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I SEPTEMBER flyttar John Lindvist in i ett trångt och mörkt gårdshus på Luntmakargatan i Stockholm vägg i vägg med Brunkebergstunneln Han vill skapa sig en karriär som restaurangtrollkarl Några veckor senare blir han tagen för stöld på Åhléns och tillbringar en natt i häkte Under natten inträffar en rörelse av svårtolkad karaktär och när han återvänder till sitt hus Rörelsen den eB. whatthehell was this

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Rörelsen den andra platsen

Gemenskap som mynnar ut i mordet på Olof PalmeRörelsen den andra platsen är en preuel till John Ajvide Lindvists förra roman Himmelstrand Det är en berättelse om vår strävan efter sanning och samhörighet och priset vi är villiga att betala om Stockholm i mitten av talet trolleri och socialdemokrati Den är den andra delen i trilogin »Platserna« som kommer att avslutas med X den sista platsen. Lindvist manages a near perfect blend of moving and macabre BookMooch A tale of a strange evil force Age A bizarre read seriously inventive and wildly different Weekend West

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Ook #212 dagen efter har något hänt Fåglar faller från himlen och hans grannar beter sig underligtSnart upptäcker han att det finns något i det låsta duschrummet längst inne i tvättstugan något som kan låta oss färdas till den andra platsen och besanna våra drömmar Det kostar bara lite lite blod När John så småningom börjar delta i verksamheten dras han ner i en ström av magi våld och. I received a copy of this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewVisceral ambiguous and creepy I liked itI really like this author His writing reminds me of a hybrid of Stephen King eerie gory wildly inventive and David Mitchell Haruki Murakami weird inconclusive otherworldly It s a good combinationThis one is supposedly semi autobiographical in that the main character is the author himself aged 19 or something like that He s a down on his luck magician who moves into a pokey little flat only to find that it s a weirder place than he first imagined For starters there s the feeling of pressure that pervades the place Then there s the strange shower room downstairs and let s not even get started about the stuff that oozes out of the cracks in thereThis is broken up with flashbacks storytellings of John s past when he found a boy in the woods and looked after him Except this wasn t any normal boy this kid could hardly speak and when he did mainly conversed in swearing had broken deformed fingers and black stuff seeping from his nose The two tales as you might imagine connect though not on this plane of existence Yep it s pretty weird stuff but that s just the way I like it In terms of what works really well in this book for me one of the outstanding aspects is the mood of it There s this pervasive atmosphere of bleakness which from having read two of the author s previous books seems to be his signature style I really like it it works wonderfully for this sort of subject matterI personally love the ambiguity of it too I always appreciate an author who doesn t have to deliver all the answers to the reader sometimes it s fun to leave it open ended and let us do the work instead Make no mistakes this is uite a gory read especially towards the end I don t like gratuitous violence but in this instance I felt it was necessary to get the weirdness of the story across It s a creepy unsettling read and I really really enjoyed it Next one please

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    45★s“ spent some time staring at myself in the mirror After all there was an alternative way to explain everything that

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    Touted as Sweden's answer to Stephen King I was eager to get my hands on a copy of this I have always been a fan of the horror genre and have been trying to read from this array of pieces to choose from While I did enjoy this I found it than a little odd which is no bad thing for a horror novel I would catergorise it as avant'garde

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    whatthehell was this

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    I received a copy of this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewVisceral ambiguous and creepy I liked itI really li

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    Five star beginning and three star ending Will review soonHa Ha It is the 25th May 2020 nearly a year and a half later and I never did write this review So after such a long time my memory of this book is that it is cold strange and vaguely unsettling as the author appears in the story as himself and it is a horror novel after all I will definitely be rereading this with the first book and maybe just maybe I will have coherent thoughts on

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    Some years back I had enjoyed with some reservations Lindvist's first and best novel Let the Right One In It was that which led me to try his latest book to be published in English in a translation by Marlaine Delargy I Always Find You the second instalment in the Places trilogy Unfortunately it left me with a sour taste a reminder that in your face horror is alas not for me Which of course does not mean that there's not much for

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    Mostly listened to audiobook even though I own it in hardcover Thankfully this time narrated by Ajvide himself I actually really like listeni

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    As always this review can also be found on my blog The Tattooed Book Geek Always Find You is a slow burning read that is told from the first person perspective The first person narration gives a personal account of the story as an older Lindvist recounts the events that transpired during a six month period over thirty years ago in

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    ‘Lindvist manages a near perfect blend of moving and macabre’ BookMooch ‘A tale of a strange evil force’ Age ‘A bizarre read seriously inventive and wildly different’ Weekend West

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    WARNINGS Child neglect police brutality towards children antisemitism skinhead assaulting a black man suicide assassination