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Read & Download å eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ú Ada OFlaherty

Part Here Part of Amber’s Punishment Spanked Diapered Left alone abandoned by her husband and the man he raised Amber rebels against the house rules by leaving her home’s door unlockedon purpose When Jacob learns of her flagrant disregard for her own safety he returns home to give Amber a hard and swift punishment that has her sobbing her regrets bent over the kitchen table with her dress pulled high ov.

Free download Ambers Punishment

Ambers Punishment

Nd he wants her willing to take anything he can give her Words WARNING This story contains graphic sexual situations and is intended for audiences years of age It includes a graphic description of DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE Hard leather belt SPANKINGS on bare flesh Open SOBBING Extreme wet dirty DIAPER LOVER activity Urine play and HUMILIATION Please do NOT read this story if you are not interested in these topics..

Read & Download å eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ú Ada OFlaherty

Er her waist While Jacob challenges Amber laying his well used and supple leather belt repeatedly to the backs of her thighs and her bottom Amber challenges Jacob as well She wants to be loved She wants the men in her life to choose to be with her It is finally a decision Jacob is ready to make but the life he wants with Amber is unlike any she’s ever known before He wants her diapered He wants her dirty A.