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The informal business sector is the next great frontier of Africa and it is undergoing an economic revolution a new world of small people doing big things transforming the continent Prepare for this new generation prepare for the Afripolitan GenerationA revolution is taking place in the great marketplaces of the informal sector and it contains an unuantified scale and power as an economic engine and a way of life for the majority of our low income populations The KasiNomic Revolution may still be a murmur in the streets a grassroots economic groundswell but it is the future of African economic activityKasi is the.

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E extraordinary stories of kasi businesses which not only survive but excel revealing a revolutionary entrepreneurship which is mostly invisible to the formal sectorKasiNomic Revolution is a story of kasi entrepreneurs on one side and on the other of great corporate successes and failures in the informal community KasiNomic Revolution is at once a business book and at the same time a deeply human book about the people and lives of rural and urban informal societiesKasiNomic Revolution is about the lessons of marketing distribution culture and modernity in an informal African worldPrepare for a KasiNomic Revolution.

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South African term for the township a teeming conurbation of homes and businesses entertainment venues and social meeting places GG Alcock uses the term KasiNomics to describe the informal sectors of Africa whether they are in the township a rural marketplace at a taxi rank or on a pavement in the shadow of skyscrapersBrought up in a rural Zulu community GG has learnt and shares the lessons of African culture language stick fighting lifestyle and tribal politics along with shared poverty and community which have prepared him for accessing the great informal marketplaces of Africa He is uniuely placed to uncover th.

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    Very eye opening look into the informal economy of South Africa and to an extent Africa itselfAs a small business owner i

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    Makes One ThinkGreat book What we perceive to be the real world is not always the real world And by not being open to the world we are definitely missing major opportunities to add value to society This is a book everybody should read