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REVIEW The Betrayed Wife

CAN The Betrayed PDF BECOME At first Sheila feels sympathy for the girl Eden's mother recently fell to her death in an incident with unsettling parallels to Sheila's past Still Eden is a difficult house guest sowing discord among the family Sheila has already been on edge for weeks receivi. Review coming soon

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The Betrayed Wife

THE PERFECT FAMILY Sheila O'Rourke has always known her husband isn't perfect Who is But things have been better since they moved to Seattle to make a fresh start So much so that when sixteen year old Eden turns up claiming to be Dylan's child by another woman Sheila tries to be welcoming. Alrighty then Cracks knuckles Let s do this I don t even know where to begin I ll give you a very brief synopsis of the storySheila and Dylan are married with three children Sheila has been getting stalked by a disheveled young man and his Goth like girlfriend Sheila even discovers the pair in her home and finds out that this young lady Eden is Dylan s illegitimate daughter that he never knew about Her mother Antonia recently died and having no other family she decides to come home to her Daddy Surprise I need to be honest and tell you all that this book pissed me right off The death of Antonia was such a huge eye roll for me I mean COME ON Of course she dies topless while tanning her perfect tight little body with perky tits on display At this point I went to see who the author of this book is and was totally not surprised that this was a man Sorry not sorry This party animal beds men after men or at least that is how the author describes her So many men a person could hardly keep track A real slut ya know Oh and she s a terrible mother because well she s a slut that likes to party Right o Mr O Brien we get it Dylan Dylan Dylan you sorry sack of shit He has cheated on his wife Sheila about a gazillion times He can t help it if woman throw themselves at him He is handsome and charming and women simply can t keep their panties on when he s around A real curse to be had Then he meets Brook at the gym and after a 10 minute conversation he thinks he s in LOVE and will now do anything to steal away anytime he can with her including abandoning his wife and children So irresistible swoonsBARFSheila you seem like a nice lady but it s time to put on your big girl pants and kick this douche to the curb I m tired of hearing your excuseswell he s a good Dad and he does always come home to me in the end How immensely satisfying that must be for you It s not his fault that he is so gorgeous You re lucky to have him So in summation the women in the this book are either sluts nymphomaniacs psychotic or just total sad sacks and really isn t it Dylan who we need to feel sorry for here Poor guy really got himself into a jam this time Boys will be boys ya know This book was at least 100 pages too long The ending left much to be desired Seriously Sheila when will you fucking learn Pro s I liked Steve their teenage son That s it Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review

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Ng anonymous texts noticing odd noises coming from the house next door And that's just the start A PERFECT NIGHTMARE Sheila wants to trust Dylan She wants to feel safe in her own home But no one can hurt you easily than the ones closest to you the ones you keep believing until it's too lat. Lots of surprising twists I d this the perfect family Dylan is no angle Shiela knows that Dylan and his wife sheila have 3 kids One day Dylan s past comes back to haunt them A 16 year old daughter Dylan knew nothing about arrives Trying to make things up to her he invites her to stay with his other family This is when things go horribly wrong

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    Alrighty then Cracks knuckles Let's do this I don't even know where to begin I'll give you a very brief synopsis of the stor

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    I am exhausted today because I might've stayed up well past my bedtime to binge on this addictive book last nightLong suffering Sheila has been making excuses for and putting up with Dylan's infidelity for years but everything comes to a head when his maybe daughter Eden shows up on their doorstep At the same time Sheila begins re

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    25I’ve been looking forward to this read one for some time Being somewhat familiar with the author Kevin O’Brien’s books over the years I always wanted to read one but somehow never had the opportunity Unt

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    25 Stars rounded downA woman in Portland falls to her death from the rooftop of her apartment building It is deemed a suicideIn Seattle Sheila O’Rourke receives an anonymous text on her phone with a link to the news article about the woman’s death It is eerily familiar Her husband Dylan disagrees Thereafter Sheila finds that

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    The Betrayed Wife by Kevin O'Brien is a novel of suspense a roller coaster ride of many twists and turns simply Unputdown

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    Review coming soon

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    Lots of surprising twists I’d this the perfect family? Dylan is no angle Shiela knows that Dylan and his wife s

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    A leapord does not change its spots and neither does an infidel husband I have to be honest here Dylan was the most horrible of husbands He was only busy trying to find the next woman to score with To think he had grown up children along with an illegitimate one who popped up suddenly into their family life You

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    I always look forward to Kevin O'Brien's next novel and I was not disappointed with his latest THE BETRAYED WIFE Once again Mr O'Brien has crafted an unputdownable story With twists and turns galore and a husband you will love to hate don't miss this book

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    Sheila O'Rourke behaves in a really kind manner Her marriage was a bit rocky but a recent move to Seattle smoothed

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