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    A really good history of science take on the changing definitions traditions and scholarship that has created th

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    I was looking for a text that would help to explain scientific ideas about climate change and the environment without my needing a degree in biology This book did a fantastic job of hitting a nice challenging sweet spot f

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    Fun to read but limited framing Kinda stuck on the literal word environment not even including umwelt or basic religious weather concepts like the Flood not even mentioned as part of the idea history So as other

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Is it possible for the economy to grow without the environment being destroyed Will our lifestyles impoverish the planet for our children and grandchildren Is the world sick Can it be healed Less than a lifetime ago these uestions would have made no sense This was not because our ancestors had no impact on nature nor because they were unaware of the serious damage they had done What people lacked was an idea a way of imagining the web of interconnection and conseuence of which the natural world is made Without this notion we did.

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The Environment

N’t have a way to describe the scale and scope of human impact upon nature This idea was the environment In this fascinating book Paul Warde Libby Robin and Sverker Sörlin trace the emergence of the concept of the environment following World War II a period characterized by both hope for a new global order and fear of humans’ capacity for almost limitless destruction It was at this moment that a new idea and a new narrative about the planet wide impact of people's behavior emerged closely allied to anxieties for the future.

Free read ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB í Paul Warde

Now we had a vocabulary for talking about how we were changing nature resource exhaustion and energy biodiversity pollution and eventually climate changeWith the rise of the environment the authors argue came new expertise making certain kinds of knowledge crucial to understanding the future of our planet The untold history of how people came to conceive to manage and to dispute environmental crisis The Environment is essential reading for anyone who wants to help protect the environment from the numerous threats it faces today..