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Nching It also explains Agony of a PDF #199 the background to the war and includes some dramatic accounts of the fighting For his work in Afghanistan Sandy Gall was awarded the Lawrence of Arabia Memorial Medal by HRH the Prince of Wales as Patron of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs..

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Afghanistan Agony of a Nation

This book of a MOBI #238 is an account of the author's last journey to Afghanistan and what he found He chose to revisit the man he believes is the outstanding commander in Afghanistan Ahmed Shah Masud a dashing Tajik who is trying to organise resistance to the Russians on a Afghanistan.

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Agony PDF or regional and eventually national scale This book tells the story of the journey with all its hardships and dangers On the inward journey for example the camera horse fell in a river submerging the precious film which was luckily sufficiently waterproofed to survive the dre.

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