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Ed to marry a man she doesn't love What he doesn't know is this is just the beginning But beginnings have a way of shaping the man to come.

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Braxton by David C. Walters

Braxton is a teenager when he steal a horse from his father and a gun He is tired working on a farm and sets off in search of Adventure He.

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Finds it He gets caught up in the middle of the civil war by both sides In the end he has to rescue the woman he loves before she is forc.

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    A DCW Western Story About a Young Man With an Overbearing FatherDCW has penned a western story that begins with a young man who leaves home because of his father This is an excellent read for the genreDEHS

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    This may sound harsh but this was one of the worst stories I've read in a long time in ways than one Beside the fact it was very amateurishly written I hope the author didn't pay whoever edited it Grammatical errors poor ch

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