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K out the man who almost destroyed her The man who chose his club over her and left her feeling used and aloneAs vice president of Torpedo Ink Steele is ride or die for the brothers he lived Vengeance Road eBook #242 through hell with He never thought he’d find something as pure as his feelings for Breezy or that keepin. Vengeance Road is the second book in Christine Feehan s exciting sensual and action packed Torpedo Ink series As a genre MC romance series tend to be grittier and darker in tone Vengeance Road is even darker In this book both hero and heroine are broken people with tragic traumatic past histories full of horrific sexual mental and physical abuse Steele is one of the surviving children who make up Torpedo Ink the sexual abuse of the Torpedo Ink members endured at their school as children has left traumatic effects on each member and Steele is barely sane from his past trauma The heroine is Breezy Simmons a very relatable and likeable character Breezy grew up in the MC lifestyle wherein she endured brutal sexual and physical abuse as a young teen her own father condoned such abuse because being a female Breezy was considered to be a mere object to be pimped out and used for the club s benefit Breezy and Steele s story is a second chance story they were lovers in the past and in his twisted attempt to protect Breezy Steele kicked her out of his bed and club three years ago unbeknownst to him that young Breezy was pregnant However Breezy finds the strength to become an independent self reliant woman who manages to take control of her life free of the brutality of the MC environment After Steel s cruel rejection Breezy picks herself up has her baby finds a job to support them both and is doing just fine as a single mom until her sadistic father finds her kidnaps Breezy s young son and threatens to kill his own grandchild unless Breezy infiltrates Torpedo Ink and kills their club vice president Steele Instead of following her father s dictate Breezy warns Steele and enlists his help to get their son backWhen the Torpedo Ink members rally around Breezy and Steele to retrieve young Zane Breezy and Steele s two year old son declaring Zane as Torpedo Ink it was such a moving pivot in the relationship between Breezy and the other club members Breezy wants no part of any MC and conflicted and confused by the comradery of the Torpedo Ink members especially the respect the males show toward the female TI members as well as towards the wives and children within the TI close knit community It was Breezy s strength of character that really held the romance together and the fierce loyalty of the TI members that drove the action forward I look forward to seeing all the Torpedo Ink members be made as whole as possible I especially hope that the two female members will find good strong men who will bind their wounds with kindness and respect There are many fascinating stories to be told in this engaging series

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Vengeance Road Torpedo Ink #2

Go zero to sixty in Torpedo Ink PDFEPUB #229 this dangerously sexy novel from New York Times bestselling author Christine FeehanBreezy Simmons was born into a ruthless motorcycle club and now that she’s out she’s never going to be that girl again But when her past catches up with her Breezy must go to Sea Haven to see. This was awfulShe was a clubwhore one of my hated tropeHe had blowjobs from other women while separatedThey had no problem being naked and having sex in front of other peopleShe was pathetic with the whole I m stronger now but turns into a uivering jelly whenever she is around him The woman was uick to drop her pants around him and all her inner musings of not allowing him power over her again were just a load of nonsense that didn t hold true because the woman was controlled by her lust for himFor two people who were sexually abused as children I find it really strange that they both are so sexually unhibited then again maybe that s just my thinkingDid I also mention that he had BLOWJOBS from other women during separation whilst claiming he loved her Is this book really written by CF I didn t think she wrote books where H is intimate with OW after hI m seriously feeling let down by CF I can t believe she wrote this rubbish

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G her safe would mean driving her away with cruel words that turned her love for him to ashNow Steele won’t let her walk away twice He’ll do whatever it takes to make Breezy his woman again especially when he learns the real reason she came to him for help and that the stakes are higher than he ever could have imagine. What a ride this book is Christine Feehan does an amazing job telling Steele and Breezy s Story in Vengeance Road She weaves an emotional tapestry with just the right amount of action steamy passion humor heart stopping moments dreamy sigh moments and the wonderful strength found in the bonds of family no matter the composition of it The deliverance of Vengeance and hand delivered Karma by Torpedo Ink though gruesome is satisfyingBut what immerses me into this book every time I read it it s been 3 so far is the emotional journey this couple has to take Christine gives us a visit into the lives of people emotionally physically and sexually abused And how the events shape their ability to interact in society Steele a healer forced to be a killer to watch those he wanted to heal die leaving him scarred inside and out living each day to survive make sure those he cares for survive and saving others from suffering anything near what his life was found a healer of his own Breezy Simmons damaged by her life in an outlaw MCC the Swords and her past with Steele has grown and wants nothing to do with the life Steele is so dependent on the one he swears is so different Her strength her power for survival is the gentle giving way she approaches life knowing where she is needed and anticipating what is needed Like her name her presence is a healing balm a warmth to a chilled soul She is perfect for Steele They are thrown back together by heart wrenching events and the ride they take them on open them both to an understanding of each other Forces Steele from his horrific past to face his demons and even scary for him hope for a future with Breezy The hard part is learning to adjust to where they fit in each other s lives To make the choice to change The Torpedo Ink Club can remain and he can have something separate and special with HerChristine does an amazing job with the danger and rescue this Club is sent on to bring Breezy to accept them to know she can depend and be a part of them They are not the same as the abusive world she left In doing so the readers get to know club members in depth personalities show and their special skills used to survive and to save others are woven into the action and in scary or funny moments By the end of the book you re not only happy to see Steele and Breezy on the Road towards a HEA you re hoping all the members find their someone and the Road towards their own HEA This series is going to be intense emotional and have the reader so immersed in their outcomes Rooting for them all

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    Just Another Book Bitch's ALWAYS SPOILER FREE REVIEW BLOGGER NOTE What is wrong with Goodreads? I haven't been able to log in for weeks It asks for a sign in then immediately signs me out It's been a revolving door or letting me in only to immediately kick me out I sign in with my Facebook info if that helps but if anyone can hel

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    This was awfulShe was a clubwhore one of my hated tropeHe had blowjobs from other women while separatedThey had no problem being naked and having sex in front of other peopleShe was pathetic with the whole “I’m stronger now” but turns into a uivering jelly whenever she is around him The woman was uick to drop her p

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    I have to admit that Ms Feehan is a fabulous storytellerSo I keep read and finished even thought I wanted to throw my IPad few timesI’ve read her other series too and I have to say this one is not my favoriteShe like to write certain type of heroines in her series and after two books I definitely will say this one like extreme old fashion Harleuin romance where the heroine always tried to be brave and strong but at the end alway

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    UGH I feel sick I couldn't finish this Apparently this so called hero gets off on other men taking pictures of his woman while they ar

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    Vengeance Road by Christine Feehan is book 2 in the Torpedo Ink series and is the VP Steel and Breezy's storyIt's full of old love misunderstandings unknown baby kidnappingand plenty of sexy biker naughtiness with a HEA sexy biker HEA style 😘I'm getting the feeling that this series and each character's life st

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    Vengeance Road is the second book in Christine Feehan’s exciting sensual and action packed Torpedo Ink series As a genre M

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    I have mixed feeling on this bookseries I was surprised to discover that the previous book Judgement Road was my first Christine Feehan readT

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    What a ride this book is Christine Feehan does an amazing job telling Steele and Breezy's Story in Vengeance Road

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    I loved Steele's storyThis is the 2nd book in the Torpedo Ink series and didn't disappointed We had heartbreak healing acceptance pa

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    I didn't love Judgement Road the first book in the Torpedo Ink series and sadly I was even less impressed with Vengeance Road The story had a lot of suspense and a detailed plot and I found the characters relatable but far too often

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