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Ked for To win the vote he needs the First Lady to stand by his sideBut Grace Tucker has a mind of her ownAfter years of compromise unfulfilled promises deception and betrayal The First PDFEPUBGrace refuses t A uiet day today and managed to listen to this in one day A good stand alone atory with an unexpected twist

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The First Lady

O give in to her husband's demands Escaping the city and her Secret Service agents she is officially off the radarBut did the First Lady run away Or is she in far greater danger than anyone could have imagine Between 2 star and 3 stars I went with 2 star for some things just seen unreal or underdeveloped

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Sir the First Lady has gone roguePresident Tucker is caught up in a media firestorm The scandal of his affair has sent shockwaves through his re election campaign and threatens to derail everything he has wor Finally out for readingJames Patterson and Brendan DuBois renew their collaborative efforts with a new book full of thrills and political intrigue As US President Harrison Tucker makes his final push for re election he finds himself in an awkward position Caught leaving an Atlanta hotel with his mistress Tucker scrambles to save his reputation but is unable to keep media reports from reaching First Lady Grace Tucker Understandably upset the First Lady excuses herself and leaves the White House While the news is troubling it s just another hurdle that Secret Service Agent Sally Grissom has to face Heading up the Presidential Protective Detail Grissom will have to keep POTUS safe as he tries to patch his reputation She s tossed a curveball soon thereafter when a senior member of the First Lady s detail calls to say that she s gone off the grid having slipped past those charged with protecting her Grissom rushes to the scene of where she was last seen hoping that this is just the First Lady trying to exert some freedom However things take a turn for the worse when a note appears in the First Lady s handwriting Has her disappearance been orchestrated and is she being held against her will Meanwhile the president s Chief of Staff is making calculated moves of his own to ensure the disappearance news does not derail an already fragile situation He cannot have anything go against his plans or it could spell electoral disaster With a mercenary slinking around in the background Grissom s actions begin to have dire conseuences and new evidence push the Secret Service to the brink as they seek to do what s needed before media outlets use the disappearance as new fodder for the next news cycle Patterson and DuBois do a great job with this standalone novel which keeps the reader s attention until the story s climactic ending Recommended for those who can appreciate Patterson s stronger collaborative efforts James Patterson collaborations can be hit and miss which is additionally troublesome as the market is supersaturated with the author s name on bookstands at any given moment However Brendan DuBois can usually be counted upon to help shape novels in a productive manner and keep Patterson on task This novel mixes the fast pace of political thrills with the mystery of a missing central actor Sally Grissom proves to be a decent protagonist mixing her grit on the job with having to balance being a single mother at home Still in the midst of marital disintegration Grissom must try to keep her daughter s respect while not letting her personal life distract her from the job at hand As this is a standalone the authors must sell Grissom in short order so that the reader does not lose interest in her which appears to be done effectively throughout Many of the secondary characters prove useful storylines to keep the novel moving forward From the search for the First Lady to those who want Grissom and her team away from the action the authors can easily use a number of characters to add flavour to a rich narrative The story is strong and well paced with Patterson s trademark uick chapters that keep the plot from losing momentum Patterson and DuBois have a great way of mixing first and third person narratives to show an entire story from all perspectives While I do bemoan the excessive number of books Patterson churns out this is one with a silver lining that I feel would be perfect for those who need a few hours to escape their busy livesKudos Messrs Patterson and DuBois for a successful novel I am happy I took the time to enjoy this piece and look forward to another collaborative effort Likehate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge

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    Finally out for readingJames Patterson and Brendan DuBois renew their collaborative efforts with a new book full of thrill

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    I read the first five Alex Cross novels by James Patterson They were good but eventually they started to feel too similar and I lost interest in the series Then Mr Patterson largely began “writing” novels by simply allowing someone else to publish a book under his brand name I had no interest in reading such books until two partnerships of his caught my eye The first was The President is Missing which was co written by form

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    One of the rare Patterson factory stories that is actually good Kudos Brendan DuBois An excellent listen or a uick read 8 of 10 stars

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    The president is having a passionate affair with a member of his PR staff but alas the media catches on and all hell breaks loose This was a delightful part soap opera part thriller part mystery as we see who will come out ahead in our little c

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    I found this book incredibly frustrating as there were so many stupid things happening Here’s a few examples; Th

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    A uiet day today and managed to listen to this in one day A good stand alone atory with an unexpected twist

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    This is one of my book club picks I don't usually read Patterson as I'm into the physiological thrillers like Tana

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    Between 2 star and 3 stars I went with 2 star for some things just seen unreal or underdeveloped

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    Barbara McBride butchered this book Her misp

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    A light political thriller and a good collaboration kudos to Brendan Dubois I read The Cornwalls Are Gone and I much prefer The First Lady between the two There are a few unanswered parts but overall this was a fun and uick read

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