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I Am Epubelephant from Disney's Dumb

Summary I Am Dumbo Disney Classic

I Am Dumbo Disney Classic

This new Dumbo Disney Epub #181 Littl

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E Golden Book is all about the flying

3 thoughts on “I Am Dumbo Disney Classic

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    Cute little adaptation of Dumbo The pictures are great The story leaves some of the movie out but it’s sweet

  2. says:

    Ozman watched the remake of Dumbo the other day and the first thing he asked was if the baby would see his mama again He liked the movie enough so I grabbed this book from the library He still likes the story even if it reuires a lot of disbelief Also I didn't watch the original or the remake does Dumbo really have a mouse friend

  3. says:

    Way simplified story of the movie Leaves out the alcohol getting Dumbo into the tree but also leaves out the heartbreaking parts wit

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