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Native world of babies in filing cabinets light collectors or the visiting dead as it is in the world we think we know supermarkets empty flats the A from Liverpool to ManchesterLucid sensuous and informed by an unusually tactile curiosity the poems in Hard Water mark the assured arrival of an important poe.

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Hard Water

Though firmly rooted in the domestic natural world Jean Sprackland's poems are thrilling excursions into the lives that we live alongside our everyday ones the lives we are aware of in dreams in grief in love She shows us the vertigo and vulnerability of human experience with great clarity and precision ten.

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Derness and careThese are vivid poems full of light and weather and water a flooded forest acid rain an inland tidal wave an ocean of broken glass jellyfish washed up on the beach that 'lay like saints unharvested luminous'There is an arresting imagination at work here one as relaxed and at home in an alter.

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    This is hands down the most exciting collection of poems to cross my path all year uirky without being the slightest bit shallow Acutely observant without being analytical These creations are so beautifully intelligent in the way that they turn the world on its head to make far sense of it Every offering here is as original as the last I am literally stunned by these poems They have had me awe struck and giggling for two days and I have h

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    One of the poetry books I’ve enjoyed from my local library recently is Hard Water by Jean Sprackland 2003 Sprackland’s poetry is fabulous – Northern conversational grimly amusing unpretentious but also the

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    I have always had a love hate relationship with poetry but I still try to read a handful of poetry books a year This jumped out at me at our local library and it's a handy uick filler of a readThis honestly has to be one