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Acon created around him Peppiatt managed to record scores of their conversations ranging over every aspect of life and art love and death the revelatory and hilarious as well as the poignantly tragic Gradually Bacon became a kind of father figure for Peppiatt and the two men's lives grew closely intertwined In this intimate and deliberately indiscreet account Bacon is shown close up grand and petty tender and treacherous by turn and often uite unlike the myth that has grown up around him This is a speaking portrait a living likeness of the defining artist of our times If you picked up Michael Peppiatt s book looking for a biography of Bacon you re going to be disappointed Yes there are plenty of facts here But no Bacon biog isn t the point This is a book about Peppiatt himself Actually it s of a Venn diagram about how the writer s life intersects with Bacon though I must admit I am picturing such a diagram being loosely sketched on canvas by Francis himself using the bin lid he kept for such circumference related purposes To be fair this book isn t sold as an artist biography Peppiatt has already written one of those the well received Francis Bacon Anatomy of an Enigma This is his own story which is intriguing enough given that aside from his Bacon connection inescapable as may be the author is a writer of note in the art world having run Art International for a number of years and managed to piss off MOMA with a bad review to such an extent that legal action seemed terrifyingly likely As someone who s been involved in similar things I must say the feeling of pants shitting dread is exceptionally well captured hereBut before all this there s just a young bloke seeking an interview with an artist for a student publication And that young bloke is taken under the Bacon wing for the next thirty years and made privy to the artist s thoughts and works in progress with the aid of frankly terrifying amounts of alcohol and oysters Seriously the reason this book will never inspire a drinking game is because it would kill you Yes even you Withnail I survivors What happens in the work is that we re given a Bacon freed from the strictures of biography There s dates sure because without chronology the story would collapse into a morass of boozy recollection But it s a impressionistic version of events It s almost like the smears the distortions on the artists s work We see Bacon as a player in the life of another instead of the star of his own tale as one would find in Daniel Farson s book say or in David Sylvester s book of interviews There s a candid feeling to the work here and while I knew nothing much of Peppiatt before I began to read I followed his journeys between London and Paris let s face it who s not a sucker for the Marais and his shoulder rubbings with his heroes with interest This book exist as Peppiatt took to writing down Bacon s words after nights out Helpfully when in his cups the artist freuently restated himself thus searing his gilded gutter pronouncements into the author s brain eventually providing enough typed pages for a book decades later that was first approved and then sunk by Bacon for fear of offending the living But it s the way the Soho inhabitants and Bacon hangers on live in these pages that make the work so appealing Bacon s rough trade lover George is adroitly captured with East End patois And here than anywhere else I ve read is the tongue of Muriel Belcher mistress of the Colony Room given wonderful attention From her corner stool Muriel leans over and taps Francis sharply on the arm You re not a superstar she says rapidly You re just a cunt dear Well I suppose I am Francis concedes almost gratefully If you say so Who s a cunt now ueries an adjacent drinker swinging his grey face up from a long brood and pushing back a lank of lifeless hair The big one s been calling him a superstar dear Muriel explains kindly so I said he s not a superstar he s just a cunt You didn t think I was talking about you you silly old ballock did you dear There s been hints in other Bacon books but the full flight Muriel has only been captured here I feel Also interesting was the way Sonia Orwell was portrayed terminally unhappy yet grudgingly accepting of Peppiatt given time Indeed the description of Orwell lambasting Bacon after George s suicide was brilliant an anger I d never heard voiced in other texts Between Belcher and Orwell there s depth given to the high and low times of Bacon s life even if he s not technically the subject of the work There s a certain element of self aggrandisement at work here Peppiatt refers to himself as Bacon s Boswell at times and I must admit I cringed I think he s on the money when he discusses the difference between the father figure of Francis and his own bipolar father There s very much a sense of a man looking for a father and this clearly comes across in the interactions between the two though it does seem strange considering Bacon as paternal rather than wildly avuncular I found there was a bit of weird musing over homosexuality in the work and Peppiatt seems kind of appalled at times by the prospect which seems odd given that he moved in the world of Polari and gay men closeted or otherwise It s not judgemental for the most part and seems to have been edited to below the surface but I did find pretty weak the author s belief that Francis was pissed at him for having a child because it took him into some kind of hetrosexual zone the artist couldn t enter Fuh Regardless of these ualms this is a book any fancier of Bacon should read It s a handy adjunct to Peppiatt s proper biography of the artist and is filthier and rough and ready You ll probably learn about Bacon and creampies than you ever needed to But it s loving and does not seem to be disrespectful or cheap mining of memory this is a tribute to a friend a pugnacious father and a heroic piss artist and it s good fun

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Francis Bacon in Your Blood

It is in Your PDFEPUB #195 a story I have been wanting to write for a long time telling it as it really was before that whole world that I shared with Francis vanishes Michael Peppiatt met Francis Bacon in June in Soho's French House to reuest an interview for a student magazine he was editing Bacon invited him to lunch and over oysters and Chablis they began a friendship and a no holds barred Francis Bacon Kindle conversation that would continue until Bacon's death thirty years later Fascinated by the artist's brilliance and charisma Peppiatt accompanied him on his It s sort of inspiring to read about the way Francis Bacon would spend money endless rounds of drinks for himself and all his friends and plenty of people who became his friends because he bought them drinks dinner night after night at the most expensive restaurants in Paris and London him always footing the bill for everyone All in all a fat fucking pig wallowing in excess While I don t exactly dream of being rich it makes me think maybe I could stand to be a little bit looser generous Maybe I should start buying drinks for random people taking homeless people out to dinner etcEverything about Francis Bacon is inspiring in one way or another Luxury is less than half the story However it s the part that s easiest to tell given that the well heeled generally have a better chance of surviving and writing books Michael Peppiatt has already written the definitive biography Francis Bacon Anatomy Of An Enigma What he does here is much personal a memoir of his own friendship with the man They met in the sixties when Peppiatt was a young student fresh out of Oxford and Bacon had already achieved great success and notoriety in postwar Britain Their relationship would last until Bacon s death in 92 and though Peppiatt knew him well it s clear there were realms which the younger man could only dimly intuit Here he is in the 70 s alone with a room full of BaconsAre these things essentially about sex I suddenly wonder No one as far as I know has ever suggested this before Far from an anguished record of our brutal times from death camp to nuclear bomb are the flailings and gougings the twisted limbs and half obliterated heads a kind of paen to the further reaches of sadomaschochistic coupling Is this an extended love songI practically had to gasp when I read this as it seemed so true yet rarely said It s the most natural thing in the world for figurative painters to paint their lovers and lust objects No one would think of denying this of say Picasso or Gauguin Yet Bacon s sexuality still feels weirdly closeted His reputation extends well beyond some niche ghetto of gay sm art He s often if not universally regarded as one of the greatest painters of the twentieth century So perhaps it s a little embarrassing for many to acknowledge that so much of his work depicts the extremes of a certain kind of love Better to focus instead on themes which are allegedly universalIn any case Peppiatt himself is heterosexual and it would appear pretty vanilla in his proclivities He accompanies Bacon to gala openings and drinking bouts with the beau monde of the art world but hears only rumors of the man s sexual adventures I personally would have liked to read about Bacon s cruising habits how exactly he pursued the rough trade he so adored throughout his life But then of course this lacuna isn t really Peppiatt s fault Bacon wanted it that way While extremely effusive and open in some respects he was also careful to cultivate secrecy and separation between the various aspects of his life Our friends never let us into their lives completely The narrator tells the artists he d going to be a father and the artist by then a very old man reacts thusAnd I hope I just hope that if it s a monster or something or even if the thing doesn t have all what s called its five fingers and all its five toes you ll just do it in and get rid of it Do you see Do you see what I mean Just do it in and get rid of it altogether Here I think we find another great example of Francis Bacon as role model Indeed I myself had a similar response when my brother announced he and his wife were having a baby

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Nightly round of prodigious drinking from grand hotel to louche club and casino seeing all aspects of Bacon's 'gilded gutter life' and meeting everybody around him from Lucian Freud and Sonia Orwell to East End thugs from predatory homosexuals to Andy Warhol and the Duke of Devonshire He also freuently discussed Bacon in Your PDFEPUB #193 painting with Bacon in his studio where only the artist's closest friends were ever admitted The Soho photographer John Deakin who introduced the young student to the famous artist called Peppiatt 'Bacon's Boswell' Despite the chaos B A memoir of Francis Bacon was always going to interest me but this exceeded my expectations by a long way I find the character of Bacon and his voice so fascinating and even addictive and this memoir by Peppiatt fully enters you into the world that Bacon inhabited From the big drinking sessions in restaurants drifting around Soho and into The Colony Room i just couldn t get enough of the energy Bacon gave off Along with those legendary food and wine sessions came interactions with a host of people including Sonia Orwell George Dyer Lucian Freud and such was the intimacy of it I almost felt part of it When i was away from the book I found myself thinking of Francis and the things he said the book stuck with me wherever i went I find Francis to be an inspiration and although his art was very dark at times and he obviously had his own demons he lived life to the fullest and withheld nothing I can only imagine what it must have been like to know this extraordinary man but such is the uality of this memoir a good glimpse of it is shownThe closing epilogue was powerful friends and the good times shared now gone as the author stands around Francis s old studio on the rue de Birague paying tribute to all the fascinating people he has encountered during his times with Francisuoting Nietzsche throughout Francis states There it is Life is all we have and since the whole thing is meaningless we might as well be as brilliant as we can

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    Almost gave up on this one early because I wasn't sure I liked the tone but I'm glad I stuck with it The I read the better it got; the longer I was in that world the I liked being there Basically a memoir based around his friendship with Bacon their interactions over the years flipping between London and Paris Didn't need to be a bio to get a good feel for who Bacon was the lifestyle he led the circles he ran in A nice little pe

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    It's sort of inspiring to read about the way Francis Bacon would spend money endless rounds of drinks for himself and all

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    Michael Peppiatt's memo

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    Adrian Scarborough reads Michael Peppiatt's intimate and indiscreet account of his thirty year friendship with the defining artist of our timeMichael Peppiatt met Francis Bacon in June 1963 in Soho's French House to reuest an interview for a student magazine Bacon invited him to lunch and over oysters and Chablis they began a friendship and a no holds barred conversation that would continue until Bacon's death in 1992The Soho pho

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    A memoir of Francis Bacon was always going to interest me but this exceeded my expectations by a long way I find the charact

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    From BBC Radio 4 Book of the WeekAdrian Scarborough reads Michael Peppiatt's intimate and indiscreet account of h

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    19 AUG 2015 recommended by Bettie Thanks

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    I really liked this book It is well written and multifaceted It's true that there is some repetition of things Francis Bacon said but I think he repeated them because he thought they were important and didn't want them to be forgotten by his faithful friend and biographer He would also paint the same subject in

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    If you picked up Michael Peppiatt's book looking for a biography of Bacon you're going to be disappointed Yes there are plenty of fa

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    A memoir about hanging out with an iconic artist that manages to be both fascinating and banal at the same timePeppiatt lucked into a friendship with the painter Francis Bacon while the former was a student at Cambridge Having decided on a whim to do an art issue of the school paper Peppiatt finagles an introduction to Bacon and hits the jackpot Bacon has a habit of adding random people to his entourage and takes a liking to Peppiatt Thus w

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