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    Dungeons Dragons is the greatest game ever created by humans Snorksplat is the greatest game ever created by aliens but that’s just because w

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    Don't let the visual history fool you this is a fairly thorough history of Gary Gygax DD TSR etc From basement ga

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    When I hit the DD hobby in 1984 there was one image that burned into my brain an image that called out to my imagination

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    This is exactly what it says it is a history of Dungeons and Dragons with loads and loads of art The history itself was ok Anyone that is involved in the hobby probably won't find too much here that will surprise them although it is

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    Great book A mesmerizing trip down memory lane for myself The amount of historical details here is uite astonishing Every lover of DD will devour and adore this history of the rpg which leaves no stone unturned in its effort to fully tell the story of Dungeon Dragons from its early days to the present Especially memorable are the multitude of wonderful pictures of favorite modules and artwork from back in the 1980s Truly

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    I was expecting this to be excessively self celebratory but in fact it offers a very insightful history of the game's evolution and a modicum of criticism from a gamer's if not cultural perspective of its most puzzling choices But hey nobody's going to buy this for the words it's the art that makes it and it's as splendid as you ma

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    Okay without a further ado I will say this was a massive nostalgia trip I was introduced to advanced DD at uni and I was able to play

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    This had me in full throttle geek mode from start to finish It's probably the best book in the world

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    Art Arcana is a stunning visual history of Dungeons and Dragons It's got all of the famous art that you'd expect to see much of it drawn from the original sources without branding It's also got beautiful comparisons of a variety of sorts and great art drawn from many licensed materials from comics and cartoons to miniatures and computer games The gorgeous careful layout and the high uality printing show all of

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    This book is a treasure of Dungeons and Dragons art and history It covers the game from its inception up to the fifth edition that is currently being played What I really enjoyed about the book was having the opportunity to see how the art style of the game has changed so much over the years Fans of Dungeons and Dragons really should have a copy of this in their library

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Erstar author team gained unparalleled access to the archives of Wizards and Dragons Art MOBI #238 of the Coast  and the personal collections of top collectors as well as the designers and illustrators who created the distinctive characters concepts and visuals that have defined fantasy art and gameplay for generations This is the most comprehensive collection of DD imagery ever assembled making this the ultimate collectible for the game's millions of fans around the worl Okay without a further ado I will say this was a massive nostalgia trip I was introduced to advanced DD at uni and I was able to play through the Temple of the Elemental Evil model not realising that this was a seminal story and one which I think many people cut their first DD teeth on So when the book came out and yes I first thought it was a celebration of the artwork than anything the fact you have in the pages the history of TSR and the game but also the story of the various games and my goodness there were so many I recognised but didnt realise their significance until now But you also have the story of fantasy gaming through the ages as well including guest spots from our very own Games Workshop This book will not appeal to all in fact I think it will really only appeal to those who have had some sort of contact with DD in one form or another however those that do recognise what is printed on those pages will love it There is so much you realise you recognise I will be honest at times I felt while reading the book I was actually participating in the story itself I know I really was not but I think that is actually part of the secret of tabletop gaming it includes everyone who is willing to stop and take part

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Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana

An illustrated guide to Dragons Art ePUB #9734 the history and evolution of the beloved role playing game told through the paintings sketches illustrations and visual ephemera behind its creation growth and continued popularityFrom one of the most iconic game brands in the world this official DUNGEONS DRAGONS illustrated history provides an unprecedented look at the visual evolution of the brand showing its continued influence on the worlds of pop culture and fantasy Inside When I hit the DD hobby in 1984 there was one image that burned into my brain an image that called out to my imagination and set the tone for my fantasy tabletop gaming for years to come It was the Larry El cover of the Red Box DD Basic Set The warrior lunging forward as the dragon protected its hoard it was colourful dynamic and inspirationalThe interior art of the game was just as good with El and Jeff Easley adding flavour to the content I read the books over and over again and the artwork as well as the game itself became a huge part of my first few steps into the larger gaming hobbyAs I progressed through the game moving on to 2nd edition rules the artwork was always fluid and dynamic I played in the worlds of Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Ravenloft and Spelljammer and the art style changed with the settings Even during my incredibly long hiatus from DD I still purchased Dragon magazine to keep myself updated and inspired as even in these pages the artwork shone The rules and the worlds were the driving force behind the game but it was the art that bought it to lifeFrom the early small books to the colourful volumes on gaming store shelves today the artwork of Dungeons Dragons has always been dominant and the images that graced the covers of many of the products have become iconic in the hobby It changed and morphed over the years with many different artists bringing their own style and imagination to the mix changing as the game did over the decadesObviously there was a story to tellEnter writer Michael Witwer Empire of Imagination director Kyle Newman Fanboys writer Jon Peterson Playing at the World and actor Sam Witwer Battlestar Galactica They all have a history with and a love for the game so what happens when you get four DD fans with a passion for the father of all RPGs togetherYou get Art Arcana A Visual History A glorious coffee table tome detailing the history of the artwork of the game the game itself and the people products and points if interest that pepper it s long illustrious reignAfter a heartfelt and eager forward from actor Joe Manganiello the book begins with a brief description of the hobby a uick guide to what the book covers and how it will cover it and then it dives straight into the action with the original edition books how they came about and the artwork that went into them Did you read the books and wonder why certain drawings seemed familiar This book answers those uestions and you find out about the artists and their art and you discover details about the history and the creation of the game as you drink in the visualsAnd this is where the book shines it s not just a pages of random artwork with notes about where they appeared who created them and maybe an anecdote or two Within every section of the book from the original editions to 5th edition and everything in between including computer games novels and the even the Dungeons Dragons cartoon Art Arcana illuminates the reader with facts and details about the development of the game the routes it took during it s life the decisions that were made and the effect it had on the companies that produced the work While it s not a biographical story with touches of drama as per Michael Witwer s book Empire of Imagination it tells a story about the drive passion high moments and pitfalls the game and the company endured over the decades So while you re marvelling at the artwork and getting all misty eyed and nostaligic over images from your childhood or even experiencing the art for the first time if you re new to the hobby there s an amazing story being told that puts everything into context The artwork changes with the fortunes of the company as well as the times and it s all here to seeThere are some incredible images in the book some I have never seen before myself and no matter which edition you used to enter the hobby there s something here for everyone Are you an old grognard who remembers the glory years of the 1970s There s something in here for you 2nd edition player This book has got you covered Perhaps you just like the peripheral products like the novels and other games There s material in here for you as well as an insight as to how it all came about Paintings sketches photographs old advertisements posters covers it s all here and it s uite uite glorious to behold With the accompanying story detailing a history with just as much adventure as the game itself this is an excellent read with plenty to offer time and time againWhether you re an old school gamer or you ve just hit the hobby with 5th edition Art Arcana A Visual History is a book that any player of DD can t do without If you want to relive your passion for the game s art or experience it for the first time it doesn t matter this is a must have book for any fan of DD or even the roleplaying hobby in generalVery highly recommended

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The book you’ll Dungeons and ePUB #192 find than seven hundred pieces of artwork from each edition of the core role playing books supplements and adventures as well as Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance novels decades of  Dragon and  Dungeon magazines and classic advertisements and merchandise plus never before seen sketches large format canvases rare photographs one of a kind drafts and from the now famous designers and artists associated with DUNGEONS DRAGONS The sup I was expecting this to be excessively self celebratory but in fact it offers a very insightful history of the game s evolution and a modicum of criticism from a gamer s if not cultural perspective of its most puzzling choices But hey nobody s going to buy this for the words it s the art that makes it and it s as splendid as you may expect even especially when it s frankly kind of awful Took me back to middle school