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Most know Androma Racella as the Bloody Baroness a powerful mercenary whose reign of terror stretches across the Mirabel Galaxy To those aboard her glass starship Marauder however she's just Andi their friend and fearless leaderBut when a routine mission goes awry the Marauder's all girl crew is tested as they find themselves in. So I received an arc of this and I just I just can tIt s so stupid It s so badI was either cringing or laughing whilst reading this and only managed to get through 100 pages before I started skimmingThis is the flimsiest sci fi I ve encountered It s laughableSpoilers ahoyThe world building is SO LAME People are constantly described with kooky features red and white striped eyes webbed feeton someone who s evidently barefoot on a spaceship glowing eyes slitted nostrils horns covered in spikes and it s so stupid I assume they re all aliens But why are their other features human It s the laziest shit ever to just throw some random weird features on characters because you re in spaceOne of the main character has blue skin with scalesUh huh sureAnd the scales glowBut only when she s experiencing strong emotionAnd they can burn so hot they burn through fleshI was literally laughing my ass off when I read that It s so fucking stupidAnd it s caused by a genetic mutation that came from radiationAlso weren t Andi s eyes glowing in the first Zenith thing Did they remove that LMAOAnd what s with the planets being treated as countries Planets are HUGE are you fucking telling me several of these planets have ONE 1 leader Fuck off That s not how it worksTheir stupid names kept being tossed about with no explanation as wellSpeaking of stupid names if you re gonna throw strange words in your dialogue at least explain what it isWhat the fuck is Moon ChewNo seriously what is it And why can it kill you Andi grimaced as Lira pulled out a hunk of Moon Chew and popped it into her mouth That stuff can kill you you know I also find it absolutely hilarious that they completely removed their made up curse word fike from the book LMAOOOUghhhhhhSo The MarauderIt s a deadly and delicious spaceship made of glass But not just any glass no it s impenetrable glass with a fancy name And even though it s impenetrable it s got metal shields to slip on when being shot at Why Who knowsAnd yes it is actually referred to as deadly and delicious in this bookJfc if your ship is described as being impenetrableIsn t it impenetrableWhy does it need metal shields This is so stupidIt s super easy to just take over as well It takes what a chapter for whoever the fuck s after them to board the ship and just take it Again what are the fucking metal shields forAnd while we re at it why THE FUCK does this huge spaceship only have a crew of four people It takes WAY MORE than four people to run a spaceship Isn t that just common knowledge AND senseAnd perhaps the stupidest thing about this fucking book why are the escape pods disabled when the ship gets hit by an EMP The function of an escape pod is to use it to escape when the ship isn t working you fucking dipshitsAlso IDK if it s just me but a glass ship being hit by an EMP is just weird to me Shouldn t this supa speshul glass be able to block it What is the purpose of building a ship out of this glassHuhWhat was thatAesthetics Sarah J MaasOh OKThe Bloody Baroness aka Androma RacellaFirst of all WHOThe Bloody Baroness is the stupidest name I ve ever heardWhy baroness Is it from Harry Potter s bloody baron ghost dudeWhatever the reason it s ridiculous and you can t expect me to take her seriouslyEspecially because she s supposed to be this badass cold blooded killer yes Then why is she such a wuss Whenever we re in her POV she s just freaking out about everythingShe ANGSTS constantly and feels guilty about the people she s killedYet she kills them in a very brutal fashion and seems to enjoy itEven to the point of calling herself the Bloody Baroness Consistency who I don t know herAlso why does she have metal plates on her cheekbonesAND THEN THERE S THE BEST PART She is a space pirate Who fights people With katanas Electric Katanas She fights People Who Have Guns Guns With katanasShe also has white and purple hairEXCUSE MEWHITEANDPURPLEIS SHE AN INUYASHA VILLAINI MEAN COME ONThis is a character that has white and purple hair debatable glowing eyes fucking metal plated cheekbones and fights with electric katanas and angsts about murder whilst also enjoying it Again HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO TAKE THIS CHARACTER SERIOUSLYOH and also at the end she is made a general aka leader of AN ENTIRE FUCKING PLANET ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME SASHA LINDSAY STOPDextro Arezinsert laugh track hereWhen we re in his POV he mentions the moon he was left to die on at least once a pageHim and Andi used to be together Is he the love interest Who the fuck caresHe is as bland as stale breadHe s low budget space WolverineHe keeps winkingStopLiraLira is blue she has blue fingers and is very blue with blue scales Moon Chew Uhh pilotOh she s blue don t cha knowGilly aka a Murder ChildHer personality is that she s a redhead and she is ruthless and a crybabyShe s played a lot of competitive overwatch and has got her golden gunsNot allowed to say Bad Words but very much allowed to do Bad Things because logicBreckShe s a giantThat s itNor SolisOoooow the edge xXxPLOT TWIST SHE S THE UEEN OF THE UNIVERSE PAINT MY PALACE IN BLOOD SO EDGY WOWFuck offSome Forgettable Prince Guy That They Rescue aka Vengeance Will Be MinePLOT TWISTSo lameThe PlotWhere is it Did they lose it This book is so fucking boringThe writing Her stomach dropped to her toes B for BadIt s stupid It tries to be all epic and dramatic but really isn tI don t know which parts are written by which authors but it s all really underwhelming and stupidAlso badVery very bad Her nightmares were like bloodstains Edgy It then says because they re impossible to get rid of which is not true Do they not get periods Does vanish not exist jokes aside this is a really stupid analogyAlso the dialogue is weird We need that Soleran ice mare who tried to eat Andi s throat with her teeth a few months ago Gilly said This is such a weird fucking sentence I don t know if they tried to make her seem immature It s still really fucking Bad This time it was so bright and so loud that it lit up the skies You are in space There are no skies and there is no sound FUcking dipshit oh my god AND THIS KEEPS HAPPENING Androma always runs until she finds a place to hide Well yes We also have this gem She had always loved the stars Even as a child she d dreamed of dancing among them But tonight she felt as if they were watching her waiting for her to fail Mocking little bastards Well they d be sorely disappointed Is she delusional as well Why is this here Is it supposed to be ironic since she does fail in just a few pages It s ridiculousWhat is mocking about stars What is so different in this instance from any other She says she s always loved them BUT BUT WHAT WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS IS SO STUPID AAAAAAAJesus fucking christThis book never should ve been published and you know itIt reads like a wattpad story definitely not something to be actually sold in stores oh my fucking godNo matter how you look at this it s fucking shit either the internet sensation Sasha and her YT following got this picked up by a publisher or they genuinely thought this rushed garbage was actually worth publishingOne is likely than the other but still either way it s awfulThe majority of this book was written in six weeks according to the editor Lauren Smulski so that explains a lotListen I can t even spite read this shitYou know how there are books that are just so Bad that they become entertaining to readYeah this aint one of emThere s literally nothing here Which is surprising because I ve seen on both authors YT channels that they are both very passionate about this book Where is that passion Where did it goIt certainly does not shine through to the final productOh and btw I do not give a single shit if Lindsay and Sasha are good people because this book is still garbage You shouldn t rate a book higher just because the author is nice The fact that I even need to state this is sadTo sum it all up this book sucks and you should waste neither your time nor your money on itAlso there s going to be a seuel Hooray

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Ar Mirabel in twoAndi and her crew embark on a dangerous soul testing journey that could restore order to their ship or just as easily start a war that will devour worlds As the Marauder hurtles toward the unknown and Mirabel hangs in the balance the only certainty is that in a galaxy run on lies and illusion no one can be truste. Watch my full video review here

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A treacherous situation and at the mercy of a sadistic bounty hunter from Andi's pastMeanwhile across the galaxy a ruthless ruler waits in the shadows of the planet Xen Ptera biding her time to exact revenge for the destruction of her people The pieces of her deadly plan are about to fall into place unleashing a plot that will te. FULL REVIEW WITH RECEIPTS NOW POSTED god this is a mess I don t even know where to start With the honestly awful writing The boring and poorly written characters the predictable plot I just don t know it s all a mess the concept is fine the execution is terrible Thus this review may be rambly I m so sorrystandard disclaimer I didn t reuest an arc of this book so I could trash it I didn t even go into this with bad expectations I ve genuinely enjoyed Sasha s youtube in the past and I genuinely enjoy sci fi and I wanted to genuinely read this to give it an honest opinion like I would any other book that being said I honestly just think this book is kinda terrible and I actually feel a little sorry for people who spent money on it The main problem with this book is it s so badly written full of cliche lines and awkward sentences it s impossible to read it and take it seriously I don t know what happened here did this book not even get edited Some examples First we have stuff that s just awkward andor doesn t make sense Everyone became a number in the end Valen was 306 Deep in the belly of hell incarnatedeep in the belly of hell incarnate it just do you see it s just AWKWARD That line could have been made so much less awkward It doesn t even make sensewhy do you insist on ruining my beauty sleep she said in her fluid little voice HER FLUID LITTLE VOICE death filled the void left behind THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSEThere s a lot of references to demonshell and stuff like that which feels really forced and fake deep like a demon emerging from hell she was an angel of darkness come to him in the pits of hell Androma Racella wasn t an angel she was death incarnate another awkward use of incarnate There is also lots of cat references she was angry as a wet feline hissing and spitting like cats thrown into watera gruesome creature Darai was ALSO what I m talking about this so clearly is poor grammar why is this not edited it felt as if the weight of a thousand boulders were all forced into it seeking to torment her endlessly what lol So there s one bit where a character says you dare to approach me in my private uarters What is the meaning of this AND THEN NOT EVEN HALF A PAGE LATER What is the meaning of this you dare to speak to me Like this is what I m talking about HOW does no editor pick this up and go hmm maybe we should use a different line here then we have cliche lines or things that are out of placeFirst of all we re introduced to a character who s tagline is vengeance will be mine It s such a cliche line and it s said NO LESS THEN FOUR TIMES in the first 3 page chapter THATS TOO MUCH And worse every time he appears I need to hear him say this line and urgh Dex sighed Use your words Use your words just feels so weird for aliens to be using but maybe thats me being nitpickywe can do this the easy way or the hard way UM is there any greater clichePERHAPS MY FAVOURITE HOPE IS A RAGING ASSHOLE WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN WHAT JGKFJGKgross romance linesfirst of all this book is so painfully straight it hurts like even the fucking AI end up in a mf relationship In her place stood the warrior he d trained and hardened into something devilishly delicious DEVILISHLY DELICIOUS DJFHDSJFHSKJDYou were always one for theatrics Androma My bitter little ballerina I am not and never will be yours We ll see about that Hmm yes romanticthen he lurched forward and in one sweeping movement mashed his lips up against hers ah gross sounds gross was gross because it was OBVIOUSLY NOT CONSENSUAL Non Con kiss was never discussed againhis lithe muscles on display explain to me how muscles are litheSO CAN YOU SEE I AM NOT JOKING ABOUT THE WRITING and truly I have just chosen out the smallest sample There are so many awkward cliche badly worded and non sensical lines The overuse of similes all of which are inelegant and awkward comparisons just made me cringe AND I DONT KNOW WHO S FAULT THIS IS Because maybe it s the authors but maybe it s the editors Writing aside there s nothing compelling about the characters or plot either Androma is introduced as The Bloody Baroness she s supposedly ruthless and deadly and a notorious space criminal Androma spends half her time killing people and the other half reflecting on how she s such a monster and so awful and regrets everything It feels like she s supposed to be Kaz Brekker and Caelana Sardothien in one but it DOESN T WORK Her character arc needed to be so much tight to actually make me understand the development because as it stands I don t know if I m supposed to think of Androma as a sympathetic character fallen into bad circumstances or a ruthless trained killerThe love interest Dex is so flat and I literally could not name you one character trait he possesses he is literally given ZERO DEPTH The only bit ofhim I claim if when he allows the girls to paint his nails and he s pretty chill with it which was kinda coolThe crew also needed depth and work Breck Gilly and Lira have a fun dynamic together but no individual depth Gilly giggles and shoots people Breck is just there Lira is an alien and she loves her crew and there s some sort of backstory hinted at but we don t get much Breck is also drawn as a black woman in the character cards but there s literally nothing in the story that suggests she is black I DON T EVEN REMEMBER THEM DESCRIBING HER AS BLACK That representation amounts to a big fat nothingOther rep I direct you to Amber s review for the PTSD rep which she describes as laughable So character wise I was let down There s nothing really compelling about any of them even in the villains are poorly fleshed out and never feel like a threat In fact nothing feels like a thread because the characters are so perfectly able so incredibly capable and deadly that there s never a threat None of them have any traits and certainly no flawsTHE PLOT IS SO BORING Nothing really happens and the actual escape effort all goes over in one chapter The rest is jusr the characters doing random things Floating aroundThe whole concept had potential and I would have loved if the objective of the characters was clearly layed out Though to be honest the plot is the least of my complains this book is not worth your money It s not even worth reading for a laugh because it s not even that it s funny in it s plainness It s just boring It s just so intensely mediocre I don t know what else to say It s boring and plain and brings nothing new to the table It utilises every cliche without making them exciting or interesting and is trying so hard to be marketable but falls so short I had to SET THE TIMER TO FORCE MYSELF TO READ THIS ARC whcih is not greatJust don t Even if you love female space saga s I promise you this isn t worth it Find something elseneedless to say I will not be continuing the series PLEASE talk to me in the comments about the uotes and assure me I m not the only one who had to suffer reading themme this entire book

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    So I received an arc of this and I just I just can'tIt's so stupid It's so badI was either cringing or laughing whilst reading this and only managed to get through 100 pages before I started skimmingThis is the flimsiest

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    25 possibly? An author is not their book I am going to be honest whether I know the author or not Me critiuing a book is not a personal attack on the author no matter who they may be I am super proud of these ladies for getting BookTubers names on a published book whether I liked the book or not does not change that fact The audiobook was definitely the route to go with this one for me The story overall was entertaining and pretty enjoya

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    Edit 47 After further reflection I've decided to drop my rating to 3 stars All of my previous likesdislikes of Z

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    Thanks NetGalley for the eARC All opinions are my ownTrigger Warnings murder PTSD bad rep griefEDIT 200118 I’m not sure if I missed it but a rape subplot is in the final copy CLICK HERE TO GO OVER TO MY BLOG WHER

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    FULL REVIEW WITH RECEIPTS NOW POSTED god this is a mess I don't even know where to start With the honestly awfu

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    I am much elouent on camera than in writing so please click here for my full video review15 stars Random pointless italicized words Repeating sentence structure for EMPHASIS but ultimately failed Hope is a raging asshole wet

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    FIRST like mentioned before thatYes I am friends with SashaNO I am not being paid to review thisand ALL THOUGHTS ARE MY OWN I am 23 years old and just because I am friends with the other means I will review it positively I have even spoken to Sasha before I started and told her I would be honest and OF COURSE she understands because she would do the sameTHAT SAID I did really enjoy this You can find out what my detailed thoughts

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    I'm so over books being published because of fame I get it that there's some work involved but it's so Ivanka Trump when people who are famous

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    “We’ll have to move uickly once we get inside No than forty minutes”“Plenty of time to raise hell” Gilly said We are raised with the common precept of Don't judge a book by it's cover However in the ve