical box It's not actually hers it's owned by her current boyfriend but he can't open it Only she can open it Inside the box is a shrunken version of every single one of her boyfriend's exes All of them are her toys now Becoming Her Toy When a gifted Scientist manages to finally perfect the shrinking process he's overjoyed The story however isn't really about him It's about the two women in his life One who has made his life an absolute hell and the other that has silently supported him One of them gains control of the other and she already has another target in mind I hope you all enjoy the stories and really want to thank you for supporting me over the last year Stay Tiny Sophia.

CHARACTERS The Cruel Collection

The Cruel Collection

The Cruel Collection is a Bundle containing Stories that I've published over the last year You can get them all here as The Cruel PDF or part of a reduced price and also available as a print edition Here's a brief synopsis of each story so far Weekend With My Ex James has just been broken up with by his long time girlfriend Claire After his parents accidentally bump into Kara and Jessica the two girls that he had grown up with James is invited to a housewarming party where he is the only guest What is it that Kara and Jessica have in store for James Or better yet what do they have planned for his ex girlfriend Claire Wiccan Three Three current day Witches combine their power to create a contract with a devious entity They desire the ability to punish the men in their lives Sarah wants the power to punish her cheating husband every time he tells a lie Megan wants a way to cut her controlling boyfriend down to size Claire wants.

READ & DOWNLOAD ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF º Sophia Thornton

To get back at her sleazy boss that won't stop checking out her huge breasts Moving In Summer moves into Jacob's apartment However after a few drinks things start to take a turn when they discuss fantasies and Jacob's secret fetish for shrinking is revealed Summer knows exactly what to do with him Jade's Little Problem Suddenly starting to shrink at a Gala event Jade has the worst luck when she's found by a random guest who wants to humiliate her before breaking her spirit and finally eating her Thornton Chronicles First of a Two Part Series Documenting a University Trip in which students go on a huge holiday across Europe Only problem is that there are two girls from the Science faculty transporting their new concoction to an international expo When it starts to go missing so do the students Contains multiple shrinking themes Part Two is to be released in early Chloe's Saturday When two Cheerleaders crash Chloe's time at th.