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Roke ground on one of the biggest and most lucrative development projects ever undertaken in New York City and outsmarted one of South America's richest men for rights to the Miss Universe pageantBlunt outrageous smart as hell and full of hilarious stories check out his chapter The Art of the Prenuptial Agreement Trump tells it like it is the women in his life the. A fun fact before we start the review In the first chapter of this book Donald Trump included a friendly photo of himself with then First Lady Hillary Clinton In the caption he lauded her success and even complimented her as being wonderful In hindsight seeing such a thing in print is simply hilarious and I m sure any prospective reader will find some entertainer value in that tidbit alone It really doesn t get funnier than thatAs part of my uest to read every significant book written by Donald Trump ie not his golfing advice book my next foray into the President s bibliography led me to The Art of the Comeback my fifth Trump book Chronicling Trump in the 1990s this book attempts to give readers some insight into The Donald s meteoric comeback after a hard hitting recession Right off the bat I have to address one glaring issue I had with this book Although the title boasts of a heavy focus on his comeback any focus on such a topic felt totally lacking for seldom did Trump make any significant mention of his actual comeback throughout the majority of his book Rather Trump did of the same in writing about his successes and personal life much like in his previous two books The Art of the Deal and Surviving at the Top I found this to be uite disappointing because I was genuinely interested in reading about how our President came back after suffering from such catastrophic financial losses losses that nearly ended his career as a real estate mogul and international businessman What really baffled me was Donald Trump s seeming reluctance to go into any great detail about his comeback despite his book being about that very topic At the end of his book he outlined a week in the life of Trump in the 1990s but rather than delving into a time during his financial struggles he opted to write about a period of time after he had already made his fabled come back and regained financial stability What a missed opportunity He alludes to the possibility that readers may find his dealings during those troubling days to be uninteresting or boring but I wholeheartedly disagree with that assumption If anything I found that his day to day life after his comeback was just of the same and not nearly as interesting as anything he must have done whilst climbing back to the top after falling so hard Perhaps Donald Trump had to do some shady things to regain his throne and writing of such things would have implicated him in some morally uestionable business activities He was a New York businessman after all and who among that class isn t just a little bit fallible Needless to say the comeback aspect of the book was truly a great letdown when it could have been the most fascinating thing he could have ever written about thus far Though the issues I have with this book are hard to overlook what saves The Art of the Comeback from being a mediocre or bad book is its entertainment value in all other realms other than those dabbling in his so called comeback an aspect mostly absent in this book At the beginning of the book Donald Trump proclaims that he had a much better time writing this book than he did with writing Surviving at the Top and for the most part this enthusiasm shows I could tell that he was having fun detailing his exploits and victories this time around for he seemed to have exuded appreciation for the good things in his life to a greater degree after nearly losing everything in his gold dipped empire The way he reflects on his beloved Trump Tower for example could only have been so heartfelt if he had nearly lost it to the banks making him realize just how easily even someone like him can lose it all I think his near destruction at the hands of the 1990s recession humbled him to a degree at least as it concerns his business dealings which was a nice change to see out of someone as confident as TrumpI found most all of the book to be a very fun read In particular his section on the women in and out of his life was by and large the most entertaining part of this whole book He recounts his many encounters with women in a self aggrandizing hyperbole laden manner and I loved it Admittedly it was like reading a tabloid on Donald Trump s love life complete with scathing details the likes of which The National Enuirer would be wont to publish Regardless I don t read Trump books to be intellectually challenged but rather just to enjoy myself and learn a few new things about our President and I got just what I was looking for in this section of his book Each successive book displayed a bit of that modern day Trump we all know today and The Art of the Comeback showed the most development on that front so far The rudiments of President Trump are present here in their most basic form including bashing the dishonest press and ripping the corrupt politicians and absurd government bureaucracy He even thought that the Trump obsessed media of the 90s was bad but he had no idea just how much worse it would become just a few decades later For all the things people can say about him nobody can say that Trump wasn t consistent in his messaging Also in one particularly funny paragraph he addresses the rumors that he wants to run for office in some capacity even the Presidency but uickly uells any such notions of a run stating that he would be too controversial and honest to make it far in any election How s that for foresight Except for being wrong about his projected lack of success with running he certainly hit the nail on the head about his being a controversial figure within the government While I am still sore about the lack of any information on his comeback in this book titled The Art of the Comeback I will still maintain that this book was well worth the read and managed to be uite enjoyable overall As always I must say that this book like his others will most likely not make Trump haters suddenly see the man in a new light either you like the guy or you don t and this book will certainly not change any minds However like with his other books if you do already like President Trump then this book will be a joy to read proving to be yet another fascinating chapter in the legacy of President Donald Trump

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Trump's story begins when many real estate moguls Art of PDF #202 went belly up in what he calls the Great Depression Trump The eBook #180 of Trump reveals how he renegotiated millions of dollars in bank loans and survived the recession paving the The Art of PDF #180 way for a resurgence during which he built the most successful casino operation in Atlantic City b. After that annoying hiccup last night in Iowa I m sure you d hear some people whining and moaning and carrying on but not the author of The Art of the Comeback He won t be complaining he was five points behind Cruz no sir he ll be pleased he was a whole point ahead of Rubio He won t be bitching that his glass is half empty he ll be telling his friends it s half full Well maybe a uarter full if you want to get really technical but the bottom line is that nearly 25% of the delegates were willing to listen to good solid arguments about forcing Mexico to build a wall along the border and deporting all illegal immigrants and denying Muslims entry to the US and kicking ISIS s butt There s still plenty of Americans who can tell the difference between a true statesman and a clown who s trying to bluster his way into the White HouseThink positive that s the moral And watch the Comeback Kid come back Yes a week from now in New Hampshire mark my words we ll all be saying Look Who s Back

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Wild and woolly deals negotiating tactics his investment philosophy and his strategy for success or coming back from adversityWhether you love him or hate him one thing is certain about Donald Trump He is a true American original with great instincts and billion dollar dreams The Art of the Comeback is Trump at his best unpredictable irreverent and irrepressible.. This book provided some understanding that I did not have before about our now President Elect PE Donald Trump With the inauguration set to occur exactly one week from today I feel at ease regarding his transition into leadership It seems to me the only difference at times in whether or not you accept someone or otherwise lies in if you choose to take the time to get to try to get to know and understand that individualThe Art of the Comeback allowed the reader the opportunity to peak behind the eyes and into the brain of Mr Trump as he was nearly 20 years ago And honestly I am not disappointed in the person I had the opportunity to learn about At first I ll admit in the first 20 or so pages I felt as though it would be a thrill ride A piece that would further exemplify the image that the media paints of a womanizing uncontrolled insensitive and out of touch rich guy But to the contrary I was thankfully surprised and persuaded otherwise While the book was written by Trump himself I am still comfortable with my changed impression of him In regards to the public image of a man who is somewhat of an inappropriate perv who objectifies women I however recognize in him a person who honors upholds and appreciates beauty in all things and people both female AND male Trump acknowledges the attractiveness and beauty of men in his book just as he does women Note And I don t uestion his sexuality as a resultSpecifically in The Art of the Comeback he speaks of Eddie Malloy now deceased but once the president of the Building and Construction Trades Council of NY from 1992 to 2008 describing him as Angel eyes because he had the most beautiful eyes you ve ever seen It is in these words and examples written two decades ago that cause me to no longer see him as a womanizer but rather someone who appreciates the relief offered to us in things and people that display true beautyAs relates to the image of him being an an uncontrolled and somewhat unrefined person I now see him to be someone who is brutally honest and a example of a harsh dose of reality As many witnessed the widely disseminated image of Donald Trump mocking disabled reporter Serge Kovaleski who was not able to recall certain details I did as well And I think like most Americans I too was turned off by this image and other seeming antics put on display by the media because we expect and demand that our American President be somewhat super human with the best etiuette training and political acumen money can buy But the truth of the matter is that PE Donald Trump is indeed human as well as a true beneficiary of White Boy Privilege as so elouently and recently described in the aforementioned titled poem by young white teen Royce MannAs an educated Black woman and a product of the US subsidy system I for a short period of time felt slighted that PE Trump would be President Obama s successor But the truth is that although I voted for Hilary I do not believe she is what our country needs I now know that I just wanted something anything to hold on to to prove that our country is indeed and truly progressing As someone with an advanced education who still fights for acceptance and understanding and a seat at the table not only striving to prove my worth to whites but shamefully to middle class educated blacks as well I m happy that Trump has been elected I believe that the election of Mrs Clinton while she won the popular vote would have been another four years of a masuerade that these United States continue to hide behind and pretend that disadvantaged people are being given a fair shake I for one am happy to face as I do each day the harsh reality of White Privilege rather than to go along with the belief that the United States is now primed for it s first female President particularly when we just witnessed the artistically displayed film The Help just five years ago in 2011 I find it illogical to think that immediately following the track of the first black President that the first white female president is appropriate and suitable It unnerves me to hear women compare their our plight of acceptance in these United States comparable to racism While it s true that the progress of women and our eual rights were delayed the truth of the matter is that their white men ran the country while black families were subjected to slavery desegregation and continual oppression So even if women weren t given the right to vote until 1920 and we continue to demand eual pay and leadership opportunities that are on par with men the truth of the matter is that the men who are at the helm remain of our country are your husbands brothers uncles and cousins White women have not had to endure the challenges of being black and female AND endure the pain stakes that come with having the HEADS and PROVIDERS of our families hung from trees whipped like animals and forced to work for free all while having their family structures destroyedAs relates to PE Trump being an insensitive and out of touch rich guy The Art of the Comeback shows otherwise In the book the reader experiences someone who has the decency to point out the absurdity behind excessive media coverage of the trivial affairs of an American billionaire during the release of Nelson Mandela a world figure and glaring example of the oppressive tendencies of humans upon their own kind The reader also is shown a man who demonstrates love and cares for his family and children Even amidst the turmoil of divorces and the women in and out of his life he clearly makes his children a priority in his life through his actions As a reader we are shown someone who has a sense of grounding and who is not afraid to call to action execute and deliver Trump s action to improve upon the Nation s Parade for example in an effort to give the honor he deemed worthy to our veterans and men and women of the armed forces is worthy of noticing The reality of his self awareness is shown in statements in which he remarks and acknowledges that I guess I am materialistic These such statements are in fact humanizing and calls you to realize that like most of us he can be made aware of the reality of his flawsLastly while I didn t particularly care for the random hourly run down of his daily dealings in the chapter entitled Dealing A week in the life of the Comeback the pointers provided in Ingredients for Success were graspable and relatable We are reminded of a few things namely 1 that hard work pays off 2 there is such a thing as luck3 it s okay to have a sense of guardedness and paranoia 4 Fortunes can be lost so it is important to preserve what you have and know what you re good at5 Having a love and passion for what you do is key6 have good Managment skills7 demand respect from yourself and others8 keep your eye on the ball9 Drive stamina and focus are importantThere is great benefit to be received in having the desire to not only choose to read but in having the appetite for certain topics with good timing I m so glad that I picked up this book at the time I did I look forward to watching PE Trump execute and deliver as he has clearly demonstrated he is capable experienced and educated enough to do so

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    222016The Iowa CaucusSeems to have lost focusElse why would they dumpA winner like Trump?But he'll be back in a hurryNone of you worryBecause it's just his fateTo make America great1022016What did I say?Hip hip hoorayTrump's on fireIn New HampshireAfter biting the dustHe did not go bustNow he's leading the packThis is the art of

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    After that annoying hiccup last night in Iowa I'm sure you'd hear some people whining and moaning and carrying on but not t

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    A fun fact before we start the review In the first chapter of this book Donald Trump included a friendly photo of himself with then First Lady Hillary Clinton In the caption he lauded her success and even complimented her as being “wonderful” In hindsight seeing such a thing in print is simply hilarious and I'm sure any prosp

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    People have always asked me if I'll ever be involved in politics It seems every so often there's some unfounded rumor tha

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    Horrible just like he is I’m surprised I finished it I read it only because we’ve had it for 20 years The most

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    This is my first Trump book but I knew what I was getting into It's basically a long book of Trump talking about himself and his accomplishments He goes on and on about all the famous people he knows and the awards he won for his wonderful work It is fascinating though It's a good way to get inside of his head and see how he brought

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    This book provided some understanding that I did not have before about our now President Elect PE Donald Trump With the inauguration set to occur exactly one week from today I feel at ease regarding his transition into le

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    The early nineties proved a tough time for t

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