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S Corner' in The Long Islander Newspaper Originally from Bangor Maine he makes annual visits to the Pine Tree State Page Eastman is a prize winning photographer A native and resident of Maine her photos have been published and selected for juried photography shows Her studio is located in downtown Bango.

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Red Red Leaves

Accompanied by Page Allen Eastman's beautiful photography Steve Butler offers us rhyming morsels from his 'Butler's Red Red PDFEPUB or Pantry' He serves us a curiosity bite size pieces that are often endearingly nostalgic a bit philosophical or complete flights of fancy Here his notions observations and.

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Stories all rhyme effectively in comfortable verse These morsels have the feeling of familiarity and some will linger beyond the page His Awaken the Wood appeared in Fine Woodworking Magazine's Blog Samuel Seddon's Tavern was seen in Newburyport Magazine and his poem A Good Walk was selected for 'Walt'.

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    A lovely book of photos and poems The photographer is a friends of mine and I have always loved her work She has the ability to captu

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