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A popular minimalist blogger and author of The More of Less shows you how to methodically turn your home into a place of peace contentment and purposeful living One of today's most influential minimalist advocates takes us on a de. I received an e copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewShort version don t do this to yourself folks Just don t There are better books about minimalism andor decluttering out thereLong version the thing is I actually usually like books about minimalism and about downsizing your life particularly the ones that offer practical solutions with regard to decluttering one s life They can be very soothing They show the reader that change is possible that others have been there before and that there is no shame in having clutter in your home now because you can get betterThis book isn t like thatI mean I agree with the basic tenets of what Becker writes Having less stuff makes it easier to clean up means fewer things to concern oneself with means that looking for things is less complicated because you know where everything is etc Having does not eual being happier Capitalism as a system incourages one to buy as much possible and places value on what one possesses and then people tend to hold onto things they no longer need because they might be useful but they rarely turn out to be And so on This is perfectly reasonableBut the book doesn t stop at that And it doesn t stop at painstakingly going over every single room in the house to basically tell you to throw away donate recycle whatever what you don t need and declutter declutter declutter If the book consisted only of that it would be rather boring and very repetitive so many empty words but not uite so annoying Unfortunately the author peppers his text with much judgment and condescensionThe first instance where I actually stopped reading and looked sideways at the book was this I have a friend with a bookcase in her living room The last time I visited her I noticed the following on its four shelves thirty six books eleven figurines twenty four photos two souvenir coffee mugs ten snow globes and it wasn t even winter various flower arrangment in vases and a small sampling of candles Yes I actually wrote down the inventory when she wasn t noticing As I looked at her bookcase I asked myself Which of these things mean the most to her What is it that she values most I couldn t tell by looking at her bookcase it was too crowded with things that were unimportant I feel so sorry for that woman and her bookcase How could she not organize it thoughtfully for her friend s benefit I was at the house belonging to an acuaintance Mick one Friday afternoon It was a larger than average house with palm trees and a pool in the backyard Although it was undeniably beautiful it seemed a little excessive to me Of course I didn t say anything about that because it wasn t really any of my business Well thank you for considerately including this detail in the book then Our bathrooms and laundry room might not seem important but since we use them so freuently letting them stay cluttered would mean embracing aggravation and inefficiency every day This may not necessarily be so judgmental but what Not important How What Well perhaps because I don t know if it s about vanity or marketing but increasingly both men and women worldwide are buying products with the intention of making themselves look better 1 How dare they2 But also we do know that people have been trying to improve their appearance since forever basically It s not a new phenomenon 3 In conclusion how dare theyThis is followed by considering how many beauty products women have useThen this nugget of wisdom when it comes to using electronic devices I m told some people use their computer to play games Obviously they are not minimalists Minimalists do not have such trivial pursuitsAnd so on and so on Don t own stuff don t own mismatched stuff don t put it in a large although beautiful house because Mr Becker will be there to judge youThen there are some examples of truly horrible pieces of advice My favourite is probably the following bit The problem with most under the bed spaces is that they uickly become places for hoarding and unnecessary things Our closets are full our drawers are full and the next available space is under the bed So that space uickly collects countless items seemingly never to be seen again by human eyes I use the space under my bed for storing useful items that I do not want to leave out in the open Under my side of the bed I store the books I am currently reading This keeps them within arm s reach but does not leave clutter on a nightstand Actually there is no nightstand there I removed the one from my side of the bed I also keep some business files under the bed My wife keeps a few boxes of keepsakes under her side as well We live in a house with no basement or attic so using that space under the bed has been helpful to us Okay how does that make sense There is a point to having a nightstand and that is precisely to collect things you use while in bed I could maybe understand keeping one book or a magazine under the bed over night because maybe there is a glass of water on the nightstand and we were too sleepy to navigate around it but any longer Nope Business files Boxes of keepsakes Are you kidding How does one clean under the bed then I take the fragment above to mean they just lie on the floor This is exactly what pieces of furniture such as file cabinets were invented for There is also this You can make changes in your lawn trees and shrubs so that your yard will be simpler to take care of and create the experience you want Could you reduce the area of grass that you have to mow replacing the turf with hardscape such as gravel Please don t Please keep the grass Possibly some shrubs Do this for your planetThen there is a chapter dedicated to the idea that one should buy a small house rather than a large one because well you know minimalism and big spaces call for clutter I guessTwo uotes which are isolated in the text so that you could easily tweet them by the way Buy the house you need not the house you can afford At the same time our houses are getting bigger our families are getting broken Coincidence Wow Profound eyerollYou know I do get the thought process behind this concept I do Larger does not have to eual better Living in a smaller space may be comfortable it s easier to clean it up for example And in the later part of this chapter where Becker talks about considering downsizing one s house in response to changes in life children moving out of the house getting older and less mobile it s all uite reasonable But at the same time who are those people who just go around buying huge expensive houses Because in my generation in order to buy a house most of us have to go get a huge bank loan Who is this book even addressed to How wealthy do you have to be to afford Becker s kind of minimalismAs a side note maybe I don t get the big house thing because I m very much not American and most of us over here don t live in houses but in apartmentsTowards the end Becker explains that minimalism has made it possible for his life to be open to his family to thoughtful and mindful experiences and to Jesus I m sure there s nothing Jesus would appreciate than judging people on the contents of their bookcases folksIn conclusion not a good book Not a kind book A lot of what Becker says has already been said simply and elegantly in many Internet articles And there are a good few books on decluttering that give better specific tips than get rid of what is not necessary and are not so hollier than thou while doing so

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Sues that contribute to over accumulation in the first place The purpose is not just to create a inviting living space It's also to turn our life's H our home into a launching pad for a fulfilling and productive life in the world.. Nah Boring imitation of Marie Kondo s philosophy but without her charm and excitement but with drive by Jesus stories I m not amused with evangelicals hiding their messagetone You want to organize your home or wash your face while using biblical stories fine just mention it in the subtitle so I can stay away from it

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Cluttering tour of our own houses and apartments showing us how to decide what to get rid of and what to keep He The Minimalist PDF both offers practical guidelines for simplifying our lifestyle at home and addresses underlying is. The goal of minimalism is not just to own less stuff The goal is to unburden our lives so we can accomplish This is a uote by Joshua Becker in The Minimalist Home Minimalism in your home and life simplifies every aspect of living The author offers room by room examples to streamline possessions and furniture Objects that are not necessary can be relocated sold donated or recycled This book is not for hoarders minimalism could apply to most of our homes Joshua Becker guides through the process to make life simpler and allow time to do things that really matter The Minimalist Home is well explained and provides easy to follow suggestions on how to proceed This is definitely an example of less is A useful tool Thank you to Waterbrook Multnomah and NetGalley for an e ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    4 StarsMy personal rating for this book as far as how much I enjoyed it would be a 3 but I am giving it a 4 star rating as I believe the book and its message has a lot to offer to anyone new to minimalism and the minimali

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    I received an e copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewShort version don’t do this to yourself folks Just don’t There are better books about minimalism andor decluttering out thereL

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    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Wow this book helped me with a momentous move My husband and I are newly empty nested after decades of kids and a mother in law on board in a much larger house than our new 2 bedroom

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    The goal of minimalism is not just to own less stuff The goal is to unburden our lives so we can accomplish This is a uote by Joshua Becker in The Minimalist Home Minimalism in your home and life simplifies every aspect of living The author offers room by room examples to streamline possessions and furniture Objects tha

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    Many thanks to NetGalley Waterbrook and Mu

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    Mini Review to follow

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    I received this book from Netgally in exchange for an honest review Have never heard of the author I thought it would ve refreshing But sadly was not It was a very repetitive and I found his writing style a bit messy He kept saying t

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    3 starsFor such a popular book I found it about average in the world of home 'decluttering' books It may have gone into a bit detail about whe

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    Nah Boring imitation of Marie Kondo's philosophy but without her charm and excitement but with drive by Jesus stories I'm

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    THE MINIMALIST HOME by Joshua Becker considered one of the movement’s gurus provides a simple room by room approach to clearing your home of excess clutter and living happily with less I was struck by his asser