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SUMMARY Calais By Tracy Harrington-Atkinson

Lucas Hayden possesses a secret to change the life of his girlfriend Tessa Fellows For years Lucas diligently prepared for the role to protect and teach the young goddess Tessa only sixteen years old considers herself to be very average from her intelligence and athletic abilities to her looks Being raised by two overprotective parents she experiences an overwhelming shock when she discovers her biological grand.


Calais By Tracy Harrington-Atkinson

Father contracted Michael and Patricia Fellows to raise his infant granddaughter until an appointed time Lucas claims to be twenty six hundred years old or less and will direct and defend her as she learns who she is half nymph half Greek god Her mind spirals as she tries to take inventory of all of the new information while at the same time experiencing a metamorphosis Abilities develop to confound her as she w.

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Itnesses herself heal a friend of appendicitis or when her uncheck pheromones consistently attract unwanted suitors Filled with horrific visions mythological creatures and celestial counselors Tessa wonders if she really could be than average as she struggles with her incomprehensible future Despite counsel to trust Lucas doubts continuously ramble in her mind causing her to abandon her destiny to flee her home..