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That all the stories novels and short stories in this book have already been published in other books which are currently available on Table Of Contents My Son In Law Rompryska My Youth The Final Journey The Winner The Mistake Tales Of Angela Gheorhgiu a collection of short stories Paying Rasputin’s Cure The Hope Of Prison The Unwanted Christmas Gift Summer R.

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Stories Of My Creation

“Stories Of My Creation” is a collection of all my fictional works which includes Stories Of PDFEPUB or my novels short stories and stories It being at this point that I must declare that all the works in this book are but fictional and though some of the characters mentioned in this book may be real the stories themselves are but fantasy Please be advised.

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Omance Anna Roman Woman From Spain A Star In The East The Decline Of Italian Culture The Beauty Of Parsifal Angela Gheorghiu’s Lover New York’s Opera Society Pushkin’s Grand Russian Opera A Mother For Christmas A Japanese Christmas In New York A Christmas Internet Romance Stalin’s Night At The Opera The Murder Of Rasputin The Real Myth Of Saint Valentin.