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A book about how Shakespeare became fascinated with the world and how the world became fascinated with Shakespeare the first book of its kindThere are copies of the First Folio in a vault beneath Capitol Hill the world's largest collection Well over Indian movies are based on Shakespeare's plays than in any other nation If current trends continue there will soon be high school students reading The Merchant of Venice in Mandarin Chinese than in early modern English Why did this happen and how Ranging ambitio I really wanted to like this Honestly It was just way too rambling for my liking There was almost no chapters Maybe 5 In a book this length It s like 500 pages long He just picked a section of the world and sort of rambled on and on about it eventually coming to a point and going back and rambling on about the history back up to present It was entirely unstructured There really was no rhyme or reason for what he decided to delve into For example he spends an ENORMOUS about of time with South Africa and the prison there when it was admitted to him from the beginning that they didn t have much to do with Shakespeare How many interviews does it take to get this across I mean these men are 80 years old Was it necessary to track every one down to tell him the same thing It s not that I don t find the history in South Africa to be interesting but I m not reading the book for thatOr how he spent an inordinate amount of time describing the on going construction of various theater houses in England and abroad and how they were either recreations of Shakespeare s old theaters or replicas of ones he might ve set his plays in etc Personally the building of such things is like so far below what I consider to be the most interesting aspects of the famous bard that it uickly became a slogThis could entirely be my expectations though I was expecting of a scholarly approach to how Shakespeare influenced the world as well as the ways other non western cultures have approached or used this stuff We get a bit of that but not much So honestly take this review with a grain of salt It could be something you ll really enjoy It just wasn t for me personally

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Worlds Elsewhere

Usly across four continents and years Worlds Elsewhere is an eye opening account of how Shakespeare went global Seizing inspiration from the playwright's own fascination with travel foreignness and distant worlds Dickson takes us on an extraordinary journey from Hamlet performed by English actors tramping through Poland in the early s to twenty first century Shanghai where Shashibiya survived Mao's Cultural Revolution to become an honored Chinese authorEn route we visit Nazi Germany where Shakespeare became I started reading it in spring 2017 and finished it in July also in 2017 To tell the truth receiving this book was an unexpected surprise and I will explain why Last February I attended Andrew Dickson s lecture that was held at our university And frankly speaking I was really impressed It is always great to see a person so passionate about what he is doing After this event I decided to buy this book and find out some information about Shakespeare So you can imagine my reaction when I received it from London as a gift I was very happyBut let s return to the book It is about Shakespeare s impact on people and cultures all around the world It consists of five partsThe first one tells us about Shakespeare s influence in Poland and Germany It appears that if you come to Poland Gda sk in particular you would find an exact copy of the The Globe there Why In Shakespeare s times his troupe went on tour to Europe during which they also visited Gda sk where they built a copy of The Globe for them to perform So the explanation is uite simple isn t it Nowadays this theatre is rebuilt and it s a must see in Poland for every true Shakespeare fanGermany has a special relationship with the bard This nation considers him German People here usually say that the British are not paying adeuate attention to Shakespeare Another example of how important Shakespeare is to the German people is the oldest Shakespeare s society in the world that was established in Germany An interesting thing is that there are performances of Shakespeare s plays in Germany than in Britain Besides the world s famous German speaking authors and musicians for example Mozart and Goethe were obsessed with the playwright Some scholars say that Mozart used the plot of The Tempest for his Magical Flute This is incredible because no other writer in the world had such an influence on other nations famous people and their masterpieces And I think it is because Shakespeare described human nature which hasn t changed throughout the years That is why any nation can use his plays And I think the last and the darkest thing connected with Shakespeare s influence in Germany is the Nazis period His plays were the ones not to be burnt as the Minister of Propaganda was fond of them The Nazis thought that they would be able to resurrect Shakespeare and make him the member of their party Nonsense It appears that the most popular play was Hamlet and the main character was not the one that we all know He was firm and confidentSo let s finish up with Germany and move to the USA to which the second part of the book is dedicated The first thing to mention is that the world s Shakespeare archive is situated not in Britain but in the USA It is The Folger Shakespeare Library It was founded in 1930s by an oil baron Henry Folger and his wife Emily On the outside it looks like an ordinary modern building but when you get inside it seems that you ve travelled across time and space and found yourself in an Oxford college This library contains 83 copies of Shakespeare s first folio So this place is a must see for every Shakespeare admirerAlso Shakespeare s plays were very popular during the times of Gold Rush Richard III in particular And there are some mining companies named after the bard What is there are maps with different American cities named after Shakespeare and his characters AmazingRight now let s move on to India I knew that Shakespeare was popular in this country because it is a former British colony so every well educated person is familiar with his name but I couldn t imagine that his plays could be used for shooting films Almost every Bollywood movie is based on Shakespeare s plays For example such films as Omkara Othello and Angoor The Comedy of Errors Hamlet is also very popular The most famous movie was shot in 1954 Indian film and theatre directors are fond of staging Shakespeare because he was definitely a man of all timeBut for me the most interesting part of the book was the one connected with South Africa I did not know that people there were familiar with Shakespeare that his plays had a great impact on their political life and that there was a person named Solomon Plaatje who translated lots of Shakespeare s plays During the Apartheid when people were put in prison the only hope for them was Shakespeare because his plays helped them to relief pain to keep sane and to change something in their state structure I also read that there is one special school founded by a Russian woman who went to South Africa in order to work there She is trying to cultivate love to Shakespeare in her pupils They have their own theatre and they usually participate in a theatre festival held in South Africa Despite the fact that most of them are very young they all have their own opinions about Shakespeare and his plays They think that Shakespeare s ideas coincide with their own It is great when children are interested in artAnd last but not least is the part connected with China The Chinese are very concerned about Shakespeare He is some kind of a brand there His picture is placed on notebooks and other things They are learning to read Shakespeare s plays in original but of course they also have translations One of the most famous plays staged in China is The Taming of the Shrew A huge amount of people attend it But of course as it usually happens there were some problems connected with the bard s plays During the Cultural Revolution that took place from 1966 to 1976 directors were banned from staging and the actors were banned from performing Shakespeare s plays But nowadays the situation has changed There are conferences and festivals held in the honor of the bardAnd now I would like to write a few words about the author of this incredible book To my mind Andrew Dickson is a very talented author and a good narrator He has his own style and he puts a deep sense in each word and each sentence He is also good at describing people He makes an exact portrait of a man or woman with every tiny detail which helps understand the character of a personI have also enjoyed the sceneries described in the book Those beautiful German streets exotic Indian and South African landscapes and of course incredible Chinese cities I haven t been to all these countries but this book allowed me to imagine that I was travelling together with the narrator and in my personal opinion when a reader goes deeply into the book and forgets about what is going on it is a sign of a good work

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An unlikely favorite and delve into the history of Bollywood where Shakespearean stories helped give birth to Indian cinema In Johannesburg we discover how Shakespeare was enlisted into the fight to end apartheid In California we encounter him as the most popular playwright of the American frontierBoth a cultural history and a literary travelogue the first of its kind Worlds Elsewhere explores how Shakespeare became the world's writer and how his works have changed beyond all recognition during the journey Downloaded this audio book from the library on a whim I might have hesitated had I known how long it is Many sections were enjoyable and I learned some fascinating new tidbits about how Shakespeare has been received and interpreted globally but ultimately I felt the book needed some heavier editing Dickson is thorough and devotes many pages to transcribing interviews he conducts in his journeys but spends less time drawing conclusions I found the section in Germany one of the most interesting and I applaud his doggedness for tracking down the Bollywood star of yesteryear in the India section and debunking the myth of the Robben Island Bible in South Africa

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    I really wanted to like this Honestly It was just way too rambling for my liking There was almost no chapters Maybe 5 In a book this length It's like 500 pages long He just picked a section of the world and sort of rambled on and on about it eventually coming to a point and going back and rambling on about the history back up to present It was entirely unstructured There really was no rhyme or reason for what h

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    Note I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First ReadsThis book investigates the ways in which Shakespeare's works have been received embraced and reinterpreted around the globe The author recounts his travels to pla

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    Worlds Elsewhere Journeys Around Shakespeare’s Globeby Andrew Dickson Andrew's self guide to world of Shakespeare’s well 5 countie

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    The range and scope of this rather hefty tome has a certain wow factor for anyone interested in its subject the extent to which Shakespeare’s works have been able to be fruitfully transferred and meaningfully adapted to other places and cultures on the globe Such an esoteric subject will not necessarily appea

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    This is an interesting and enjoyable book I had the honor to be a guest lecturer on Elizabethan drama to the graduate English class at Kangwon National University in South Korea in 1983 I became very aware of different interpretations of Shakespeare from different cultural language and ethnic backgrounds Andrew Dickson has expanded on the cultural clash and admiration for Shakespeare worldwide by examining it f

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    I started reading it in spring 2017 and finished it in July also in 2017 To tell the truth receiving this book was

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    I'm very glad I picked up this book and glad to have the extensive bibliography at the back of the book to continue exploring and discovering new things about Shakespeare in film and theatre around the world I can see myself going back to this book many times to uncover about Shakespeare's influence and how people all over the world interpret his worksSide notesThe cover design on the copy I found was the one with the drawing of Shakespeare

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    Downloaded this audio book from the library on a whim I might have hesitated had I known how long it is Many sections were e

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    This book offers a look at how Shakespeare's plays are performed and interpreted all over the world I enjoyed the glimpses into life in faraway places such as India China and South Africa I also enjoyed all the ne

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    Okay Goodreads This is the SECOND book in the last few weeks on which I wrote and saved that you have eatenSorry to anyone who wants a detailed review there are not enough days left in my life to re write this suffice to say that it's terrific or I wouldn't have given it 4 stars Also sorry because I think many o

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