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    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review There is no faking or pretending about it Ilsa Madden Mills has the magical touch when it comes to writing love stories with heat passion and most important

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    I really really enjoyed this book I was craving something I could lose myself in Something sweet and steamy something with enough angst to keep me hooked but not so much that I wanted to fall into an epic depression I wanted something with a drop of mystery that kept me guessing and Ilsa delivered on all accountsThe auth

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    45 StarsHaving never read a Ilsa Madden Mills book before I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started this All I knew after reading the blurb I couldn’t not read it Of course the cover was the other aspect that made me give this o

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    Update Today's 💍 THE ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of FAKE FIANCÉE 💍Fake engaged to the hottest uarterback in the country? SCORE➜ F R E E in Kindle Unlimited➜ Update Feb 18 Fake Fiancée is #7 on the Wall Street Journal beams Thank you so much sweet readers FAKE FIANCÉE has spent a week in the TOP 5 THANK yo

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    35 375 StarsReview later

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    Ridiculous plot just telling no showing writing style and shallow one dimensional characters with no depth That is all that you need to know about this book Do you want to know ? Well let’s meet main characters Let me introduced

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    ➦I find myself lately going back to reading new adult books because I want to go back to college and study for exams and go to frat parties Wait no I don't But I do enjoy reading about these carefree people who have their whole live

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    I was looking forward to this book after reading its delicious blurb and seeing its stunning cover I also love the writer’s English series

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    My real life job is kind of different than most in the fact that my work isn't supervised My boss comes and goes as she pleases and I can have a bit of a relaxed environment What doesn't help though was the fact that the day I was reading Fake Fiancée my boss wanted to hang around all day Anytime she would leav

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    FAKE FIANCÉ Prepare yourselves for some hella hot dreamy football players a heroine who yearns for the guy she can't have and a hero who will do anything for the girl he lovesGuilty yet again for signing up for an arc solely based on the cover Being a cover hoe has it's benefits Hello hotty on the cover Jack Greyston This is spoken in 'Dual

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Into my eyes until the air buzzedSoft and slow full of sighs and little laughsHe inhaled me like I was the finest Belgian chocolateAnd he'd never get another pieceA nip of his teeth his hand at my waist And I was lostI forgot he was paying me to be his. 35 375 StarsReview later

SUMMARY Fake Fiancée

Fake Fiancée

Fake fiancéeI forgot we weren't REALOur kiss was pure magic and before you laugh and say those kinds of kisses don't existThen you've never touched lips with Max Kent the hottest uarterback in college historyThree months Two hearts One fake engagement.. I was looking forward to this book after reading its delicious blurb and seeing its stunning cover I also love the writer s English series they are very good But unfortunately this book didn t live up to my expectations It was an OK read for me nothing that made me say wow It is about Sunny a university student and Max who is a student in the same university and also the star uarterback of the football team Their fake girlfriendboyfriend deal turns into fake fianc e first and then into something realThe book gives us a love story that shows how fate brings two people together than once and sometimes how awful things happen to people just for them to end up in the right place No one crosses our path without a reason I believed this Sometimes in the middle of a normal day a life changing choice is thrown in front of you Right then you re one decision away from a completely different existence You decide your future even though you aren t even aware you re doing it Your choice might result in finding love or death or winning the fucking lottery you don t know With this great potential out there and given how beautifully it started I was eager to read the rest of the story to see how fate will bring them together again but when they met a second time I was disappointed As far as I am concerned the book had a lot of potential but it didn t successfully deliver itHere are my reasons of disappointment1 The word fianc e in the title made me think I was going to read about two people around the ages of 24 25 but they are both students at university ages 20 This was my first disappointment I am too old for teenage stuff However sometimes books like The Sea of Tranuility amazes me even though the hero heroine are students as well So I kept on reading hoping this book would also amaze me but it didn t 2 The heroine was sweet I liked her but I didn t like the hero very much because football seemed to be important than anything and anyone in his life At one point in the book I expected him to prove otherwise but he didn t of course in my opinion3 The parts where we learn how they remembered each other from their encounter 3 years before didn t have a great impact on me I was waiting for really a great moment great revelations but I wasn t satisfied at all4 The way they realized and then confessed their love for each other the way they made love first the timing the place and everything was so ordinary for me I was again disappointed5 There are events in the book that are put there to create a little bit of tension or angst but they all deflate like a balloon I finally thought that the tension that was intended to be built was fake because it didn t serve anything at all SAFETY view spoilerThere is death of parents and domestic violence mentioned There is the cheating of exes However there is no rape and there is no cheating between the hero and the heroine hide spoiler


Fake engaged to the hottest uarterback in the country SCORE They say nothing compares to your first kissBut our first kiss was orchestrated for an audienceOur second kiss that one was REALHe cradled my face like he was terrified he'd fck it upHe stared. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review There is no faking or pretending about it Ilsa Madden Mills has the magical touch when it comes to writing love stories with heat passion and most importantly heart With her vivid and sexy prose Ilsa allows her readers to easily fall for her charismatic and lovable characters And in the Fake Fianc e this statement couldn t be true as readers like myself are sucked into a vortex where we are consumed with an addictive sweet and palpable love story as two worlds collide on and off the field It wasn t about the pretending I could be a fake girlfriend It was my body that was the problem I wanted Max Kent Max Kent is the star and face of Leland University As one of the top contenders to win the Heisman Trophy Max s presence is known on and off the field There are no shortage of football groupies who are willing to be a notch on his goal post So when a feisty neighbor moves in next door Max is automatically intrigued with Sunny and her sassy and vibrant personality As it turns out Sunny and Max shares a class together so naturally Max offers her a ride to class When they appeared in class walking together automatically everyone begins to stare and wonder who Max Kent is walking with When Max suggest that Sunny be his pretend girlfriend to keep his ex and groupies at bay Sunny doesn t think too much of it since Max and her have this natural friendship and connection Time and time again I was taken aback by his off the charts hotness But it wasn t his looks that tugged at my heart Not really It was him his innate charm that made me want to strangle him one second and then hug him the next Well as it turns out it doesn t take long for Sunny and Max to realize that their friendship begins to get blurred Fake kisses and touches begins to feel real Innocent and playful text messages are no longer in the friends category So when Sunny and Max finally acts on their attraction what happens when fake becomes real Our kiss was pure unadulterated magic making me powerless in his arms He was gut twistingly perfect and I wanted to drown in him I didn t need air All I needed was Max Kent and his lips and tongue I absolutely adore this gem of a book Ilsa Madden Mills will definitely have readers swooning for Max Kent in the Fake Fianc e Mills did an amazing job showcasing that Max Kent may be the star on the football field but he also is the golden boy with a heart of gold Behind his rugged and sexy physiue there is no faking about it that Ilsa has definitely written book boyfriend and book husband material So if you are looking for a book that beautifully weaves humor sass raw emotions and hot chemistry then you better one click this book now All I can say this book was a major touchdown in terms of the New Adult genre Ilsa Madden Mills