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Ise Isaac an easy life Being Fragmented Shadow PDFEPUB or a cop comes with its own risks after all When they finally reach the same wavelength their idyllic reprieve is cut tragically short Hart doesn't know yet that Isaac is terminally ill that he will take off to find the Phoeni. This seuel was an excellent finish if you liked book one Full formatted review herehttpontopdownunderbookreviewscomFragmented is the highly anticipated seuel to Indra Vaughn s suspense filled thriller Fated from the Shadow Mountain trilogy People who enjoyed the first book will love Fragmented as it is generally considered better which is hard to top as Fated was an excellent read but I have to agree wholeheartedly with the majority of people who have found this to be true I m usually disappointed with seuels but not with this one It was excellent but it was also very different in many ways There was still the basic workings of the first book running in the background but the overwhelming sadness of the prominent plot in this book was refreshing and also highly emotional The major storyline that runs this novel is not nice but that is what makes it so good It s so refreshing to read something with a novel approach to it Because of the paranormal touch it makes it grounded and credible without coming off as ridiculous and removes it from the majority of formulae created works within the MM genre This seuel will not disappoint as Indra Vaughn has outdone herself The writing flows beautifully and the plot is tragic with a twist that reveals behind the true nature of the mysterious Phoenix He is humanoid in appearance and people are not supposed to remember him coming to them at their time of death but it was insinuated in book one that they had to give consent to him to save their life before they died I loved that but it seems that nothing is free and it comes with a price that no one remembers even if they re told of this but you never find out It s different for everyone too and I get the feeling that he takes something different from everyone too the mark of a healed person is also divulged and I loved that little spin on things This story about Hart and Isaac is painfully sad just as Isaac finally approaches Hart to make amends and they rekindle their relationship it s blissful compliancy is shattered beyond repair as Isaac drops a bombshell that he is dying and it s incurable Once he has his final check up and it s confirmed by his Dr that his diagnosis is correct Isaac disappears and Hart knows exactly where he has gone in search of the Phoenix to be cured but what is his price for it A shitload of tissues for the reader Hart calls ahead to the partner he was assigned to while helping Brightly PD who accompanies him up Shadow Mountain to find Isaac By the time they arrive the healing had been completed and was 100% successful Isaac is now cured but it comes at a shocking cost and they both find themselves single again Hart is so distressed that he throws himself into his work as another serial killer is on the loose The killer is targeting young gay men who mysteriously vanish for up to two weeks then turn up dead from dehydration and starvation not to mention other atrocities inflicted upon them as they slowly die With three dead men on their hands already the Riverside PD goes into overdrive to catch this serial killer before the press catches wind of it but his last victim s autopsy shows a vital clue Isaac inadvertently discovers this clue forcing the younger University student to help the police catch this guy and in the process he s made to work with Hart before vanishing back to University This might seem like an extended synopsis full of spoilers but it s not Sure I ve spoken about large pieces of the story but I have not given anything of major importance away please feel free to tell me if you think I have only once you ve read it though This is what really grabbed me about this book I could write but that would just leave you waiting for it to happen but this is one book that I can t uote from One uote after chapter two would ruin everything and before that it s still very interesting but nothing uote worthy There are so many scenes in this book between Hart and Isaac that are just so very sad and they just keep on coming If you re not a fan of sad tense frustration but you enjoyed the first book I still highly recommend that you push past that and make it a personal challenge It s worth every page and kleenex

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X to heal him as a last resort This time it will be Hart who pays the price In the meantime a new killer roams the streets of Riverside He kidnaps tortures and kills gay men in horrific ways and he has the newly healed Isaac in his sights Hart’s time is running out on every leve. 45 Stars Fragmented was a powerful follow up to Fated The POV is all Hart just like the first book so we see a lot of how the events affect him than we do of Isaac I cried and was heartbroken for a fair amount of the book but that journey was so necessary and I loved how it ended Like Fated romance isn t the up front primary focus here and in Fragmented the plot lines made sure of it There were two main plot lines Isaac s illness and its resolution and the murdersuspense plot that Hart is working But the relationship is there and it s always in the forefront of Hart s mind and heart so even though the events of the book get in the way and that obstruction is very much part of the story you ll still be rooting for themIn some ways Fragmented was difficult to read for me I really loved Isaac and Hart and from their interactions in Fated I was fully invested in them as a couple So I was sad when I learned about Isaac s illness and absolutely heart sick when I saw the extent of the price that had to be paid for his cure I m tearing up again just thinking about it But I loved where the story eventually took me and I cannot wait for the next book to be released But worry not there is no actual cliffhanger here so if you read Fated and Fragmented now you re not going to be left screaming at the end And I could not put this book down I needed to know that Isaac and Hart would be okOne thing I will warn you about is that Isaac and Hart were not together for a large portion of the book When Fragmented starts things between them were finally starting to gel but then sigh Their separation wasn t a typical romance novel separation though and I can t really talk about what happened there without giving too much away but it laid waste to my heart watching it unfold Considering the circumstances their time apart made perfect sense and it was completely necessary but Hart was devastated And I pretty much was tooWe learn a whole lot about Hart in Fragmented We do learn his first name which I won t share but we also learn so much about his motivations and just how deep his connection to Isaac goes Hart would do anything for Isaac including sacrificing his own happinessI cannot wait for book three to come out I really need to know about what is happening on The Phoenix front We get a glimpse at the end of Fragmented into what to expect and I really want to know about what that turn of events will mean for Isaac and Hart

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The capture of the Tattoo Murderer has demanded a heavy price Doctor Tobias Darwin is dead Lieutenant Hart is back in Riverside licking his substantial wounds and he needs to gather his courage and tell Isaac he made a mistake Isaac will forgive him he knows that but he can't prom. You light me up You give me hope You make me want to be the best person I can be This book put me through the wringer This long awaited seuel to Fated Indra Vaughn s wonderful first book of the Shadow Mountain series offers a captivating mix of mystery crime fantasyparanormal and romance I was so excited to get back inside of Hart s head to investigate some new murders with him and watch his relationship with cute Isaac unfoldHart This stubborn caring brave wonderful bastard Yes I do understand the reasons for the decisions he makes but at some point I would have loved to be able to climb into my kindle and shake him or strangle him or tell him to kiss Isaac and never let him go Isaac sweet loving Isaac loved him to bits If you ve read Fated you know that he isn t okay I was sad with him I cried for him and with Hart but don t tell him that I laughed with him and was happy with him This guy stirred up my motherly instincts like no one else does he just had to be all right again Thank you Indra for some wonderful supporting characters kick ass Freddie she s such a wonderful friend for Hart Teddy Young the cute lawyer Captain Johnson Hart s boss Mauro and Julian we get a few glimpses of the mysterious Phoenix and his healing power Btw I want MORE Julian need to know his own storyI won t give away details because Fragmented is a book you have to experience for yourself But be certain there are plenty of what the fuck moments twists and turns emotional moments and nail biting tension waiting for you We get suspense heartbreak damn hot sexsoooo many emotions and wonderful wonderful uotes I guess I highlighted dozens of text passages The following is one of my favorites Isaac would find the one photograph in the room and Hart didn t care It was a candid a selfie as Isaac had called it of the two of them in Riverside Municipal Park a few years ago Isaac goofing off while Hart stared at Isaac heart in his eyesHart walked up to him and kissed the meat of his shoulder You taste like summer rain he hummed softly dragging his mouth along the muscle as he slowly began to rub Isaac dry You never showed me this picture Isaac whispered He looked over his shoulder and his eyes shone like a sunlit sky And now I know why I can t wait to get the third book into my hands if you ve finished reading Fragmented you will know what I m waiting for It has to do with one beautiful creatureOverall Fragmented is touching captivating and powerful written Indra can rock the socks off a blank piece of paper The rhythm of the words the flow of the story her style is just brilliant I fell as hard for the author as I fell for the characters I can t recommend the whole series strongly enough

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    45 starsFragmented hits us right where it hurts the most with some things we’ve been dreading and anticipating finally co

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    “You light me up You give me hope You make me want to be the best person I can be” This book put me through the wringer This long awaited seuel to Fated Indra Vaughn’s wonderful first book of the Shadow Mountain series offers a captivating mix of mystery crime fantasyparanormal and romance I was so excited to get back inside

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    I am loving this series but this one just hurt my heart You have to read Fated before you read this and this review will probably have some spoilers for that bookThings are looking up for Isaac and Hart They are together and happy and recovering from the events of the first book Unfortunately the good times don'

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    I didn't think it was possible but I think the second book in the Shadow Mountain series is even better than the first There's something about Isaac and Hart their romance all they've gone through that really strik

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    After Fated my expectations were high but this one fell short for me Isaac's character was still mostly abstract to me Towards the end I got some kind of vibe from him finally that little uh lets call it a glitch definitely helped me get a grasp on their connection with Hart Too little too late though That doesn'

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    This seuel was an excellent finish if you liked book one Full formatted review herehttpontopdownunderbookreviewscomFragmented is the highly anticipated seuel to Indra Vaughn’s suspense filled thriller Fated from the Shadow Mountain trilogy Pe

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    It is no secret that I am a raving fangirl for Isaac I love Hart too but Isaac is dreamy like a summer nap unde

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    45 Stars Fragmented was a powerful follow up to Fated The POV is all Hart just like the first book so we see a lot of how t

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    Beautiful close to Hart and Isaac's story This time the mystery stuff took a backseat to the romance and that was just fine It was painfully sw

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    35 still undecided stars So I liked this one a bit better than the first #1 Fated That is to say I gave it 05 stars This was a bit interesting but it's still weird Or something I don't know I'm happy I read these books though I think Fragmented is better than Fated mostly because there weren't any other love interest than THE love interest Having Hart plot spoiler for #1 Fated view spoiler flirting kissing and fucking a