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The fox cub Bold has left White Deer Park to make his own life But when he is wounded by a hun Colin Dann s The Animals of Farthing Wood series takes a tragic turn in this fourth installment as adventurous fox cub Bold the son of Fox and Vixen leaves the safety of White Deer Park and heads out into the wide world determined to experience the real wilderness Well meaning but rather naive Bold can sometimes be arrogant a uality that soon leads him into trouble as he underestimates the dangers both of the natural world and of his human adversaries He is permanently maimed when he is shot by hunters and his eye is injured when he comes to the aid of Shadow his badger friend When his earth is destroyed by two men who dig him out in a terrifying ordeal Bold takes to living upon the waste left behind by humans in a nearby town Here a former shadow of himself Bold meets Whisper a vixen who takes him in and tries to nurse him back to health In one of many examples of the long reaching influence of his father which Bold had been trying to outrun Whisper knows of his lineage and is determined to eventually live in the safety of White Deer Park with her cubs But will Bold and Whisper make it back together or will Bold find that sometimes you can t go home againEvery bit as engrossing as its predecessors The Fox Cub Bold is also uite a bit darker It isn t that suffering and death play no role in the previous books on the contrary animals die in every one But there is a sad bleakness to Bold s story and to its conclusion that isn t to be found in the earlier titles Our young vulpine hero is an engaging and sympathetic character for all his flaws so it can be difficult to watch his slow demise over the course of the book He tries so hard to distance himself from his father only to slowly become aware that this is impossible and that the entire animal world knows of the Fox of Farthing Wood and his famous adventures He tries so hard to be independent only to discover how vulnerable he is and in the end how much he longs for fellowship There were so many poignant moments here not just with Bold but with some of the animals he encounters Rollo the dog for instance who is neglected by his human and longs for affection and companionship was a melancholy figure although he did find happiness in the end The conclusion here in which Bold view spoilerdoesn t uite make it back to the park but dies surrounded by his family hide spoiler


The Fox Cub Bold

The Grip of Winter The Siege of White Deer Park The Adventures of Mole The Adventures of Toad As with the previous Farthing Wood novel The Fox Cub Bold goes to set itself apart Whereas the cast previously expanded here the focus narrows considerably to the exploits of Bold as he leaves his family and strikes out on his own While he remains a difficult character to like at times he s easily admired and his adventures are just as compelling as the rest of the series New faces do make an appearance Shadow a badger he saves Robber the crow who discovers his lineage Whisper the fox who becomes his mate and my favourite the slow but sweet Rollo the mastiff view spoiler Bold s journey is ultimately not my favourite book in the series because of the needlessness of his death He learns very little continually turns his back on his new friends and is unable to let go of the idea that everybody judges him by his father s standards hide spoiler


Ter's bullet will he be able to survive alone and unable to find food The author also wrote In I loved this book even though it is so incredibly sad I cried buckets reading this as a child Beautiful xx

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    Broke my heart with its tragedy but as a fox lover I loved reading about my favourite animal

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    This book sticks out in my memory as the first book that I actively stopped reading because I didn't want it to en

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    I loved this book even though it is so incredibly sad I cried buckets reading this as a child Beautiful xx

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    Made me cry so hard as an 11 year old and I’ve re read it tens of times since I absolutely love it

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    Arguably this is a spin off than a seuel but I'm ok with that basically it's a new story set in the same world as the rest of the series It's similar to the Tarzan novels since the 4th book in the series deals with the previous protagonist's son going off on his ownThe title is a slight misnomer since Bold is almost fully grown even at the start of the book However it sounds uite poetic with Bold doubling up as a noun and adjec

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    As with the previous Farthing Wood novel 'The Fox Cub Bold' goes to set itself apart Whereas the cast previously expanded h

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    I uite enjoyed this story despite the adverb abuse and at times finding the pace a little slow but perhaps that's just because I can't help comparing it to the TV series which I used to watch an awful lot as a child Dann makes a better job than previously at character building; characterisation is both interesting and consistent both areas

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    I've always found Bold's story horribly and unnecessarily bleak and I now find that I much prefer the way it is presented in the TV series whi

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    I cried at the end just as I always did when watching the series and reading this book when I was younger I love the Farthing wood stories and this one is one of my favorites Bold is a great character trying to get away from his father's influence and name and failing A definite five star book so happy to find a reasonably cheap copy of this for my Kindle since the paperback is incredibly hard to find

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