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The people we love are thievesThey steal our hearts They steal our breathThey steal our sanityAnd we let themOver and over and over again They say you never forget your first loveMine was a homeless musician who wandered straight into my soulHe was my first everything And fourteen years later I still can't get him ou. THIS BY FAR IS ONE OF MY MOST FAVOURITE BOOKS OF 2018 MY REVIEW can also be found on my blog KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS NO TOMORROW Is a full length standalone romance novel by Carian Cole This is Blue and Piper s story Be aware going into this that it touches on sensitives issues such as drug abuse depression and mental illness This starts off with Piper at twenty one years old and what you d term a good girl hardworking caring loving and easily pleased working as an office administrator for a small fashion design firm she spends most of her lunch hours tucked away on a bench in a uaint little park not far from work one such day she s drawn to the strumming of a guitarThe guy appears to be in his mid twenties with a dog lying down by his side she s instantly drawn to him like a magnet that s attached itself to all her senses he plays with so much depth and emotion that she can t help but get carried away by the soulful sounds he creates These two and Acorn his dog strike up such a profound relationship a toxic love that spans decades theirs is not an easy ride at times it s a ticking time bomb that could destroy them a house of cards that will at some point come tumbling down he s a vagabond that walks where his feet take him He doesn t stay anywhere very long He goes from place to place and only stays a few months before he goes on to the next place he wants to see and she s the girl that s grounded that s never left her hometown No tomorrow attached it s claws into me earlier than I would ve thought possible hitting the first chapter and I was beyond hooked I didn t want to put it down I couldn t put it down The author had me sitting in the palm of her hand lapping up the words she was throwing my way imagining smoke coming off my trusty iPad my bible as I sped through the pages of this book the feels the angst the crazy love I felt for these two characters was insaneI also wasn t expecting to have my heart ripped to smithereens This book put me through the wringer I swooned I sighed I raged I cried I giggled but one emotion that stood tall above the rest is the love I had for this book it crawled so far into my heart it ll never unlatch itself This book for me was utter perfection utterly un put down able they were utterly perfectly imperfect for each other I CrAzY LoVed ThIs BoOk Did you know in Norway there s a myth that if a man and a woman see a ladybug at the same time they ll fall in love No I didn t know that We just looked at yours at the same time That doesn t count It s a tattoo It s not a real ladybug I guess we ll find out won t we Teaser used is off the authors facebook page

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No Tomorrow

T of my headHe broke all my rulesHe also broke my heartI watched him climb to stardom cheering him on from afarBut I was never a fan just a girl in loveLike a tornado he spiraled leaving a path of destruction in his wakeBut love conuers all right It has to Because here I stand ravaged and ruined needing it to be true. 6 STARS You falling in love with me will destroy us both image error

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You can’t go back but I want to Back to the bridge Back to when he sang only for me Before he was famous Before he shattered my heart I thought I knew everything about himBut I could not have been wrongHe promised me every tomorrow And here I am waiting And hoping Again no cliff hanger HEA stand alone some trigger. 5 StarsArc Book ReviewRelease Date 13918I don t even know where to start with this review my heads in a complete spin analyzing and thinking on the events that have transpired so vividly before my very eyes but one thing I do no from the bottom of my very soul that this for me was probably in my opinion the most real and raw story that Carian Cole has ever narratedI have read a lot from this author and every book I have ever opened of hers has touched me in some way shape or form No Tomorrow was for me the pinnacle of all these other reads and though I usually stay the hell away from anything to angsty I am so glad I took a chance on this as I felt that melancholy enchantment so starkly experiencing it down to the depths of my very soulI honestly think this is one journey that just needs to be experienced in all its messy unapologetic gloryGoing in blind here is probably the best thing you can do Just living this pilgrimage of discovery right alongside Blue and Piper feeling the intensity of sentiment and pure instinct as everything is amplified in this personal expedition of self worthSo This is not a traditional love story it is anything but what we have here is a stark portrayal of obsession and needMessy and sometimes selfish the road to happiness here is paved with heartache and tearsTheres no goodies and baddies in this it just is what it isA bleak blunt spiral into absolute despair aided along in its ever forward momentum by a lifelong battle with addiction and mental illnessI smiled and cried and also felt the depths of despondency right alongside Blue and piper I was in awe of pipers ability and capacity for caring and forgiveness she was such a strong warrior with the strength and resilience of a woman just in love with her manI have to say through my own personal experience with mental illness and addiction that this author was so spot on in her portrayal of the downward spiral and also the mindset of someone dealing with such day to day demonsDemons that not only affect the individual but also the whole unit of friends and family especially a romantic partnerThat s what I liked about this the most there was no unrealistic love cures all this was a process that never goes away but can with time attention and care be lived with and managedIt was such a raw honest narrative that I truly appreciatedAnd though I felt my heart in my mouth throughout I was also glued to every poignant magical word expressed here so powerfullySuch an arresting expressive dialogue with a wonderful multi faceted castAnd I absolutely adored that epilogue If I could give this stars than five I so would this is a story that s going to live within my heart for a very long time to come indeedPlease do yourself a favour and read this one is in a league all of its own makingThank you to the author for providing me with an ARC of No Tomorrow of which I have reviewed voluntaryAll opinions expressed here are entirely my ownReviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttpswwwfacebookcombeckiebookwormwwwbeckiebookwormcom

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    No Tomorrow is coming SEPTEMBER 13You'll need tissues And a rugged case for your Kindle because you might throw itThis is a new standalone not part of my current series coming in 2018 Sign up for updates excerpts and release alert click here to subscribeNo Tomorrow be available in paperback and audiobook

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    THIS BY FAR IS ONE OF MY MOST FAVOURITE BOOKS OF 2018 MY REVIEW can also be found on my blog ➽ KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS NO TOMORROW Is a full length standalone romance novel by Carian Cole This is Blue and Piper’s story Be aware going into this that it touches on sensitives issues such as drug abuse depression and mental il

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    I had to eat dinner first to calm down before I could start typing up my review because this book Where do I start? Oh wait I know EvanBlue is a piece of shit A very selfish and narcissistic piece of shit There glad I got that off my chest I am fumingThis book isn't about romance or love This book is about two people Piper and Blue

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    6 STARS You falling in love with me will destroy us both” image error

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    25 starsThis review contains some spoilers I feel like the odd duckling in between all these 5 star ratings I was so looking forward to this one It sounded very good And it was in some ways The writing is excellent That was not my issue with the book Mostly I think this book isn't for everyone I'm not sure if it's a book for me I didn't find their love connection all that epic It was mostly toxic wrong unrealistic and

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    Its 300am and I just finished this book It was epic heartbreaking beautiful devastating addictive and one of my favorite books of 2018 Blue and Piper are soulmates Since the first moment they see each other they know there’s a special bond between them It was so beautiful seeing them fall in love and so heartbreaking when that love at times wasn’t enough This book touches on some heavy subjects like drug ab

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    5 StarsArc Book ReviewRelease Date 13918I don't even know where to start with this review; my heads in a complete spin analyzing and thinking

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    LIVE ❤5 STARS❤What a ride such a uniue and original storyNo Tomorrow isn't simply a romance it is so much Carian Cole delivers an emotionalheartwarmingintense and sweet storyI was hooked from the beginning and read it in one sitting“Our love may be unexpected and flawed but it’s ours That’s all that matters” Piper and Blue took me to an emotional roller coastI loved them and I wanted to see them happy and to

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    35 StarsOverall Opinion I tried really hard just to skim most reviews because of the author's warning that this is best read when going in blind I agree I think that you really should go into this without knowing much about it to get the full depth of feelings for what goes on That being said I know that I sometimes ignore those w

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    5 « not for everyone » stars “But what we have is a real love It’s dark and ugly; raw and passionate It brings pain and it brings happiness and everything in between This love—our love—is a love that never dies It withers in the dark and comes back to life again under bright moments even stronger than it was b