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West She perseveres finding love with a notorious filmmaker and living by her own rules at enormous cost But the power of her writing grows only stronger amid the upheaval of the Iranian revolution Inspired by Forugh Farrokhzad’s verse letters films and interviews and including original translations of her poems Jasmin Darznik has written a haunting novel using the lens of fiction to capture the tenacity spirit and conflicting desires of a brave woman who represents the birth of feminism in Iran and who continues to inspire generations of women around the world. 45 starsForugh Farrokhzad known simply as Forugh died in Iran 50 years ago aged 32 Her poetry was banned in Iran in 1979 and her grave is a place of pilgrimage still At great personal cost she broke down many barriers to pursue her art cultural social and structural I had never heard of her and was attracted to the book mainly because I enjoy Middle Eastern writing I don t think I even realised that it was about a real personJasmin Darznik inhabits Forugh s life so convincingly that I often had to remind myself that I wasn t reading an autobiography By her own admission she had to invent a great deal because it is believed Forugh s family destroyed most of her personal papers after her death Although she left Iran when she was 5 the author obviously has access to family and friends who can tell her what life was like during Forugh s lifetime ie 1935 1967 During this period there was a lot of political turmoil in Iran and Forugh was often caught up in it Her lifestyle was abhorrent to traditional Iranians and it wasn t until she was in her 20s that she met likeminded people and saw a different side to life than the one in which she d been trapped A life that had possibilities than restrictions She was immensely brave if sometimes naive to make the decisions that she did and to risk so much Forugh was also a talented documentary maker I watched some of her film about a colony of lepers The House is Black on YouTube and found it very moving The author has interspersed the text with poems that she herself has translated On occasions her choice was perfect Forugh s poetry is based on her life I ll finish with a particularly poignant poem on the loss of her sonThis is the last lullaby I ll singat the foot of your cradleMay my anguished criesecho in the sky of your youthI ve cast away from the shore of good nameand a stormy star flares in my heartA day will come when your eyes will smart at this painful songYou ll search for me in wordsand tell yourself my motherthat s who she wasFrom A Poem for You dedicated to my son Kamyar with hopes for the futureIf you read this book you ll understand the poignancy of this poem A solid 45 stars from meWith thanks to NetGalley and Random HouseBallantine for a free review copy

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Three brothers writing poems to impress her strict disapproving father and sneaking out to flirt with a teenage paramour over café glacé It’s during the summer of that Forugh’s passion for poetry really takes flight and that tradition seeks to clip her wings Forced into a suffocating marriage Forugh runs away and falls into an affair that fuels her desire to write and to achieve freedom and independence Forugh’s poems are considered both scandalous and brilliant she is heralded by some as a national treasure vilified by others as a demon influenced by the. 5 brilliant masterpiece stars to Song of a Captive Bird Happy Publication Week to Song of a Captive Bird available nowThe author of Song of a Captive Bird Jasmin Darznik is an Iranian American whose family fled Iran prior to the revolution Darznik is now a literature professor and spent years researching Forugh s life Everything about this book is immaculate The smooth writing the on point characterization the research it s all top shelf Iran in the 1950s and 60s came to life for me gorgeous settings interesting culture and captivating people Forugh s story her life left an indelible mark on me Starting with her childhood we learn that Forugh was expected to be uiet and modest however she uestioned authority social s the status of women the roles of women all starting at a young age Each time she embraced a challenge head on she was pushed back pushed down even held captive but every single time she rose again In my lifetime I m not sure I ve heard of a female poet being less than and referred to as a poetess That was the life and time that Forugh lived in Her biggest wish was to be referred to simply as a poet Forugh was creative resilient vibrant and vital in pushing forward women s rights and human rights in her country Song of a Captive Bird is the perfect title for this book in multiple ways Oh what an alluring voice Forugh had to share with the world Historical fiction fans Song of a Captive Bird gets my highest recommendation Thank you to Jasmin Darznik the most generous Random HouseBallantine and Netgalley for the complimentary copy

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A spellbinding debut a Captive PDFEPUB #189 novel about the trailblazing poet Forugh Farrokhzhad Song of Kindle who defied Iranian society to find her voice and her destiny of a Captive PDFEPUB #232 “Remember the flight for the bird is mortal” Forugh Farrokhzad All through her childhood in Tehran Forugh is told that Iranian daughters should be uiet and modest She is taught only to obey but she always finds ways to rebel gossiping with her sister among the fragrant roses of her mother’s walled garden venturing to the forbidden rooftop to roughhouse with her. Toward the end of last year I joined the moderator team of the group retro chapter chicks We take part in a variety of historical fiction and nonfiction history group reads and discussions and are given an occasional opportunity to review advance reader copies One such book is Song of a Captive Bird the debut novel by Jasmin Darznik an Iranian American literature professor who resides in northern California Although this book is slotted as a group read in a few months I was drawn to the pretty color which lightened up a gray winter day Combined with a captivating subject matter I could not resist to read this tale of Iranian feminist poet Forugh Farrokhzad a few months in advanceIt is 1950s Iran Although it is decades before the Khomeini family overthrew the shah and his antiuated form of government Iran is still an eastern powerhouse country devoid of many eastern influences Women do not have to wear a burka that is emblematic with their status today but their rights were limited nonetheless Girls were lucky to receive an eighth grade education and unmarried women and girls could rarely leave their homes unless they were chaperoned by a male relative Women went from being the property of their fathers to that of their husbands and unless they were fortunate enough to marry a forward thinking person still were relegated to life within their homes Forugh Farrokhzad was a rebellious daughter of Colonel Farrokhzad From an early age she desired than a life as an obedient daughter turned wife and was influenced by the extensive library her father kept in their home Despite receiving only the reuisite eighth grade education Forugh kept up her learning through reading and then eventually writing poetry What is despite the attitude toward women writers during the era her father initially encouraged her forays into writing This changed one day when Forugh showed promise as a poetComing of age Forugh thought she found true love in the form of a cousin Parviz Shapour Her father not knowing what to do with her rebellious daughter married her off before she brought shame to the family Shipped off to rural Ahwez Forugh became the property of Parviz and by extension his mother She became a prisoner in their humble abode and longed for life back in Tehran After giving birth to her son Kamyan Forugh longed for her family only to discover than Parviz had no desire to travel to the nation s capital city Craving independence from her husband Forugh turned to writing and had invitations to publish in some of the city s start up intellectual literary journals of the time Traveling to the capital alone under the guise of visiting her mother Forugh began to make a name for herself in poetry circles albeit a scandalous one As a result she brought the shame to her family that the Colonel had feared during Forugh s teenage years The feminist poems which influenced a generation of school girls but lead to Forugh s divorce from Parviz as he did not wish to be married to a modern woman who did not fit the mold of demure Iranian wife and motherEuating marriage as bird captive in a cage Forugh makes a name for herself as a poet and forges a strong female friendship with ajar heiress Leila Farmayan who becomes her entry into the upper crust of Tehran society While Darznik has take poetic license in creating this friendship she uses it as a means to touch on the crumbling Iranian society amidst student uprisings in the later 1950s and early 1960s The discovery of oil in Iran brought an influx of English and American influences into the country and with the arrival of westerners the desire of the younger generation to enjoy better human rights Leading to various factions in both the government and society people lived in constant fear until these student protests uelled In the midst of this activism Forugh continued to write poetry volumes which lead to a meeting and relationship with film director Darius Golshiri Darznik takes much license in their relationship as well but uses it to touch on the changing place of women in society Unfortunately in a country as Iran the things changed especially with increasing western influence the men asserted themselves as superior to women Forugh s place as a poet and later as a film director cemented her place in intellectual circles but many still believed that men wrote her work and wished her to stop writing This criticism only encouraged Forugh to continue writingIn her afterward Darznik writes that when her family fled Iran in 1978 her mother smuggled out two volumes of Forugh s poetry Seeing this poetry as a child led to Darznik s fascination with the poetess later in life which eventually lead to her research for this book She includes translated poems throughout the text including the title poem Song of a Captive Bird I found the poetry to be mature than the prose but felt that the prose flowed well for a debut novel I myself grew fascinated with Forugh Farrokhzad s life and would be intrigued to read some of her poetry past the selections featured in this novel Combined with the sensory stimulating cover and feminist poetry Darznik shows promise as a continuing novelist and I would look forward to reading her future novelsBreakdown45 story3 writing4 poetry35 overall

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    I won a copy of this book through one of my book groups I had NO IDEA how good this book would be This book is inspired by the life and poetr

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    Toward the end of last year I joined the moderator team of the group retro chapter chicks We take part in a variety of historical fiction and nonfiction history group reads and discussions and are given an occasio

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    Audiobooknarrated by Mozhan Marno 5starsLOVED IT ABSOLUTELY MESMERIZINGGORGEOUS PROSEBEAUTIFUL NOVEL Historical Fiction doesn’t get much be

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    5 brilliant masterpiece stars to Song of a Captive Bird 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 Happy Publication Week to Song of a Captive Bird available nowThe author of Song of a Captive Bird Jasmin Darznik is an Iranian American whose family

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    Iran in the mid 20th century was not a fun place to be a woman A girl’s education stopped when she was fourteen A lack of virginal blood on a wedding night could send a bride into banishment And a girl was forbidden from being outside without a chaperone and it was frowned on for a married woman to be in public unattended Everything revolves around a woman’s honor “Mine was a country where they said a woman’s nature is riddled wi

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    “Song of a Captive Bird” is a novel inspired by the life and poetry of Forugh Farrokhzad an iconoclastic Iranian poet and film d

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    35 starsIn Song of a Captive Bird a beautiful and perfect title author Jasmin Darznik is the voice for Iranian poet Forugh Farrokhzad Forugh an influential poet of the 20th century was notorious for rebelling against cultural norms especially

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    45 starsForugh Farrokhzad known simply as Forugh died in Iran 50 years ago aged 32 Her poetry was banned in Iran in 1979 and her grave is a place of pilgrimage still At great personal cost she broke down many barriers to pur

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    The beautiful cover of this powerful debut caught my eye and after perusing the summary on the book jacket I was compelled to read and recommend this to one of my book groups We wanted to focus on strong women and Song of a Captive Bird by Jasmin Darznik fits the billThis story based on the life of Forugh Farrokhzad focuses on a young Iranian girl who as a child pushed the envelope when it came to respectable traditional female b

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    A mesmerizing story of a brave woman seeking the freedom and independence to write heartfelt and brilliant poetrySUMMARYSong

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