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Espect for a wealthy husband while the other finds in the pages of a book a kindred spirit who changes her life The janitor at the local school has his faith tested in an encounter with an isolated man he has come to help a grown d. NOW AVAILABLE Once again Elizabeth Strout has exuisitely examined and shared the life of a small group of people in a small town in this lovely compilation of intermingled stories that form this novel If you ve already read My Name is Lucy Barton you ll be familiar with many of them and with Lucy In Anything is Possible the focus is again on the relationships in this case most are relatives of one degree or another of Lucy Siblings Cousins Parents Strained relationships in one way or another all Some have shared stories shameful secrets that they hold close they can t share them can t lose them so they continue to hold onto them to hide them from the prying eyes of others Amgash Illinois isn t so much the town that Lucy grew up in it s the small town that Lucy s family lived on the outskirts of out where the beyond poor lived And all through these days in this place these places these people Strout weaves magical links through each of their stories binding them together in secrets shame humility compassionate service laughter pain fear All the sorrows all in the loveliest of simple prose never using a single unnecessary word yet leaving nothing unsaid Each story serves a purpose conveys a message This is about Life These particular lives yes but it s really about every life all lives How we hold onto those moments as long as we hold onto life carrying things we should set down left behind long ago but we carry these with us Never setting them down Never without them And yet we somehow carry onHighly recommendedPub Date 25 April 2017 Many thanks for the ARC provided by Random House

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Short story collection Anything Is Possible explores the whole range of human emotion through the intimate dramas of people struggling to Anything is PDFEPUB or understand themselves and othersHere are two sisters one trades self r. Linked stories from Lucy Barton s home town and the people that made up the town First story features Charlie former maintenance man at the school the Barton children attended an elderly man who remembers Lucy and tried to be kind to her though many didn t The Barton s too poor and in fact Lucy s brother Pete still lives alone in the dilapidated house of his youth Charlie makes a point to visit this lonesome and strange man though he has good reason to write the whole family off as you will see when you read this wonderfully thought out novelAll have stories to tell of past and present and they are startling in some of their admissions Stout has a fantastic understanding of the sorrows fears secrets and the many ambiguities that make up the human condition Not only does she understand but that she is able to put them down so succinctly is admirable Her deft hand with dialogue is also a big plus All these stories are interesting some appalling but taken as a whole we garner a pretty good understanding of where Lucy came from and what and who has changed since she leftLucy herself puts in an appearance to visit her brother and sister a visit that has a startling finish Sometimes you can physically leave a place but the scars still linger A short novel but one that contains much Another fantastic offering from this very proficient authorARC from Netgalley and Random HouseRelease date April 25th 2017

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Aughter longs for mother love even as she comes to accept her mother’s happiness in a foreign country and the adult Lucy Barton the heroine of My Name Is Lucy Barton returns to visit her siblings after seventeen years of absence.. Firecrackers in my soulSocks knocked off AGAIN My feet are cold but my soul is on fire This collection of stories goes directly to my all time favorites shelf Brilliant just brilliant I can barely sit still just thinking about itI wasn t super hot to try this collection because even though I gave My Name Is Lucy Barton 4 stars I wasn t all a gush I had loved its subtle tension and its introspection but I had had sort of a hefty Complaint Board My biggest gripes were that Lucy and her mom were too passive and everything seemed a little too vague like it was coated in Valium So when I heard that this book had to do with Lucy and the small town where she grew up I was skeptical What if passivity vagueness and boring country folks were the scene What if my need for jazz and pizazz was again a tough luck kiddo But I was curious after reading umpteen million gushing reviewsWhen I started reading though a big uh oh slipped from my lips The first story BAM there s a barn and the God word I don t want any oh gosh tractor talk and canned peaches speak please I figured I was doomed But despite my fears I got totally drawn into the story and ended up loving it Loneliness secrets guilt memories reaching out to strangers these are things I remember when I think about this story The dialogue is intense and brilliant and the atmosphere is stark and if you put the talk inside the stark you get high drama even though there isn t some big event making it happen I fully expected to remain on a farm throughout the rest of the stories but I was okay with it since story number 1 had been so powerful When I got to story number 2 though it was a totally different vibe It was about a guidance counselor She was in a small town but there wasn t any God or peaches The small town was not the point This story too was insightful and I loved itDon t worry I won t list stories number 3 through 9 and tell you the same thing that it was oh so insightful and I loved it to death yada yada though both are true One of the things that impressed me was how different each story is The setting the personalities the theme the vibe all varied How did Strout do this The only word I come up with is genius As I began each story I wiggled with glee oh who are we going to visit today I couldn t wait to get there And I was never disappointed Not only did I get to sit down in their living rooms but I also got to sit down inside their heads oh is that the beauty of literature or whatStrout has a way of making you feel like you really know these people she creates Truly she has amazing psychological insight and as I implied she is a master at letting you wander inside her characters heads Her characters repress express ponder hesitate spill the beans withhold confess get anxious or sad and very occasionally find peace Her stories all zero in on intense interactions between a guidance counselor and a troubled student a PTSD veteran and a desperate hooker a grandfather and a crazed actor These interactions are all buzzy and uiet at the same time Each story is self contained and has closure oh how I love closure and yet they are interconnected in this cool way I felt like I was looking at a high school yearbook with a journalist ha or a gossip sitting beside me telling me in detail how each person turned out or actually taking me over to their house so I can see them in action I must reread Lucy Barton because I m dying to hear the gossip that I didn t care about before I m all ears now Another miraculous thing is that each story has the depth of a novel Strout serves up robust characters in a well developed plot and tops it off with a believable satisfying and often profound ending and she does all this in the cramped span of a short story Rich rich rich is all I can sayI had my favorites of course though I can honestly say I loved every one of the stories Okay okay if I had to say which one I liked least it would be Mississippi Mary which was about a daughter who goes to visit her mother in Italy I figured out that it was my least favorite because it was about a mother daughter relationship and I had an epiphany I didn t have a good relationship with my mother so I don t want to hear about mother daughter stuff good or bad So ta da I m thinking that s why I didn t completely love My Name is Lucy Barton My absolute favorite story was Sister which was about Lucy coming home to visit her brother and sister This was the only story about Lucy even though she is mentioned in several stories There s an odd story about a perverted husband which is also high on my list and a funny story about a pissed off BB owner Another favorite was the last story Gift about a grandfather stuck in a room with a crazed actor Oh my god was it greatTime for a list of favorites pulled from various storiesFavorite scene a woman having a panic attackFavorite line No one should be in a room with a man who s at the end of his ropeSecond favorite line Don t you go pissing down my back and then tell me it s raining outside This line is pretty cool too To listen to a person is not passive To really listen is active and Dottie had really listened Can you tell this character is a little depressed You could buy a snow blower or a nice wool dress for your wife but beneath it all people were rats scurrying off to find garbage to eat another rat to hump making a nest in broken bricks and soiling it so sourly that one s contribution to the world was only excrementHere is one of my favorite dialogues The funny thing is the woman talking isn t in the least crazy she s just pissed And her comments totally make sense though Dr Small doesn t know it Precisely what I said is what I mean I offer guests a bed and I offer them breakfast I do not offer them counsel from lives they find unendurable She closed her eyes briefly then continued Or from marriages that are living deaths from disappointments suffered at the hands of poor friends who regard their houses as a penis This is not what I do Jesus said Dr Small who was backing away from her You re a whackjob I could keep adding uotes but I don t want my review to be any gargantuan than it already is I did get my jazz and pizazz oh yes And as far as I m concerned these stories are perfection I don t have even one item to put on my Complaint Board it s in the shed collecting cobwebs I hope that this wasn t Strout s sole trip into short story land I want her to stay there O Henry Cheever Carver move over Her stories are as deep and wavy as the ocean I really think I will remember them all

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    WONDERFUL LOVED IT MELTING WISH IT DIDN'T HAVE TO ENDElizabeth Strout begins with Tommy Guptill who once owned a dairy farm in Amgash Illinois The house had burned down His family had to move to a run down town The

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    This is a wondrous book it is my first read by Elizabeth Strout and I was just so impressed It is a beautifully written collection of 9 short stories set in Amgash Illinois We encounter Lucy Barton through the perspectives of others where she c

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    Linked stories from Lucy Barton's home town and the people that made up the town First story features Charlie former maintenance man at the school the Barton children attended an elderly man who remembers Lucy and tried to be kind to her though many didn't The Barton's too poor and in fact Lucy's brother Pete still lives alone in t

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    I'm between 4 and 45 stars hereI don't know about you but people watching utterly fascinates me It's really amusing to watch the dynamics of families and groups of friends but what's even fun is making up stories about those we see developing a narrative about their relationships challenges and victories It would be great to find out how f

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    Elizabeth Strout is one of our best contemporary authors so I was thrilled to get an advanced copy of this book I was especially excited to read it because this book is a continuation of My Name Is Lucy Barton which was moving in so many ways I was definitely not disappointed This is a collection of connected stories and probably could be read as a stand alone but I have to admit that my enjoyment and appreciation of it was enhan

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    NOW AVAILABLE Once again Elizabeth Strout has exuisitely examined and shared the life of a small group of people in a small town in this lovely compilation of intermingled stories that form this novel If you’ve already read My Name is Lucy

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    Art refreshingly revealing how anything's possible when one person honestly authentically connects with another Lucy Lucy L

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    Firecrackers in my soulSocks knocked off AGAIN My feet are cold but my soul is on fire This collection of stories goes directly to my

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    Once again here is another book I read for a Goodreads challenge on audio And it's another one I'm going to buy and add to my collection BUT I need to buy the first book Lucy Barton first I had no idea this was the second book in that story line I loved everything about this book as well and the narrator was awesome I absolutely loved it Happy Reading Mel ♥

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    I haven't read My Name is Lucy Barton but after finishing this I totally want to also maybe if I would have read it before hand I'd have given this five stars I really enjoyed the writing style I actually felt the difference between chapters

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