Apocalyptic Cartography review ¶ 103

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Anonymous but strikingly original cartographer These include one of the earliest programs of thematic maps and a remarkable series of maps that illustrate the transformations that the world was supposed to undergo during the Apocalypse The authors supply detailed discussion of the.

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Apocalyptic Cartography

In Apocalyptic Cartography Thematic Maps and the End of the World in a Fifteenth Century Manuscript Chet Van Duzer and Ilya Dines analyse Huntington Library HM an unstudied manuscript produced in Lubeck Germany The manuscript contains a rich collection of world maps produced by an.

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Maps and transcriptions and translations of the Latin texts that explain the maps Copies of the maps in a fifteenth century manuscript in Wolfenbuttel prove that this unusual work did circulate A brief article about this book on the website of National Geographic can be found here..

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