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Baby hands up to greet the sun reaches her hands up for a book on a high shelf and raises her hands up in praise at a church service She stretches her hands up high like a plane's wings and whizzes down a hill so fast on her bike with her hands way. This book is STUNNING Beautiful energetic and joyful

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Hands Up

This triumphant picture book recasts a charged phrase as part of a black girl's everyday life hands up for a hug hands up in class hands up for a high five before culminating in a moment of resistance at a protest marchA young black girl lifts her. Hands up What comes to mind when you hear those two words together Sadly for me I think of apprehension and blue flashing lights and fear Breanna McDaniel s Hands Up takes those words back This book uses and says hands up in happy or everyday ways With a timeline of events from baby to toddler to teen the words are paired up with peek a boo dancing unity and These beautiful pages bring the joy back into the words And puts the joy back in our hands High fives all around hands up From the first page to the last I loved this book The vivid purple opening pages wake you up The soft yellows and greens in the illustrations soothe and move the reader along Plus look at the joy on the cat s face I love a book that inspires me to think about words and associations This book does that and Highly recommended

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Up As she grows she lives through everyday moments of joy love and sadness And when she gets a little older she joins together with her family and her community in a protest march where they lift their hands up together in resistance and strength.. This book THIS BOOK What a gorgeous story

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    So this book shows a little black girl growing up in America It has her raising her hands up for various things in her life Greeting the sun playing peek a boo getting dressed stretching to reach something on a shelf using the sink holding her hair back swinging on her mom and dad's arms raising hands in class reaching f

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    Hands up What comes to mind when you hear those two words together? Sadly for me I think of apprehension and blue flashing lights a

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    This picture book is beautiful honest relevant thought provoking and sweet I am grateful it exists for children students and families everywhere #BlackJoy

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    I love the idea of the book as outlined in the author's note at the end but the words and pictures that proceeded that statement just didn't click for me lying flat on the pageMy tags view spoiler not a graphic novel fiction children's literature picture books African Americans children family life community protests resistance black lives matter hide spoiler

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    This book is STUNNING Beautiful energetic and joyful

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    A delightful and beautifully crafted book that celebrates all the joyful ways to have your Hands Up This is a much needed reminder and counter story to the negative and usually less than nuanced single narrative of the phrase Hands Up

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    This book THIS BOOK What a gorgeous story

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    This book is as bright and beautiful as its author

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    A positive p

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    Hands Up is learning growing and reaching It's praise it's perseverance it's love Wonderful colorful illustrations with a beautiful depiction of family achievement and self confidence This picture book has captured my heart and I can't wait to share it with everybody Audiences young and old will adore Hands Up

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